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The Fusion Suites is the 2nd Hotel that we stayed during our last trip to Bangkok.  In terms of location, Pullman is situated in a less touristy area.  The Fusion Suites is situated at Sukhumvit area.  If you don’t already know, Sukhumvit is the place where is pretty touristy, if you ask me. You get to see (a lot) of tourist bringing their Thai gf around, night market, and sometimes they even bring in elephants (yes, elephants) around this area so that they can sell sugar cane to you, and you get to feed the elephant.

Back to The Fusion Suites location, make sure you download the map (from the website) cos most cab drivers will get pretty confuse with the address and the hidden signage is not helping!! LOL.

Semi-hidden signage

And The Fusion Suites building look like this!  🙂

We manage to get a pretty good deal for the Standard Room.  There’s always ongoing promotion of Stay 3 nights Pay 2 nights.  The last time I check the website, the promotion is still ongoing but the rate is slightly higher.  I remember paying approximately THB1600 per night under this promotion.  😛

They have pretty nice deco! 🙂

And……………..CUT! cos blurdevil is checking in  🙂

Simple yet nice  🙂

Sitting Area outside the rooms

The room is pretty small.  You can easily knock yourself (or your leg) on the bed frame…

iPod docking station 😛 *canggih*

LCD TV which is literally right in front of your bed.  😛

Coffee/Tea? Or perhaps some Whiskey/Vodka?

Toilet (Small Basin Area)

Rain Shower  🙂

Photos in the Toilet  😛

That’s pretty much about the room.  🙂 There’s no facilities (i.e. Gym, Swimming Pool, Garden etc) as The Fusion Suites is pretty much a boutique hotel as you can see.  Breakfast is provided.  No pictures cos I’m always late for breakfast.  You’ll get a decent coffee, eggs (omelet, scrambled, etc), toast, orange juice etc  🙂  Not bad for the price we paid.

I realise that the hotel do have their own tuk-tuk but they didn’t really offer to drive you to the station or anywhere.  So we pretty much walk to the station.

The nearest station is Sukhumvit (MRT) or Asok (BTS).  When you come out from the hotel (hotel is at your back), turn right, walk about 30 seconds, you’ll reach a cross road, just turn right again, and walk all the way up until you see an entrance going down to Sukhumvit line (MRT).  If you’re going to BTS, take the MRT way as it is pretty much connected and you get your air-cond!  🙂

Asok Station

And if you happen to pass by Times Square, hop on to the Jaspal Outlet Store.  Its very cheap!!! 🙂

Last Picture: blurdevil + train @ The Fusion Suites

No complaints on the service here but they are not attentive as compare to Pullman, but well this is a boutique hotel and for the price we paid, its pretty cheap, so there’s no complaint.  You can check out the Jacuzzi Deluxe room  if you want, cos I think its nicer, with view and slightly bigger room  🙂

*hugs, blurdevil*

Chatuchak Weekend Market aka Jatujak or short as J.J. Market is a weekend market (Opens on Saturday and Sunday) span over 35 acres of land.  Rumoured to have approximately 15,000 stalls – 20,000 stalls.  :O  That’s why Chatuchak is also known as mother of all market!  🙂

If you don’t like bargain hunting, then Chatuchak is not really for you.  Shopping in Chatuchak is all about bargaining!  At the same time, I realise that some of the stall owners don’t really want to bargain price with you!  Just a gentle reminder, as the market is pretty huge, if you see something you like, and you are o.k. with the price, just get it.  Never, never tell yourself, you’ll come back.  Cos chances are, you might be at the other end of the market or worse still, you don’t even know where you are!  LOL

Getting to Chatuchak Weekend Market.  Take BTS and head towards Mo Chit.  Exit at N8 – Mo Chit Station and follow the crowd towards the stairs on your right.  Once you walk down the stairs, majority of the crowd will walk straight.  But try to see a small turning into your right, which will direct you to Chatuchak Park.  Go in and you’ll see the sign “shortcut to Chatuchak”.  As usual, follow the crowd!  🙂

Happy Shopping! Picture time!  🙂

Chatuchak Park

Shortcut sign

Clock Tower in Chatuchak Park

Tips: Get a free map to navigate you around.  Get colour map from the Tourist Information Counter

Super Small Chair and Table


Lost and Found: King of Rock

Mini Scooter?  😛

Wooden Stuff

oh, if you like to make scrap book etc, Chatuchak is the place for you!  There’s so many materials, deco stuff for you!

