Bali is ♥ : Drinks at Syndicate Club

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Travel
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Initially we were supposed to go chill out/clubbing at Double Six Club, but it looks pretty deserted and i reckon we were too early (we were there at 1130pm).  It was pretty quiet, must be the influence from the Jakarta incident the day before.  So we walk further down a bit and saw Syndicate Club which has more ppl among the other clubs on the same row.  Since most of the clubs wasn’t really convincing in terms of crowds, we settle at Syndicate just to get a drink.

Drinks are not cheap here and there wasn’t nothing much to see except the laser lights and some funky lightings.

The Bar

The Green Lights

Or you prefer Purple Blue?

We had our Bintang Beer as usual.

Then after a while, suddenly three ladies in similar outfits climb up to the bar counter

And they started dancing like you know, sexy dance.  Please don’t ask me what is that two girl in front doing

They dance a while on the bar counter

ANd then they tried dancing in front of each table

But nobody really do anything (i.e. tips, etc) except watch la.

So we stayed a while, nothing to do, finish our drinks and left the place around 1230pm and its still pretty quiet.  I am pretty convinve it was due to Jakarta incident la.  Anyway you can try to visit this place if you want to, the whole street itself got a few pubs/clubs and its one of the more famous one in Bali.  =)


No 66, Double Six Club,

Ocean Boulevard,


  1. I think they are expecting tips from you all! If you do give them tips you might a lap dance for yourself! Haha!

  2. kenwooi says:

    oh.. not strippers? lol.. too bad.. =P

  3. Desmond says:

    how much u spend there ar?

  4. yarri says:

    Come again this year, you are right, the peak time for 66 club is around two am, and the street is more effort to weekend needs. Before that, syndicate will suite you around 11 – 1am (it’s a pre-club). How do I know? Frame me in Bali. Come come!

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