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I’ve never run in my life.  Wait, i mean, I never join a marathon in my life.  The best that I can do (or did) was to sprint with a maximum of 200m during my school days (note: during younger days of course).  Even during the compulsory 1500m test in PE class, I struggled, I told myself I’ll never run such long distance.  I gave myself plenty reason, among them, was to convince myself that if I run too much, my already-huge hips would turn into some green-hulk-humongous leg.

Then I stumble across the KL Marathon leaflet/website/booth and thought to myself, why not join the Fun Run?  I actually thought to myself, what if one day my mind insist that I should do it but my body can’t take me there anymore? So since i’m still young, I think I should.  I just got to struggle that few km.  =) Some of the feedback I got when I announced that I join KL Marathon

“You running with your heels?”

“You definitely faint halfway”

“I’ll drive my car halfway and send you to the finishing line

“I didn’t know Princess can run”

I’m telling you I’m proud of myself cos I manage to complete the Fun Run!!! But anyway instead of 5km, I think the organiser actually screw things up a bit cos the whole bunch of us ran the wrong route.  Instead of 5km, we ran 3km and no one talk about it.  Oh well.  Let’s look at some pictures I took, alwight? Btw, quite a lot la. Hahha. Enjoy.  =)

What you do when you see numbers?  Buy 4-D!!!! LOL.

Marathon, here I come, equip with my shoes and enthusiasm.  =D

Photographer waiting for runners at the finishing line

Still looking fresh in the morning

Are you ready?

And the race begins!

When we finish the run, grab cups and cups of mineral water and rush to collect my bag at the luggage area.  Cos my camera is in there and i want to take pictures!  =) Love how the sky turns out today.  Picture taken while queueing.

And voila, my cert and also camera to snap away

See this board? This is where all the wannabes and celebrity take pictures la. SO i wanted to take lor.

Ended up, can only get my picture without the full board. Cos there’s damn a lot of ppl hanging out in front of the board but they are not taking pictures at all. *period*

I still love the sky.  =)

This is what they call “ren san ren hai” -> human mountain human river? haha

Say Cheeeese.

Kids get free balloon!

This is the spirit of never-give-up.  =)

This Kid too!

Tweet tweet … haha i look fat in the shirt.  =(

Bumble-bee’s brothers and sister from Chevrolet

Squint squint

Friends waiting and cheering for their runner-friends

Then while walking back to the car, I saw XF.  =)

Since we were so hungry, we went to my favourite Hakka-mee stall at Pudu. I briefly blogged about it here.

Delicious Hakka-mee

The ok-ok Curry Mee (from other stall)

blurdevil enjoying her Hakka-mee!

KL Marathon, I hope I’ll be back next year.  =)

As opposed to contrary beliefs, blurdevil cooks ok. I don’t know why many of my friends actually raise their eyebrows (ala The Rock style) when they hear that i’m going to enter anyone’s kitchen. Its like Paris Hilton attempt to cook up a cuisine. I love to cook, (esp Baking), not that i’m a super cook but I try my best whether its cooking or baking. Just that I’ve got to use Sara’s kitchen. And she’s happy cos its a barter trade going on. I cook, she eats, voila, win-win situation. Hahah

I never been to any traditional wet market in KL and Sara volunteer to bring me to the wet market in TTDI one fine weekend.  🙂

I’m so suprised cos the market is sooooOooo clean (I avoid market because I damn scared i might be dirtied for life.. hahah)

We bought Fresh Cincau!!!

Anchovies.  The smallest one is the most expensive one.  =)

Uncle looking confused….

Vegetable attack!

As usual, Sara will know all the good place to makan, yes, even inside the Pasar Taman Tun.  Take the escalator up to 1st floor in the market, and you’ll find this Indian Roti Canai Stall known as Chanai & Chaya.

A decent cup of Teh Tarik.

