Bali is ♥ : Pantai Mengiat, Nusa Dua

Posted: August 1, 2009 in Devilicious Cravings, Travel
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If you are asking why not Kuta beach, then I’ll tell you why.  Usually ppl frequent Kuta beach because of the huge ocean wave that makes it suitable for surfers alike.  On the other hand, some frequent Kuta beach to catch the beautiful sunset.  For me?  When it comes to beach, I guess I prefer (but not limited) to real blue ocean water, just like the one in Perhentian.  🙂

I read a lot about the nice beach at Nusa Dua and so, I requested Dewa, our friendly driver, to drive us there first thing in the morning.

The moment I came down from the car, my jaw almost fell apart as I really didn’t expect such a blue beach in Bali

Don’t you just love the horizon that connects the sea and the sky?

As usual, I need to be in the picture, alwight?  tee hee

Then I saw two locals were enjoying the beach view under a almost-leaf-less tree.  😛

blurdevil wants too!

We stroll along the beach, enjoying the white white sand and saw “uncle” wearing a swimming trunk flying a kite.

Bramen wants some action with the colourful ship

Pantai Mengiat hosts most of the luxurious resort, which includes Grand Hyatt, St Regis Hotel, AYodya and others.  So you’ll find that the crowd here are mostly Westerners.  You’ll find nicely trim garden.

Salsa Bar @ Grand Hyatt fronting the beach

And big big chess set lol  🙂

The cute lifeguard-hut

Most of the beach chair in front of the respective hotels are meant for their in-house guest.  But fret not, you can still come by the beach and if your really want to get some sun tanning action, you can rent of the beach chairs from one of the local cafe (not part of the Hotels) called Yasa Segara.  We just came by this cafe for some light lunch.  🙂

No air-conditioner here but they got nice little garden for beach-style makan.  🙂

Looking half bake under the sun

Fruit Juice for 10,000 Rp (RM3.40)

Ayam Bakar serve with white rice for 45,000 Rp (RM15.30)

Kolobak is a pork meat serve in sweet sour sauce for 40,000 Rp (RM13.60)

So if you really wants to spend some time with white sand and blue blue sea, this is the place to be.  And not forgetting, nude sun bathing here is still acceptable.  🙂

Happy blue beach.  *hugs*

  1. Cyanide says:

    hey, the giant chess is awesome!!

    envy u la… can do so much holidaying in a year!! haha!! that’s really the way to enjoy life, man! keep it up…

    • blurdevil says:

      and i choose the white set, i don’t know why, i just refuse to take with the black cos i thought white suits the bright sunny mood! LOL.

      cindy, there goes my savings but its all worth it cos i like to travel and see things. i guess when i’m old, but got money to spend, my mind wants to do something but my body can’t take me there anymore. hahha sounds old, but that’s what i thought. =P

  2. Tom Bali says:

    Since you like Bali’s beaches you may also like this article at, a neatly summary of great beaches in Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Kuta area, with plenty of pictures. I just came across it before I came across your colourful blog.

  3. lemon says:

    that’s very blue sea. so which beach is better? I still hav to wait till Jan next yr…bleh

    • blurdevil says:

      this beach is definitely better than Kuta/Seminyak. Its different la. u get big waves in Kuta/Seminyak, which you can surf. For me, I love blue sea, so this is the one.

      Hotels here are those 5-stars. So do your research. =)

  4. menq says: it. will do research. my ticket is double of urs lo.keke…
    eee…the pic so ugly…how to link twitter to facebook?

  5. blurdevil says:

    sure, else pls do ask me. you know i do my homework everytime. =)

    what pic so ugly? how u want to link. the updates?

  6. lemon says:

    i mean pic beside my reply..haha
    wanna link with blog…yeah the updates la

    • blurdevil says:

      hahah. see you put different website then it comes out different picture. LOL. Its a generated avatar, so the picture i can’t change la. LOL.

      The updates from FB ar? I think if u go under my profile there is a twitter application, else go under application and search twitter, you should get it. =D

  7. Desmond says:

    wow this place look so nice!! i must go there to have a look… will it be far from seminyak?

    • blurdevil says:

      Its one of the nicest beach in Bali. If you really want to spend your time by the beach, then drop by to Nusa Dua. =) Its approximate 30 mins drive. More a less around there la. =)

  8. Desmond says:

    yeah i think so… if the beach really that nice…
    im thinking whether to rent a car (with driver) or take taxi… because we will not going out for a lot of places… mainly go for makan only…
    ur camera very nice leh… all the photos’ color are so sharp and clear… wat camera r u using?

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