I bought a packet of buttons (different sizes and pattern)

I regret that i never get all these stuff!

Tourist Police Car in front of the Tourist Info Center

See, rubbish bin is so happy!

Free Break Dance Performance (but damn hot la the weather!)

So small one, no? (tsk tsk)

For the sailor-in-you!  😛

True or False? Woman Marry Men Hoping they will change, Men marry woman hoping they will not, so each is inevitably disappointed!  😛

Toilet! Important k.  Cos they only have few main Toilets and keep a look out for sign like this


More eyes…

And more eyes!

Spotted: Statue at the Art Section

Then, me = super tired la

So we went and grab some food at Section 26 of Chatuchak Market.  Nice Vietnamese Noodle!

Grilled Pork Neck

Fried Chicken Wing

On the way back, we saw this super Teh Tarik performer

Can post for picture some more k!

That’s all for this post  😉  Remember to wear airy clothes, slippers or comfy shoes.  The weather can get into your head sometimes.  And trust me, sometimes you just feel like giving up! LOL.  Happy Shopping!

Pullman Bangkok King Power is a relatively new hotel in Bangkok (i.e. Not more than 5 years) and frankly speaking, Pullman wasn’t my exact choice when I was looking through the hotel choices.  But that was in the beginning.  Then came the Accor Asia Pacific Super Sales, months before my travel date.  And I got a pretty good rate then.  And my say?  Pullman actually is right now, on top of my list  🙂  (Note: I stayed at 3 different Hotels during my last trip  :P)

Pullman Bangkok is situated at Soi Rangnam area.  Its approximately 5 minutes walk from Victoria Monument BTS station.  If you think 5minutes is a long walk, fret not, they provide free tuk-tuk service to/from the hotel.  My advice, take a walk and you might find things that you actually like  😉

I like the lobby interior.  High ceiling and the soft colour in the lobby makes me instantly-cosy!  Like really!

Nice flowers!  🙂

Wooden Statue

We check in, way before the check in time, and the room is not ready, so we just hang out and walk around the hotel.  You know ,apart from the spacious cosy lobby, they have a very nice garden, which is an ideal place to rest and hangout (at least for us, while we were waiting for our room).

Cosy garden sofa!

Got Christmas tree some more!

Spot the Not!

Oh, and the Koi fish is very very big!

Snap snap snap!

Latte with Cookies!  🙂

We proceed to check in to the room and was inform that they are having room-upgrade promotion.  We book a Superior Room (with no Breakfast) and if we agree to top-up THB800 nett per night, we will get instant upgrade to Deluxe Room with Free Breakfast for two and free wireless connection.  We agreed!

Personalised Welcome Message!

The comfy bed  😉

The work station, mini sofa and tv


Coffee/Tea (They provide 2 small bottle of Mineral Water daily)

Bathroom with Rain Shower + Bath Tub.  🙂

With such nice room, you really don’t want to leave the room!

The Infinity Edge Pool (check out their Happy Hour by the Pool)

Spotted. Innocent Looking Lotus  🙂

Le Spa @ Pullman

I inform the hotel (during booking) that we were celebrating our anniversary, and they gave us a card and chocolates.  How sweet!

Breakfast @Cuisine : Start your day with the right foot.

Interesting plant

Start your day with a some caffeine

And delicious breakfast!  (best part: they serve pork!)

Next to Pullman, there is a duty free shopping place known as King Power Duty Free Shopping Complex.  You can do your duty free shopping here and pick it up at the airport when you depart.  🙂  All Pullman guest will receive discount voucher and a complimentary coin pouch.  😉

On the way to King Power Complex

Spotted: Angels by day 😀

Spotted: Angels by night

King Power Shopping Complex (Glass Dome!!)

