Thankz Mr Potatoe

Posted: July 15, 2007 in General
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 ** Updates : See more pictures in Mr Potatoe’s Flickr website under the Set Name, 666 @ 807 Thanks again Potatoe.  🙂

Mr Potatoe is nice.  Mr Potatoe is good. Mr Potatoe is cool.  And this is not your average Mr Potatoe you find in Cold Storage / 7-Eleven shelf.

I agreed for a photo shoot with Mr Potatoe but it’s not a shoot with some potatoe chips brand cos Mr Potatoe is the photographer. Thanks a lot Mr Potatoe for the photo shoot opportunities.Below is one of my fave pics. Click here to view more of the work of Mr Potatoe.
*hugs from blur-devil*


  1. sin says:

    yummy pics babe! yummy pics 😉
    more please? 😀

  2. blur-devil says:

    thankz. click on the website ya.


  3. theFader says:

    Good take! I thought I had accidentally clicked some fancy magazines webpage. You looked elegant.

  4. blur-devil says:

    hahah.. thanks for the compliment! Click on Mr Potatoe’s website, it will be updated. =P

  5. potatoe says:


    thanks for the photo opportunities. you done very well.

    created a set for you in my stream and you can access all the update shots in here:

  6. blur-devil says:

    Thankz Potatoe. I will update that in my blog. 😛

  7. […] the first Welcome is to Potatoe…. You should remember him from my photo shoot a year ago.  He was a friend, a photographer, a father, a husband and most importantly a courageous man!  […]

  8. […] back in 2007, I had a wonderful photo shoot with Joe Low (aka potatoe).  The link back then is here.  So then, again, I decided to commisioned Joe again to take pictures for me.  Intent: Keepsake  […]

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