Shortie, not?

Posted: January 11, 2009 in Devil Ramblings, DeviLifestyle

I’ve actually gained a reputation in the office of being the girl-who-change-her-hairstyle/hair colour-every-quarter.  Not something to be really proud off but that’s one of my passion.  I tend to change hair colour (note: due to my job nature, drastic colour is almost not possible) or hairstyle, often. 


The problem with me is that whenever I promise myself to keep my hair long, it almost wouldn’t happen.  Mainly because my hair is of-lion-king-hair-texture, I choose to trim off everytime (without fail) even though i promise myself to keep it long.  Its like a vicious cycle.  Told myself to keep long hair, only to cut it a week later, then promise myself again, and went to cut again.  and the vicious cycle continues.  *devil smirk*


And this time round, there’s no exception BUT at least my haircut with Elvis of H-Park Hair Salon, Taipei lasted slightly longer than one quarter.


So here goes, my new hairstyle for 2009.  Thinking of going shorter in months to come.  But please forgive me if I look like a devil-pig (round face).



You guys still love me?



  1. Erm … now that you mentioned it I really can’t remember when was the last time I ever saw you with long hair.

    Uni days?

  2. blur-devil says:

    Exactly my point, I still have shoulder-length hair before this, then i decided to snip away and never look back since.

    Btw, I have long hair when i was working la. I even perm my hair once when my hair was at waist-length. I think it was 3 years back. =P

  3. boogahloo says:

    naisss! i likey!

  4. blur-devil says:

    Thanks Sin, at least you still love me, right? A ma never say he/she still love me or not. LOL.

  5. chow jun says:

    i still love u no matter what hairstyle u change!!!!!!!!


  6. blur-devil says:

    Hi Chow Jun,

    Don’t make me *blush*… hahah..

    Anyway thanks for dropping by. =P

  7. Cyanide says:

    Nice mar…

    Actually it’s good to have short hair:
    – your head feels lighter
    – you save on shampoo
    – even a haircut is cheaper
    – when you get out of bed it’s tousled-cute, unlike long hair in which you might look like a ghost
    – hair won’t dip into your food as you bend your head over the plates/bowls
    – on hot, sticky days you won’t have hair plastered to your shoulders/neck/chin/all-over-face

    … so it’s cool!!

  8. blur-devil says:



    hahaha everything is true except for haircut is cheaper cos I always go for more expensive hair cut. No point risking your hair cut when its short! hahaha that’s if you know what i mean. kekeke

    la la la….. *blowing dry my hair is so much easier now*

    la la la la…

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