Christmas Tree @ King Power

Dome + Christmas Tree by night  🙂

Christmas Deco

Presents anyone?

Here’s where you can go if you stay in Pullman Bangkok.  Go walk around in the morning/noon at Soi Rangnam.  Try one of the street hawker (most are good!).  Get some seafood indulgence at cheap prices at Kuang Seafood.  Then unwind at Wine Pub.  🙂  During the weekend, walk down to Victory Monument roundabout and check out the night market and the food stall there.  🙂  Else you can always take the BTS and head down to Siam Area for shopping!  Hope this helps  😉

Pullman, I will be back!

*hugs, blurdevil*

Wine Pub or shortly known as WP is a wine bar concept situated right in none other than the beautiful Pullman Hotel & Resort Bangkok (Will post later on Pullman Hotel  🙂 )  The concept is almost similar like how you can just drop by a bar/pub, and grab a mug of beer.  But this time, make it a glass of wine  🙂 Side Note: I prefer wine anytime right now 🙂

Wine Pub offers wine drinker a cosy place to enjoy their wine, selections of wine, tapas, cheese, cut meat and best part, the wine/food price are all quoted nett price.  You know how you get so frustrated having the ++ sign everywhere especially in hotel establishment and the next horror, you’re in your holiday mood and you are trying hard to recall what is the taxes charges for that particular country!  Well, I guess Wine Pub kind of solve it for you  🙂

And as a bonus, they have different promotion everyday.  Every Friday, you get 2 set of burgers and a bottle of wine at THB900, Every Saturday, you get all-you-can-eat tapas and a bottle of wine at THB900 (steal!) and so on.  🙂

Wine Pub Interior

Check out the cool wine holder (its like your shopping bag!)

I like!  😛

Cheers!  🙂

If you’re not staying at Pullman Hotel, just direct the taxi driver to Pullman Hotel.  If taking BTS, alight at Victory Monument and head towards Exit 2, heading towards Soi Rangnam and you’ll see Pullman King Power on your right  🙂  Open daily from 6pm – 2am  Enjoy!

Soi Rangnam is just one of the street in between Victory Monument and Thanon Ratchaparop.  This street happens to be one of my favourite street in Bangkok.  Not because there’s a lot of bar or whatsoever, but mainly because its less infested with tourist.  Come and walk around Soi Rangnam in the afternoon, and you’ll see so how the locals lead their life.  🙂  Oh, and there’s a lot of street food for me to choose from! LOL.

Remember I blog about Kuang Seafood?  Its at Soi Rangnam too!  🙂  There’s a few massage parlour in this street.  I think I settled for one which offer Foot Massage for THB300 for 2 hours.  🙂  Oh and pedicure for THB150 (So cheap that I don’t care what they do to my leg as long as they don’t cut it off!).

Let’s see pictures!!

Fancy a broom-ride?

Pink Taxi @ Soi Rangnam

My all-time favourite street-noodle!!  🙂

Oh, must add chili flakes!! Not the sugar though..

Fried Chicken with Fried Onions (Yummy!)

Mobile Fruit Stall

Best part? Mobile Pop Corn Stall!

Guess what is this?

Must try ar! Its Orange Juice but they use the lime orange… Something similar to our Mandarin Oranges. Its nice.  🙂

And one of my favourite food stall… Only THB25….

Looks like Roti Banjir ala Thai style? Think again

Its Popiah ala THai style lor!!! Its super nice and cheap!… The stuffing for the Popiah – Braised Pork and Vege Yummy!

