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I realise a lot of people are not familiar in navigating around blogs (or probably just mine..hehe), any highlighted words in bold will link you directly to the mentioned-websites, hence you’ll save a lot of your research time!  Love the devil more la… teeheee…. =D

  • Breakfast + Fish Spa @ Hotel
  • Walk over to Taipei Main Station from SLove Hotel.  *freaking hot* I can fry an egg on my ass head.
  • Proceed to the MRT counter and purchase EasyCard.  You’ll need to pay NT$500 (with NT$400 deposit and NT$100 deposit refundable upon return of card).  In my opinion, its easier to get the EasyCard rather than purchasing the daily ticket.  =)



  • Next we make our way to National Dr Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall.
    • We didn’t bother going to the museum or anything like that as I don’t really know how to appreciate such stuff yet.  =P
    • Look out for the bronze statue of Sun Yat Sen and other statues around the park.  Find the hidden park with a lot of senior citizens relaxing their day there.  Its not hidden per say but you won’t really see it la.  =)
    • Address : No 505, Jen-Ai Road (3rd Blvd), Sec 4, Taipei, Taiwan
    • Operating Hours : 9am – 5pm
    • Directions : Take MRT and exit at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Station.  Proceed to Exit 4and walk straight, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall will be on your right.

Way to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall


Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

School children enjoying themselves by the hallway

The cute lil girls trying to balance themselves

See the bronze statue?

The Park @ Sun Yat Sen

I just want a picture. Won’t take your drink, k?

Find this side of the park where a number of senior citizens hang out

The Lake near the hidden park – Cool right?  Inside Sun Yat Set itself.

NEXT : Taipei 101!

  • Next up we walk our way to nothing but to Taipei 101!!!  We could choose to take the MRT but I think its quite ok to walk la.  Approximately 15 minutes walk under the super hot sun but I could see more things!  =)
    • Directions toTaipei 101(If you are taking MRT) : Exit at Taipei City Hall Station, go to Exit 2 and board the free shuttle bus with the sign “Free 101”.

Lake in the middle of the city (Picture taken on the walk towards Taipei 101)

Taipei 101 Structure Close Up : Spot the feng shui element

  • Once we got to Taipei 101, we make our way to the Observatory Hall situated at Level 5.  You need to get to Level 5 to purchase the ticket.
    • Show your Youth Travel Card and get to purchase the ticket to the Observatory Tower (89th Floor) at discounted price of NT$350 per person (Original Price : NT$400 per person)
    • Taipei 101 is deemed to be the highest Observatory Tower and also dubbed to have the fastest elevator in the world.
    • Once in the observatory tower proceed to obtain the free audio tour equipment, available in various language.
    • Get your picture taken (with Taipei 101 digitally integrated into your picture) and with a certificate for NT$450, or if you just want a photo taken its NT$350 or if you only want the certificate its NT$200.  I took the certificate and photo at NT$400 cos when i purchase ticket they gave me a NT$50 voucher.  =)
    • Operating Hour : 10am – 10pm

Observatory Ticketing Counter @ Level 5

 Ticketing Counter

Security Check

Show you Youth Travel Card and get the ticket at NT$350

 The 4 cute mascot of Taipei 101

Your audio tour guide

Enjoying the good view of Taipei

Send greetings from up up up in Taipei 101!

Give a goodbye hug to my fave mascot

  • We had lunch in Taipei 101 food court and there’s plenty of choices.  If you’re going on a weekday, try to go slightly earlier to avoid the working crowd making their way for lunch.  For those “banana”, that means non-Mandarin literate, you just gotta rely on the pictures on the menu.

This is good! Pork Chop with Minced Pork Rice + Vege + Soup

See.. even the chopsticks is engraved with Taipei 101 wordings

Inside Taipei 101 Mall

Louis Vuitton @ Taipei 101 (I think this is cool with loads of cctv)

  • After lunch, went opposite to New York New York Shopping Mall.  Nothing much over there.  Wanted to have ice cream to cool us down but Cold Stone Creamery was pack!  When I say pack, its just an understatement, the crowd actually queue till the outside aisle next to the main road!

New York New York Shopping Mall Iconic Statue

U know what this mean in Johor Hokkien? No? erm, its kinda a bad word

  • Next up is to Eslite Bookstore nearest to Taipei 101.  Got hair cut appointment with Elvis of H Park Hair Dressing.
    • H Park Hair Dressing is one of the more prominent Hair Salon in Taiwan.  Even the website itself is impressive.  A cute one I would say.  =)
    • Remember to book your appointment if you intend to make an appointment there.  I did mine like one month in advance and confirm the appointment again a week before my trip.
    • The going rate ranges and my hair cut with Elvis cost me NT$2,800.  =P
    • Directions (if you were to take MRT) : Exit at Taipei City Hall Station, take Exit 2, and you’ll see Eslite Bookstore (a silverish building).  The hair salon is situated at Level 6.
    • Contact : 886 (02) 2722 6188
    • Email me if you want Elvis email ya.  His off day is Thursday.  =)

Eslite Building

In front of Eslite Building


Colourful, no?

H Park Salon

 After Hair Cut

  • After my haircut, took MRT to Wu Fen Pu for shopping!!! Not your average shopping experience, but this place is a wholesale area.  =)
    • On the way to WuFenPu, must try their famous “Lu Rou Fan” (Braised Minced Meat Rice) from “Hu Xu Zhang” (Beard man).  The shop is known as Formosa Chang.
    • Ideally to go after 4pm and avoid going on Monday/Friday as they cater to suppliers/retailers.
    • Prepare at least 4 hours there as they’re loads of shops for you to browse!
    • Shop smart, some generic items are cheaper at other outlets.  Practice your bargaining power!
    • The cheapest pants/clothes I got cost me only NT$100 per piece.  Average I think its approximate NT$150-NT$180.  Depends on what you buy but guy’s clothing are usually more expenisve than their female counterpart.
    • Directions : Take MRT to Houshanpi Exit, go to Exit 1.  You’ll see the Beard Man logo restaurant (main entance of the restaurant) on your right.  Follow the crowd, you won’t go wrong.  WuFenPu is somewhere opposite the main door of Beard Man shop, but you need to walk up a bit.  =)

Formosa Chang (“Beard Man”)

Formosa Chang Plum Juice

Fried Chicken


Braised Minced Pork Rice (Only NT$30, egg not included la)


WuFenPu Shopping Area (Didn’t take much pics cos busy shopping)

  • After a tiring shopping spree, went to Raohe St Night Marketfor dinner.
    • From WuFenPu (I can’t tell you the exact location cos you might come out from different part of WuFenPu), walk to Songshan Station (ask the locals if you are not sure), then you’ll see a red bridge next to the station (you can’t see it pretty well if its at night), use the bridge and cross to the other
    • Try all their snacks and find things that are not available in your home coutry!
    • Btw, if you smell some pungent, unbearable smell, its actually Stinky Tau Foo.  I can’t take it, it smell worse than Malaysia “longkang”!

The entrance to Raohe St Night Market

Tau Foo Fah!

Better still, serve cold!

*satisfied but tired from shopping @ WuFenPu*

Some Egg + Tuna thingy

Almost similar to our Yong Tau Foo

I think this is one famous beef noodle shop.

What do you mean why?  Check out the autograph on the wall

The salted vege that goes well with the beef noodle

And here goes the killer!  The beef noodle!

Was tired after that we took a cab back to the hotel and it cost us approx NT290!  Could have save much more if I were to take MRT! Haha

Something to end this…… *find something special in Raohe St Night Market!!*

*lotsa love, blur-devil*