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Hope you guys will be patient with me on my Taiwan trip updates.  I heart Taiwan so much I’m planning to document it as a Travel Notes here and at the same time you guys can view all the pictures and stuff.  =)


First of all, the Hotel!  There’s a lot of choices of Hotel when it comes to Taipei.  Ranging from exorbitant price to more budget-conscious prices.  We choose SLove Hotel because its affordable (mid-price range), its new (open only in April 2008) and also because of its strategic location.


Some tips when making booking for Taipei’s hotel, before I proceed with SLove Hotel details:-

  1. Call up the Hotel to make your reservation.  This way, you will only need to pay upon checking-in vis-a-vis booking on-line hence you gotta pay first.
  2. If you plan secure your hotel reservation online, always book from the hotel’s website.  Its cheaper than any other third party websites around.
  3. Inform the Hotel earlier if your flight is arriving later (i.e. Late night/Midnight) so that they won’t release the room.  Else you’ll find yourself stranded middle of the night.  =)


SLove Hotel is actually the short name for Say Love Hotel.  Situated opposite the Taipei Main Station, its indisputable that its situated at one of the most strategic location.  =)


The Main Entrance


Nicely carpeted walkway



We called in to the Hotel to inform that we arrived at the airport and will be there in approximately 1 hour.  Upon arrival of the hotel, the tall guy receptionist greeted us at the back door (we went in through the back door) and proceed to make payment.  We paid NT$12,800 for total of 7 nights for a Corner Suite E.


Reception area is brightly lit, and right opposite the reception area is two desktop provided by the Hotel for Internet surfing.  What more can you ask when you can surf the Internet 24 hours.  The only thing is that you need to stand while browsing.  =)  Fret not, if you need Internet on the go, you can log in to the Internet via the Hotel’s free broadband right at the comfort of your room (or any area within the Hotel) with your own laptop.


The reception area (Pics taken from Hotel’s website)


Two Desktop provided for internet surfing (Pics taken from Hotel’s website)


The key to the Hotel is not via card system but via the conventional key.  Once we got into the room, we were greeted by a Queen Size bed with fresh white linen and comfortable fluffy pillows.  The room deco was simple but nice.  Toilet is one of the main concern for every budget traveller and I can say that SLove hotel’s toilet is clean and its of modern design!  Guess what, there is so many TV channels to choose from and there’s even XXX rated movie provided 24-7! *no complaints* =D  Well, among the stuff they provide in the room includes:-

  • Clean  Bath Towels and Hand Towels
  • Disposable Toothbush, Shower Cap, Comb, Cotton Buds, Shampoo and Shower Gel
  • Coffee and Tea Making Facilities
  • Hair Dryer
  • Study Table
  • Adapter (Convertor to suit you electronic sockets – deposits required)
  • Wake-up Call
  • Arrangement for transfer to airport (Chargeable)
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Breakfast
  • LCD TV in every room
  • er…. Condom + Lubricant (I’m not joking… but I think its cool, no?)


The comfy bed!


Coffee and Tea Making Facilities


LCD TV on the wall


Study Table


Clean, Modern Toilet (See how colouful is the tiles!)


Condom (provided by the Hotel)


Inside the packaging (One Condom and Lubricant)



Speaking of condom, can you see what I see?  No?  See carefully…






Ok la, tell you la, the condom is actually manufactured in Malaysia!


Breakfast is serve daily from 7am – 930am.  The food provided includes bread with garlic butter spread and porridge with various condiments.  The bad thing is that the food is the same everyday.  So if you skip a day or two from the hotel’s breakfast, you won’t miss anything.   Actually the staff there is friendly.  There’s one day we actually over slept and almost miss the breakfast (around 915am) and they actually called to the room and inform us they’ll be closing for breakfast.  I don’t think you get this in posh hotels, k?  And in addition, since we were late they actually fry eggs for us cos most of the condiments for the porridge is like long gone.  Teehehe. 


The Cafe’s Interior (Pics taken from Hotel’s website)


Porridge and Condiments


And last note, must try the pork floss there.  I love it so much and guess what I come up with? Toast Bread + Garlic Butter Spread + Pork Floss (sob sob, i’m missing it so much)


And the best thing for me is the Fish Spa!!  There is a pond in the cafe itself and you can dip your tired and flaky rough legs in there.  Its free but only available during the breakfast time.


The Fish Spa Pond


My Legs (poor fish..haha)


I will definitely go back here if I plan to visit Taiwan again.  =)


Here’s the details, direction and map for the hotel.

SLove Hotel, Taipei

 3rd Floor, No 72 Sec 1,

Chung Hsiao West Road,

Taipei, Taiwan

Contact : 886-2-2388-0808

Website :



  • When you are in the Taipei Main Station vicinity, you wouldn’t miss the sight of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Departmental Store (its a tall building), and you’ll see a building known as NOVA next to it, The Hotel is situated at third floor of the building next to NOVA.  If eve in doubt, stop by to ask the local where is NOVA.  =)
  • Alternatively, you can use the Station Front Metro Mall underpass and come out at Exit 2 (Brown)


Map (Taken from Hotel’s website)



Other Hotels that I think is worth trying (Click on the Hotel name to the websites):-

  1. Go City Inn (Its situated opposite SLove Hotel)
  2. Hotel 73
  3. Lio Hotel
  4. Ta Shun Hotel (due to the location + price)
  5. Wish Hotel (I think the deco is nice)


Don’t underestimate my recommendation cos I’ve done all the neccesary research and I think its fair that I recommend so that my effort don’t go down the drain.  =) Sharing is Caring.  Email me if you got any queries.  Kekekke….