Roti Canai (You must try the Roti Pisang, its really nice, sweet and crispy all in one bite!)

OK, now let’s look at some of the stuff I cook over the weekend.

Mee Hoon Kueh

Mee Hoon Kueh is actually known as “Flour Cake Soup” –> Loose Translation.  This is actually a Hokkien dish and I grew up with this dish.  This term of mee hoon kueh is not a stranger to my hometown friend.  And this dish is more popular known as Pan Mee in KL.

Fried (Golden) Anchovies

Cili Padi & Soya Sauce is a must (for me!)

And here is my Mee Hoon Kueh. Proud of myself *pat myself at the back*


If you know me well, I love to bake cakes/cookies/etc. And do you know that i got a major problem.  I don’t really eat the stuff that I bake. Haha.  I actually enjoy looking at other victimppl swallowing trying out my masterpiece.  And so far, friends have been so kind that he say everything is good, like super duper good. .   Oh and not forgetting my super monsterous colleagues who can wipe out anything on the table.  =D  I previously blog about my masterpiece of Cheese CakeSteam Banana Cake and super tedious Layer Cake

In the recent weekend, I manage to bake a semi-succesful Condensed Milk Pound Cake.  The other (lighter colour) cake is bake by Edward.  =)

And this one is pretty evil, Butter Cookies!  Raisins added upon request.  =)  Not bad right? *proud* haha

Not bad right? At least it looks nice ma. Haha…

Ok, gotta sign off now.  =)


Cheer Up Your Monday Blues

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Devil Ramblings

Got this forwarded mail that I thought can help you to cheer up your Monday Blues!

Dear IT Support,

 Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a slow down in the overall performance, particularly in the flower, gifts and jewellery applications that had operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0.

In addition, Husband 1.0 un-installed many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6..5, but installed undesirable programs such as Formula One 5.0, NBA 3.0 and World Cup 2.0.

And now Conversation 8.0 no longer runs and House Cleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system. I’ve tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail.

What can I do?


Desperate Housewife



Dear Desperate Housewife,

First keep in mind:

Boyfriend 5.0 is an entertainment package, while Husband 1.0 is an operating system.

Try entering the command C:\ I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME and download Tears

6.2 to install Guilt 3.0 ..

If all works as designed, Husband 1.0 should then automatically run the applications Jewellery 2.0 and Flowers 3.5.

But remember, overuse can cause Husband 1.0 to default to Grumpy Silence 2.5, Happy Hour 7.0 or Late Night Teh Tarik 6.1.

Late Night 6.1 is a very bad program that will create SnoringLoudly.wav files.

Whatever you do, DO NOT install Mother-in-Law 1.0 or reinstall another Boyfriend program. These are not supported applications and will crash Husband 1.0.

In summary, Husband 1.0 is a great program, but it does have a limited memory and cannot learn new applications quickly.

You might consider additional software to improve memory and performance. I personally recommend Hot Sexy Dress 3.0 and Tongkat Ali 6.9.


Good Luck,

IT Support


Happy Monday everyone *blurdevil*



As promise, here are my pictures from Pulau Perhentian.  =)  Its really a lot and I hope you find at least one picture that you like.  =)  Enjoy.

On the way for our snorkelling trip.  So excited! We saw turtle, loads of fishes, swordfish, nemo is very normal, baby shark (which to me is pretty big la).  The experience is really really awesome.  Makes me want to take up the expensive hobby called diving. hahaha.  Oh did i mention that the turtle is huge like HUGE!

Again, I was mesmerised by the real clear blue sea.

The boat driver stop us at this island (nobody is staying) and we took our snorkelling gear and get ready

obviously i say no and went on to take pictures…. hahaha

and the water is really this clear.  oh i really miss the place.  =(

the guys figuring out how to take pictures (i instructed them to pose by the rock)

and after a while, they got it.

and for us, we got it right away. haha

and while the rest of the people from d’ayumni house busy figuring out how to snorkel (or snorkel away), i’m still busy taking pictures. hahaha

ME + Terry

then snorkeling we went.

