*Sneak Peek*

Posted: October 28, 2008 in Devil Ramblings, Devilicious Cravings, DeviLifestyle, Travel
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Guess where I went…. That’s  about a week plus ago…


Some hints







Langkawi!!   =)  The most funny thing that happen was I left my sunnies in the car that we rented.  After searching hi and low (and jumping up and down k…), the guy that we rented the car from found it (after zillions of phone calls ok?).  Then i was scratching my head so hard how to get it back…. Courier doesn’t seems to be a choice cos of some trust issue and to my delight, enigma called me and told me Hwee Yee is going down to Langkawi on the day I found my sunnies!!!! How lucky I am???  Thanks Hwee Yee!!!  Can’t ait to get them back!!


WIll blog about this trip after I finish my Taipei trip ya  =P


Love, blur-devil


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