Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai: Golden Triangle

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Travel
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On our recent trip to Chiang Mai,we took a day off to visit the Golden Triangle at the Chiang Rai province.  After much research, I decided not to stay a night there (most tourist do), as I don’t really see anything that I would want to explore.  But Golden Triangle is much like,  a must-do-one-time-tourist-thingy. 🙂 So i hire a driver, and told him we just want to visit the Golden Triangle.  On the way, we stop by a Hot Spring area as well as the Long Neck Tribe.  I don’t post any picture here because, first I didn’t really take any picture at the tribe and second, I am not too sure about the tribe thingy.  Some say, its to support them, but to me it feels like a human zoo and I felt a bit sad looking at them too.  😦


Ok so, Golden Triangle, really its just about this hilly landscaped and you can see the three countries (hence TRIANGLE) divided by the Ruak River (and flows into Mekong River).  See the Map below.

Close up…

See the GOlden Triangle LOgo? Yup… so you can see the three countries, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.  And Golden Triangle derived the name GOLDEN is because this place use to be a place where opium trade takes place.  The real active one.  And Opium is like a lucrative business then, hence, represents GOLD and hence the name GOLDEN TRIANGLE.  🙂

So from this viewing deck, you can see the three countries.

Yah, that’s about it.  LOL, then we walk to the side to take some pictures at the site.  🙂

Next, we went to visit (picture taking) at the Big Buddha in Golden Triangle.

that’s all for GOlden Triangle.  Some may not really want to go, but its all up to you.  You can also do a trip to Chiang Rai town while at Golden Triangle.  Anyway, if you would like to put up a night in Chiang Rai, there’s always the Four Seasons Golden Triangle and Anantara Golden Triangle.  🙂



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