See my hair looks like some nerd la!

Its not easy to take this pic cos my body too heavy la. hahaha

Somebody trying to show off (hahahaha)

This is one of the more interesting snorkeling point and the water is deep and the current is strong!

Don’t you just love the view of just the sky, blue sea and the rocks?

This is the view (while waiting for dinner) at Cocohut Cafe (damn hungry after snorkel session!)

Chilling out at Bubu Long Beach.  Night taxi cost almost double and its scary ok! Look, i’m half burnt!

Woke up the next day and found superman can’t fly anymore. Help him please?

And sharkie won cos he wanted to commit suicide!

Cos I was busy trying to take picture while trying to “swirl” but fail. Hahha

**Sunset. =)

Was supposed to get ready and trust me, this is actually a candid shot. what the hell i’m doing? haha

And this is the shot. lol.

On the last day, we walk until the other end of Pulau Perhentian Besar (almost near to the Shark Point) and the place was almost deserted.  =)

I really love how the sky looks that day!

Hehehe…. looks like what ar?

Nice right?

I was so reluctant to go back! but all good things still comes to an end, right? I promise myself i must beach more! haha

I hope you love the picture as much as i do.  I must go back some more! hahaha

*hugs* blurdevil

Coming Soon!

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Just bear with me a while. I’ll give you guys a lot a lot of photos.  Promise within this few days k?  Let you see some semi-failed jumping pictures. hahah

we tried..

and tried….

and i think this is the only best shot.  LOL.

heheh. so wait for more pictures, k?

*hugs* blurdevil

Pulau Perhentian is an island (duh!).  Ok, its not a very very commercialise place vis-a-vis Pulau Redang.  So the activity here is pretty much all about the beach and the sea (the blue sea,really).  You can’t go back to the room to sleep cos there’s no electricity but then again, its a beach holiday, so if you really need to sleep, go by the beach to sleep, let the skin feel the softness of the white white sand.  =)  Rather than sleeping, I did pretty much everything and also take lots of pictures cos I’m still in awe over the blue blue clean sea!  I edit some pictures here and I haven’t even realy touch Day 2 pictures yet! LOL.  Enjoy while I edit more pictures ya.

Nothing beats a cold beer to cool you down in the hot weather.  🙂

Even shark wants a sip.  =P

Divers.  =D

Seahorse Cafe Menu.  =P

Butter, Honey, PEanut Butter Or Me?  =)

Terry happy with the food.  =)

Laundry? Camera? or maybe water taxi?

More pictures to come? You like the picture? Cos I really love the place and these pictures are just great! =) Now, back to edit more pictures for you guys, k?  =D

love, blurdevil

Woke up with a freaking PMS mode.  Like seriously, who can ever control that? Hmmphhhhhhhhhh….. *deep breathe* Sometimes i realise things that I do and think is just funnie during PMS (you only find it funny AFTER the PMS).  Just like now, I’m just playing this song over and over again so that it can get stuck in my freaking head.  Enjoy. 



Incompatible, it don’t matter though
‘cos someone’s bound to hear my cry
Speak out if you do
You’re not easy to find

Is it possible Mr. Loveable
Is already in my life?
Right in front of me
Or maybe you’re in disguise

Who doesn’t long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I’m on my own
If there’s a soulmate for everyone

Here we are again, circles never end
How do I find the perfect fit
There’s enough for everyone
But I’m still waiting in line

Who doesn’t long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I’m on my own
If there’s a soulmate for everyone

If there’s a soulmate for everyone

Most relationships seem so transitory
They’re all good but not the permanent one

Who doesn’t long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I’m on my own
If there’s a soulmate for everyone

Who doesn’t long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I’m on my own
If there’s a soulmate for everyone
If there’s a soulmate for everyone