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I believe that these place do not need any detailed introduction.  Anyway, this is one of the “must-try” list if you are in Bali.  🙂  Initially I thought the original store have already been shifted to another premise (which is supposedly bigger, etc etc).  So when I ask the driver to drive me to the new place, he ask me why not go to the “original” store.  So I thought the outlet detail that I got is a fake one la.  End of the day, I understand that both are Original Ibu Oka Babi Guling.  Just that the same owner guling-the-pig at the “old” store and send to the “new” store.  So why not just go to the “new” store la.  Hahha Confusing le.  Anyway we went to the “old” store that have been there since like… ages?

When we got there, I was like… wtf… so crowded one!

Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka, Ubud

Babi like kena sapu big time.  Turnover time is like lightning

But its like damn crowded lor, we were looking high and low for place to sit

See, this uncle is willing to sit on top of the “wall” just to makan Babi Guling, ok

Then we finally got our seat!

Happy, so faster order Babi Guling guling.  So not halal. hahah

We order the Babi Guling Special, so everything is in there la, from Pork Skin, Pork MEat, Vege, etc.  Cost 25,000Rp (RM8.50) and I tell you, the pork skin is the killer, really.  I was tempted to order one plate of Pig Skin, by itself, then I think think think. No la, damn sinful. ahhaha

Actually the picture do no justice to the taste of the food lor.  But anyway must try this if you are in Bali, or Ubud to be specific.  🙂