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Mahjong oh mahjong… I think there’s is soul in you that got me attracted to the game so much I can go on without food by playing with you all night long…. OK now it sounds so porn-y.  Hahha..


I’ve found new “kaki” for mahjong which is my colleagues Sara and Mei Sim.  =)  We manage to crash at Sara’s place overnight over a weekend.  We do lunch, bake cakes, mahjong, fish spa, facial and went to indulge ourselves with dessert!  *devilicious*


Ok, what I intend to blog is Sara’s mahjong table!  Its so cool that I think people say I come from very the ulu place! hahha….


This is the table ala briefcase style!


Looks like this when you open up


Just need to insert the “stick to the hole” hehhe…


 Double check that the table is stable.


and Voila, we’re ready to “rock”


Cool, no?  i think its cool… and most importantly, its convenient and space-conscious!  *devil is still amazed*  oh yah, sara got this from Hong Kong.  🙂


*lovey, blur-devil*