Taipei Trip Day 1 – 25.08.08

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Devil Ramblings, DeviLifestyle, Travel
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Flew via MAS and best part is I got the ticket at discounted price during the MAS Fair a while ago.  Actually saved more than RM800 per ticket!  How cool is that?



Inside the MAS Golden Lounge



Beer to cool you down =)


Enjoying Soto Ayam  =D


  • Then its time to board the flight.  The flight was delayed and it was a very tiring trip down because the flight schedule is via Kota Kinabalu.  *sigh*


I love flying!


One of the set they serve on board


Forgotten what its called but its some fish-thingy



  • Upon immigration clearance, we immediately proceed to obtain the Youth Travel Card
    • Youth Travel Card is available for any individual from age 15-30 years old.  Once you get hold of the Youth Travel Card, you are entitled for discounts from various participating outlets.  For example I got discounted price for purchase of tickets to Taipei 101 Observatory Tower and Miramar Ferris Wheel.  Browse the website for the list of discounts you are entitled for holding the Youth Travel Card.
    • Upon claiming your luggage and exiting the custom clearance walk out and turn to your right hand side and you’ll find the Visito/Tourist Counter and request for the Youth Travel Card.  You’ll be required to fill in a simple form and show your passport for identity verification.  At the same counter, you can request for Taipei map for easier reference.


Youth Travel Card 2008


  • Next up we proceed to the shuttle bus counter situated at the left hand corner of the airport.  We purchase the ticket from Kuo Kuang Bus to Taipei Main Station.  Total cost per person, NT$125.
    • There is various bus counter at the airport, you need to know your destination prior to purchasing your ticket as different bus serve different route.  There’s Free Go Bus, Kuo Kuang, Evergreen to name a few.  Click here to see the list of buses, and the corresponding fares according to destination.
    • Alternatively you can take a cab right to your hotel doorstep, BUT it cost so much more, minimum around NT$1200 per cab.

Double-check your destination before purchasing your ticket


Bus ticket and Luggage Tag


Kuo Kuang Bus (The attendant will inform you where to queue accordingly base on the bus company)


  • Once we reach Taipei Main Station, we walk to SLove Hotel with some help from the locals.  They are a friendly lot compare to other countries I visited.  But that’s if you can speak Mandarin.  Else you’ll face some slight difficulty as English is not a common spoken language there.

Rushing for check-in @ SLove Hotel


Was exhausted by the time we check-in.  Comfy bed is all I need!


  • End of Day 1  =)


*love, blur-devil*

  1. Jys says:

    wow, ur hotel looks spacious and comfortable. how much per night?

    i’m going to taipei beginning of dec, the hotel room i book pretty small. hehe..

  2. blur-devil says:

    Hey Jys,

    Thanks for dropping by. =)

    Yeap, the room that we book is suprisingly spacious enough. Better than I expected but most importantly clean!

    You can read all about the hotel here

    Anyway the room is average RM190 per night. Note they chrage higher on weekends, so that’s why I average it out.


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