Peak Spa Chiang Mai

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Travel
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As compare to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, if you ask me, is a place, where you can get away from the hustle bustle of city life, pretty much relaxing.  There’s not much major shopping in Chiang Mai, which leaves pretty much time for you to relax, hence, stay at a nicer hotel, and if you got time, go for Spa.  One of the many spa that we went, is Peak Spa & Beauty Salon, Chiang Mai.

I find the place clean and pretty much what a spa should be.  🙂 Oh, if you really want to try out Peak Spa, you should book it online.  They have online special every month.  You MUST book the service ONLINE.  Then they will arrange pick up (at your hotel), if you need one. 🙂 I book the Spa Package prior to arrival, give hotel details, time and date, and voila. 🙂 oh fret not, you don’t need to make payment online. Just a booking.  🙂



Treatment Room (a bit blur due to limited lighting 🙂 )

Peak Spa

Website: Click Here

Address: Twin Peaks Chiang Mai, 187/13 Chang Kln Rd Chiang Mai

Open Daily from 10am – 10pm

Tips: Arrange your Spa then proceed to nearby attractions (i.e. Night Bazaar near Le Meridien)

  1. ericyong77 says:

    whats the price like?

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