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Often not, if you are doing some research about Bali, you’ll come across recommendation to dine at Made’s Warung.  If you are shopping around Kuta area (street shopping), chances are you’ll bump into this eatery.  Its situated same row as Starbucks in Kuta, but its before starbucks (starbucks is on your right).  We pass by one evening, and it was pack, and when I say pack, I mean the queue is up to the street.

The next day, while we were spending some minimal time in Kuta, I saw Made’s Warung was not pack.  Plenty of tables for you to choose from.  Unfortunately, when we walk in, the waitress don’t allow us to choose the tables.  We wanted to take the seats upstairs and they saw the tables are only meant for big group (there’s like 4 of us).  Not too happy bout it, we walk down and got another table.

The deco was pretty simple, nothing fancy with lots of pictures in frames and hung on the wall.

The stairs leading to the 2nd level

Banana Honey Fruit Juice ~ 15,000 Rp (RM5.10)

Nasi Campur Special ~ 55,000 Rp (RM18.70).  Taste pretty alright.  I like the serunding (floss). 🙂

Half Nasi Campur, Half Gado Gado ~ 35,000 Rp (RM11.90)

SAte Lilit (Chicken) ~30,000 Rp (RM10.20).  The black sauce tasted like Teriyaki sauce but I’m not too sure what sauce they use to grill this.  😛

In general, the food is ok.  But I think the service really sucks.  I don’t even remember that they gave a smile.  To sum it up, they are NOT friendly at all.  And mind you, when we went, the tables weren’t even full.  Some ppl argue because they are very busy and we should be happy that we got to eat at such a wonderful place.  Service is one thing that can differentiate A restaurant from B restaurant.  But then again, I think they don’t think they need that, don’t they.

*till then, blurdevil*