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The Vain Stuff

Posted: January 31, 2009 in Devil Ramblings, DeviLifestyle
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Found nothing to blog and just decided to share some stuff I bought from my Taipei trip. =) Most of the stuff are purchase from Cosmed (They are like all over Taipei).


Although this perfume is not new in the market, but I still like the green apple from DKNY and not the red one, despite it  being the “newer” member in the family of DKNY perfume.  Its selling so much cheaper in Taipei International Airport (NT1900).


Cute Piggy Contact Lens case from Cosmed. I think it retails for NT100 or so


Non-exposure tape by 3M bought at Cosmed. This is so much cheaper compare to the Hollywood Tape.  =D


Eye Mask.  This is super cheap too from Cosmed!


This is a killer.  I think they are so creative.  They filled mascara remover/eyeliner/eye makeup remover to Q-tips.  What you do is just flip one side of the Q-tips and I think due to the air pressure the remover liquid will filled the other side of the Q-tips and you can correct your mascara/eyeliner/eye makeup  without totally removing the mascara/eyeliner/eye makeup .  Bought it at around NT60 from Cosmed too.




Face Mask.  I think I bought plenty from Cosmed.  =D


Note: Price may differ from my blur memory.  Forgive me.  =P


*vain blur devil*