Sesat in Singapore: Bugis, Singapore

Posted: December 7, 2009 in DeviLifestyle, Travel
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During my last trip to Singapore, I stayed in Ibis Bencoolen which is actually in the Bugis neighborhood.  (Bugis is just behind Ibis Bencoolen)

Bugis area is nice to walk and if you love a bargain, drop by Bugis Street.  Bugis Street is where you can find all the young, trendy clothes for a bargain.  And if you’re afraid of the weather, don’t worry! Bugis Street is air-conditioned.  🙂

Let’s take a look around Bugis.  🙂

Get a Herbal Tea too cool down that throat  ;P

Chinese Temple in Bugis (The row behind Ibis)

Flowers for Sale (for prayers)

Fancy a trishaw anyone?  😀

And the latest addition to the Bugis family, Iluma Bugis….

Bugis Street: Get cheap but chic accessories!

Bugis Street: Stock up on the fibresss!

Bugis Street: Covered and air-conditioned street!

Bugis Street: Get some snacks! Taiwanese sausage?  😛

So, head down to Bugis if you want to shop without really burning your pocket  🙂  Its pretty easy to get to Bugis.  I don’t think anyone can really get lost in Singapore. LOL.  Just take the MRT to Bugis station.  🙂  Enjoy!  *hugs*

  1. sin says:

    love the piccas babe 😉 jangan berhenti 😉

    • blurdevil says:

      hey babe,

      long time no see (in my blog kkeekke)… Yeah, still got a lot of un-filter pictures sitting in my laptop and also my memory card. 🙂

      I’ll try to pre-schedule some post when i’m away ya. Then got more pictures to view! kakak…


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