Not sure whether this Popiah stall will move around, but its situated right opposite this apartment-hotel

Last picture for this post…. Spotted: Pepsi/Coke/Soft Drink Cap right in the Cement Floor  🙂

I’m hungry already! Hhahaha

*hugs, blurdevil*

From the title, obviously, we’ll be looking at seafood.  🙂  Let’s start with the restaurant.  This restaurant is a proper restaurant with air-conditioner and the restaurant looks clean  🙂  The staff is able to communicate in simple English, and best part, the waiter who attended to us, speak to us in Mandarin.  🙂  But the communication part is not that tricky cos you got Picture Menu.  So that will solve the ordering part.  🙂  It is also comforting to know that this restaurant is frequented by many locals.  🙂

Kuang Seafood

super-spicy-super-shiok chilli combo  😛

Mixed Seafood Tom Yum (THB180 for small portion).  The small portion is pretty decent.  Can easily fit 3 persons tummy.  And yes, its spicy and best of all, the seafood is fresh.

Fried Thai Water Greases (THB100).  This vege taste like Sarawak’s version of paku pakis.

Fresh Oysters (THB60 per piece)

And you are suppose to eat it with this set of condiments

And the decorated Oyster 😛

Thai Fish Cake but in the menu it is called “Feather Back Cake”.  Don’t ask me why, cos I really don’t know.  🙂  THB200 for 5 piece (pretty big)

Baked Crab with Noodle Glass (THB380).  This was pretty worth it.  Must try, unless you’re not a fan of crab and glass noodle.  😛

BBQ Prawns (THB300 for 5 piece) Must try!  If you want to know how fresh a prawn can be, try this  🙂

Check this out!!

And I present to you, the Big-Head-Naked-Prawn  😀

The total bill for the night came up to approx THB1390 (inclusive of Singha beer), which is cheap, if you ask me.  The food that we ordered, can easily feed 4 person.  There was a foreigner couple sitting next to us, shock over the number of dishes we ordered, and they even discuss which country we were from.  And obviously they speak in English, and they thought we were Korean! hahaha…

Kuang Seafood is at the end of Soi Rangnam.  Nearest BTS is Victory Monument and you need to walk quite a bit before reaching Kuang Seafood.  😛

The food court in Blk 335 in Smith Street is probably one of the food court that make me wants to go back there again.  🙂 You heard me right. I actually found one store that serve one of my favourite, ikan bilis!  Not just ikan bilis, let me introduce to you Stall #02-88 (nice number, eh?) Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu.

Stall #02-88 (Second Floor, Stall Number 88)  Oh, forgotten to add, the queue can get quite crazy.

Looks like your normal YTF? (sounded like WTF hehe)

Actually not lor, i love the bouncy-oh-so-fresh-fishball

Fish Cake is optional at SGD0.50 (cheap lor!!!) per piece, minimum order two piece

Without the fish cakes, the normal noodle (we ordered the dry version) will look like this…. yes, my favourite ikan bilis!!! Oh, the dry version one is really dry, there is no dark soy sauce, just some oil and ikan bilis.  Oh, we actually top up (i think SGD0.50) for extra ikan bilis.  🙂

The next time I’m back in Singapore, I’m definitely going to this stall again. Its nice, not expensive and i love it.  🙂 I think if u order just YTF, its 9piece for SGD3 and with noodle is one bowl of noodle with 6 YTF (i think) for SGD3.  🙂

I walk around the food court and got myself a decent Popiah from this stall #02-112 known as Ann Chin.  What attract me to this stall, was that they actually prepare the popiah skin on the spot, which means f.r.e.s.h.!  There was this Uncle carries the dough on his hand, and then smack on the two hot plate right in front of him.  It was pretty nice to watch! LOL.  Pretty hard to explain but you can go there and see for yourself.  😛  I didn’t bring my camera when i was at the store. LOL….

Ann Chin Stall #02-112

Popiah  🙂

If you love porridge, then you must head down to stall #02-82 known as Joe Pork Porridge.  Some people insist that porridge are meant for the sick ones.  To an extent, its true, but I don’t mind having porridge on a rainy day.  😛

Joe Pork Porridge Stall #02-82

Pork Porridge.  Quite decent with egg  🙂

🙂 that’s all for this round  🙂 hope you are not drooling.  😛