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Posted: July 28, 2009 in Devilicious Cravings, Travel
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Everything you heard is true!  That’s Rumours tag line.  =)  Nope, not any random Rumours but one super devilicious Rumours.  🙂 Haha. Yes, I’m talking about a restaurant called Rumours. This is our first dinner in Bali. Almost every night, this place is pack with people. This is a very noisy atmospheric place, a semi casual dining place! 🙂 Oh, and they place nice music, mostly R&B.

Simple nice art on the wall

The Bar Counter

Let’s move on to the food ya. We didn’t order much la, but it was nice le!  Price shown below is not inclusive of tax yet. 🙂

Large Bintang Beer (of course!) ~ 22,000 Rp (RM7.50)

Check out the ice cold mug!

Wagyu Rump Steak. 400gr grilled wagyu rump steak serve with fries and Salad ~ 135,000 Rp (RM45.90)  You really can’t get a decent steak with this price in KL.

Drunken Prawn.  250gr prawn serve with garlic served with fresh salad ~ 57,000 Rp (RM19.40) Yummy!

Chocolate Pudding with espresso chocolate sauce ~ 26,000 Rp (RM8.90),  Order this early as they need at least 20 minutes to cook this.  I think that day, this chocolate pudding is a bit over cook, still taste nice but can be better.  🙂

Picture time! hehe

Overall, I love the food, the people, the service, everything.  If i have a monsterous stomach i don’t mind trying all the things out. LOL.  Give it a try next time you’re in Bali.  🙂

Rumours Restaurant

Jl Laksamana No 100 Oberoi-Seminyak

Tel: 0361 738 720 21

Website : Click

*Its situated at “Eat Street” in Seminyak.  You wouldn’t miss it.  🙂

*hugs blurdevil*

  1. Cara says:

    hehe imma gonna go breathe, sleep, eat drink Bali until i get there!

  2. I am so going to go there! Haha~ How much is your whole package? as in the bali trip? U took the air asia one?

  3. Sorry sorry!!! No offense here!What I meant is the hotel + flights package. Not the tour thingy. Haha!

    But flights nowadays r really cheap.

    • blurdevil says:

      bwahaha. no tour thingy, i arrange the itinerary and go around according to my itineary. 🙂

      as for the flight i only pay RM80 nett return inclusive tax and check-in baggage! hahha. cheap hor, bought it during the promotion. =P

      Villa le, more expensive but worth it. =)

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