Archive for October 10, 2008 between …. I mean in between sizes.  For a matter of fact, I’m the first one to start nodding my head.  My hips are humongous and not proportionate with my upper body.  So its hard for me to buy pants, skirts, shorts and the killer, jeans!  Seriously you see me wear jeans often? No la…


Cos I’m always stuck in between sizes.  If I get the right size for my waist, my hips feels like bursting into pieces.  And I can’t eat much else I’ll look like an overflow, over-baked muffin.  If i take a size larger, my hips can fit (or at least there is not much constraint in space) but the waist is a bit loose, hence exposing my granny panties G-string for the public view.


But I think there is still hope to see me in jeans (if I ever decided one day to buy la).  Cos guess what I found on the web? No, its not an adjustable jeans?  Hell no, its not a magic jeans that can contour itself against your body shape (its not a beanie bag k)….. But its something to actually helps!


Its called the Instant Button (For Jeans)!!! 


Pictures taken from Instant Jeans website


Cool right, within minutes you can turn the once loose waist line into a well fit jeans.  There’s one thing I hate though.  =( Its only available for sale in North America.  =(  I think saviour product such as this should come to Malaysia (if not to me….. kekekke)…. Hope one day if i ever wanna wear jeans, this product would actually reach our shores.  =D