Finally… Two More Days To Go…

Posted: February 21, 2008 in Devil Ramblings, DeviLifestyle




  1. Nicholas says:

    Hi there, I’m going too and are excited as well 🙂 Enjoy the concert!!

  2. blur-devil says:

    Hi Nic,

    I’m very excited for the concert too…
    Infact, very excited…!

    Enjoy the concert too ya!


  3. Nicholas says:

    Yeah, just hope it won’t rain… u like Jay a lot? Which seating ticket u bought?

  4. blur-devil says:

    *fingers crossed*

    Yup, love him to the bits… hehehe

    I bought the seatings which is behind the VIP and VVIP seatings.. =)

  5. Nicholas says:

    Haha… ya, let’s pray together lol =)

    This is my 3rd time to his concert…haha

    Wow, means RM398 ticket lor… mine is RM 198 only…

    Since you’re so close to the stage, try to take some nice pic and post it in your blog ya..hehe

  6. blur-devil says:

    Yup, *praying hard*

    Oh cool, this is my 1st. =)

    Yuppie. No worries, it doesn’t matter which ticket you bought, as long as you can see Jay Chou in action! 🙂

    Sure, I’ll try to get as many picture as possible ya. =)

  7. Nicholas says:

    Cool! will visit your blog again then =)

  8. nIc says:

    Yo, just back from the concert =) just want to say Jay’s music really rock the nite!!!

  9. blur-devil says:

    Hey, that’s fast… hehehe

    I’ll be putting up the blog on Jay’s concert soon too!

    Didn’t manage to get very clear picture though… hehehhe


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