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Yeah, I was am alive.  My last post dated somewhere back and that’s like a month ago!  Ok, quick updates, I’m very much alive, but my energy has been unwillingly contributed to the Gods of Audit (if there is one!).  I work on weekends, late night after work and to be fair, I bitch and complaint about it, but well that’s life.

Apart from audit I need to stop playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.  Its like so addictive and being the kiasu devil I am, I can’t settle for Top 10.  I just convince myself I can be better. Muahahahahha….. But I see jewels everywhere when I go to sleep at night.  Yeah, its that bad.  But ok la, rather than counting pigssheeps to sleep, I see jewels.  How nice if its diamonds.  OK, stop dreaming.  See, I’m stress. :I

Ok, as some of you guys know, apart from working on weekend, the reason why I don’t blog on weekend cos I’ve been attending Baking Class.  At least something I’m passionate about!  The course is over a duration of one month and I’ve baked a total of 8 cakes and also learn 8 different type of frostings!  I suck at frosting/creaming the cake, but I strongly believe I can improve.  I took some pictures for the cakes (There’s two cakes not in here cos someone pandai pandai borrow camera never return on that day la).

Chocolate Fudge Cake.  (Sorry la, frosting a bit sucks  🙂 )

Lemon Pound Cake


And this is my favourite cake (Red Velvet Cake)…. Not because of the taste

But because of the heart shape!!! Can you see the heart shape frosting inside the cake!  =)

Hahahah, that’s for now.  🙂  I’ll try to post up some BKK post (no promise).  But I’ll try k?  *hugs*