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Seriously I was contemplating to either go to the Landmine Museum, Cambodian Cultural Village or the Angkor National Museum when I was planning/drafting my itinerary.  Why not both, you ask?  Cos I’m a sucker when it comes to all this historical/museum-y thingy stuff.  But then again, its Siem Reap, you know what I mean?


Landmine Museum sounds gory to me.  I can’t help it if I cry and also the fact that all of us are girls you see.  So how la if everyone starts to act depressed/petrified/gloomy?  So no no to Landmine Museum.  🙂


Then I realise Cambodian Cultural Village is a nice place to takes pictures.  Or should I say it will look nice in pictures.  But then we will be exploring all the Angkor Archaeological Park, and others, so why bother to go to the mini not so real version, right?


By now, its obvious that I choose to go Angkor National Museum.  Why?  Cos it tells you a lot a lot of history/origination of the Angkor Archaeological Park related stuff!  Like seriously.  🙂  I would strongly suggest anyone to come by Angkor National Museum and learn about all the basic details/explanation/history about all the Angkor sites before you go for your Angkor visits!  Really!  We were glad that we drop by and we had so many information that helps us during our Angkor visit.


There are no pictures inside the museum as camera is not allowed in the museum.  =P


Entrance fee is USD12 per person.  I manage to download the Promotion Voucher that entitles for a free ticket for every purchase of 2 tickets.  Since there are 4 of us, we only pay USD36 for 4 person.  🙂


I’m going to bore you with some basic details of the Museums.  hahah..

First of all, you will go through a Briefing Hall, where you can choose from 7 different  languages for the multimedia video to be played in (English, Japanese, Khmer, French, Thai, Chinese, Korean).


Second hall would be the Exclusive Gallery where the gallery host a total of 1,000 Buddha Images.  There are big Buddha statues up to small buddha statues and some are high up on the shelf that you’ll have trouble looking at.  But I reckon the small statues are not the highlight but to make the point of having 1,000 budhha images in the hall.  😛


Third Hall will bring you to see the Khmer Civilisation where they brief you on the origin of Khmer history, Fourth Hall will enlighten you on the Religion and Beliefs, Fifth Hall would see the Great Khmer Kings (that build the Angkor site), Sixth Hall provides you with detailed information on Angkor Wat, Seventh Hall on Angkor Thom, Eigth Hall tells you story from stone and the final hall suprise you with their ancient costume.  You sleeping yet?  🙂


Something that I learn, no, I should say one of the terms that I learn is Linga.  Not Lingham.. Hhaha…  Go go find Linga.. LOL.


Okie, some pictures we took outside the Angkor National Museum.


Entrance of Angkor National Museum


This place is pretty huge as you can see.


The ticketing counter


One of the  many statues outside the museum


Girls power!! hahha



p/s: I got to know much later that the locals are not happy about the Angkor National Museum mainly because its operated and build by a Thai Private Party.  I guess by now you should be able to figure out why they are unhappy.


*blurdevil museum-nified*