Siem Reap 101: Transportation

Posted: March 10, 2009 in DeviLifestyle, Travel
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Hi guys, I’m back from my Siem Reap trip!  And as a starter, I would like to introduce you to Sam aka our driver!  =D


I first get in touch with Sam weeks before my trip.  As Siem Reap is not a very developed town, there are no LRTs or MRTs for you to board.  For you to get around Siem Reap is either via tuk-tuk, rent a car with driver, cycle or motorbike  (rent a bicycle/bike).


For me I planned my itinerary way before my trip, then get in touch with Sam and discuss with him what is the best arrangement.  Sam was very patient with me as I’ve send him numerous mails back and forth.  Then finally after finalising my itinerary, then Sam quoted me the price and we both agree and voila!


Note:  If you do not have any itinerary in mind, you can discuss with Sam beforehand and he’ll be glad to help you.  =D


I “book” Sam for a total of 2 and a half day, which includes driving me around Angkor Archaeological Park, etc.  I would say his price is reasonable and he provides complimentary bottled water.  And most importantly, he’s pretty flexible in terms of adapting to your request.  Cos we amended a bit of our itinerary and we just inform him and its alright.  Sam speak pretty fluent English and is always on time.  =D


You can ask Sam to either drive you via his tuk tuk or car (he has both).  As there were 4 of us travelling, we opt for car and I would say that car is definitely more comfortable!  Tips:  The weather can get pretty hot and very dry, hence the air-cond in the car helps in way or another.  =D


And the rest of the days, we either walk or take tuk tuk to the town area.  Cos our hotel is pretty near to town.  =D  Remember to bargain with the tuk tuk driver.  We manage to bargain for tuk tuk at a price of USD1 for the 4 of us *evil smirk*.


This is Sam.  =P Tell him you got to know him through me! 



Sam’s Contact Details:-

Website : Click Here

Email : OR OR


So if you are planning a trip to Siem Reap, get your transportation ready!  =D


*hugs blurdevil*

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