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I wonder why my craving for coffee these days seems to rocket through the sky.  I’m a sucker when it comes to coffee.  But to satisfy my caffeine-fix, I reckon 3-in-1 Instant Coffee will do the trick, albeit not my first choice.  No Starbucks for me.  Economy not doing very good, purchasing power weaker, you get my point. 


Oh and btw, I never like Coffee Bean’s coffee.  Some of the coffee I tried there seems to irk me more than anything.  But nothing annoys me than their service (to those branches that I visited thus far).  For a reliable fix, I would choose Starbucks without a blink of eye than to ever have CB (sounds like Chee Bai) brand flash over my mind.  Now I sounds like a Starbucks ambassador, which I wisham not.


Speaking of Starbucks, I wonder why they never introduce this to Malaysia.  This will be the perfect 3-in-1 coffee for me (if they ever reach our shore).  Check out the packaging, similar to the markings done on your Starbucks Latte/coffee mug.  Cool, no?


Introducing the all-new Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew.



Can you imagine how coooool is it?  Someone send to me, can?  =D




What do you do when you have ripe batang bananas at home?


Not sure bout you guys, but since I still have flour, baking powder, and the enthisuaism to bake, I decided to bakesteam-a-cake.


This is a healthier (or should I say healthiest) version of cake that I’ve ever make.  Why healthy?  There’s no butter (only some oil to make it moist) and instead of baking, I steam it.



The cake taste nicer than the picture, k?  No artificial flavour or colouring!



Glad that the bf and colleagues enjoy it.  Most of them say it taste like “fatt koh” but then again, the whole idea is to have a healthier cake., so steam it is!  =p


On other note, its funny when I bake/cook.  I actually choose not to eat it.  Don’t ask me why, cos I also don’t know why.  I would rather the guinea pig(s) taste it.  Hahha… Something like when I cook instant noodles, I find it boring and don-taste-as-good.  But when I go mamak and order one bowl of maggi sup, it suddenly taste good or sometimes heavenly.  Hahha…


As opposed to my title of the blog, baking is not exactly my weekend project (although I would love to, cos I can only use the bf’s kitchen.. One day, I’ll have my own day..), just happen that I bake continuously during the last two weekend.  And the response that I get?  Quote from Colleague : “So what cake we’ll be having next week?”



Love CNY?

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Do you?  Not sure bout you guys but I kinda like CNY (not the fat part though).  Things that I love about CNY.  =D

“wallop” all the mee-sua (vermicelli).  My family eats mee-sua (signify longevity) every CNY 1st day morning.

Don’t really fancy but still stuff myself with “nian-gao” ala the fried version

Continue to get irritated by the overly manja niece

Oh, gamble! play mahjong!

Oh and the best time to tell yourself you need to catch up with your friends.   Haha… cos CNY is a long holiday and I’ve got no excuses for being busy.  =D

Ok, back to reality… work.. LOL


Look Ma!

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*I’m finally connected*