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After getting our tickets, I told Sam to drive us to the site where we can take the Angkor Balloon and enjoy the view of Angkor Wat.


When we arrive, we thought we could get the slot for sunset, but it was fully book for the day and next day as well!  We were slightly disappointed but anyway better than none lor.  🙂


The ticketing counter



Tickets to the sky!  USD15 per person for a 10-15minutes ride.



We couldn’t wait but admire the view of the baloon that looks so small up there



While waiting, I was showing to Sara, HT, MS how to take picture of yourself.  They were.. amaze.. (tee hee)



Then its coming down slowly and we were super devily excited (haha).. Can you see the moon..  So cute!



Cam-whore at Ground Level *wink*



Can you see Angkor Wat??? ITs small but the view is magnificient



Nice right?



Wait till you see this.  Can you see the water reservoir surrounding the Angkor Wat.  I’m really amaze how all this can be built during those days!


Trying to proff to them that its possible to fit 4 person in while holding the camera by myself!  They were amaze again.  =P



10-15mins passed by sOooo fast!  Sam drove us to the entrance of Angkor Wat to take some pictures before heading back to town.



My opinion is that you must try this.  Since you’re in Siem Reap, why not treat yourself to a different view?  Nothing compare to the real view, not even the pictures.  So what are you waiting for?  😛


*love, blurdevil*