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Shortie, not?

Posted: January 11, 2009 in Devil Ramblings, DeviLifestyle

I’ve actually gained a reputation in the office of being the girl-who-change-her-hairstyle/hair colour-every-quarter.  Not something to be really proud off but that’s one of my passion.  I tend to change hair colour (note: due to my job nature, drastic colour is almost not possible) or hairstyle, often. 


The problem with me is that whenever I promise myself to keep my hair long, it almost wouldn’t happen.  Mainly because my hair is of-lion-king-hair-texture, I choose to trim off everytime (without fail) even though i promise myself to keep it long.  Its like a vicious cycle.  Told myself to keep long hair, only to cut it a week later, then promise myself again, and went to cut again.  and the vicious cycle continues.  *devil smirk*


And this time round, there’s no exception BUT at least my haircut with Elvis of H-Park Hair Salon, Taipei lasted slightly longer than one quarter.


So here goes, my new hairstyle for 2009.  Thinking of going shorter in months to come.  But please forgive me if I look like a devil-pig (round face).



You guys still love me?