About The Devil

I’m just another girl born in Sarawak, lived in Johor (for 11 years), now working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (8 years now) to pay off my utilities, travel, etc and is into fashion, photography (hire me!!! hehe),  food, sudoku, dogs, travel and many more.

I love food so much, that I want to create a food blog someday (hopefully its soon).  My fave food will be Mango (from fresh mango and anything that use fresh mango), dim sum-addict, have a weakness for fried-rice (although I refrain myself from eating rice….fat le..) and many more.  Wish me luck in creating a food blog.  =P

I love watching TV series and also some reality show.  Some TV show that i watched or watching includes Prison Break, Heroes, Ugly Betty, Supernatural, The L Word, Ghost Whisperer and also America’s Next Top Model.

What you can find in this blog is pretty much what is happening in my life.

Enjoy reading and do provide comments!

* contact the deviland with emails to deviletter@gmail.com *

  1. chenchow says:

    Great blog, Lim Fong!

  2. Arya says:

    Nice to know you


  3. seattle99 says:


    more, more, more


  4. WooOOoo! I watched The L Word too! And most of the series you mentioned though I prefer heroes over prison break.

    I’ve always wanted to ask, you work in PCMC or something? cause I always see it in your twitter. lol! See i know how to stalk..*tsk tsk*

  5. you’re a doctor ar?? O.O

  6. i don’t know lerrr… lol… Doctors are also typical humans too, aren’t they?

    because you work in PCMC, it just came into my mind. And you bought your own Mazda!!! Even though I know there are many jobs out there in which they are paid a lot…And doctors too!

    • blur-devil says:

      hey dear, i know la. hahah but i wish i were a doctor. too late. LOL. =)

      I don’t work in PCMC la. Someone was admitted to the hospital, that’s why I was there the whole week, then. 🙂 N i use my own hard savings to buy my own car. Its not easy. =)


  7. wahhhhhhhhhhh!! A lot of commitment!!! @.@ I can only imagine!!!!

    I am so scared of coming out to workkkk…

  8. Pradeep says:

    Hey very nice blog.. and very informative blog about bali… do u have the no. og Lias cafe @ jimbaran bay?? visiting langkawi, kuala lumpur and bali this december…
    do u have something about kuala lumpur???

  9. khris says:

    hey just stumbled on your blog, searching for bangkok buffets lol.
    Anyways awesome posts. keep it up 🙂

  10. Angeline says:


    Thumbs up for ur Taipei trip summary.
    I am planning to go Taipei next year with my room mate. I saw that in 1 of your pictures (titled Double-check your destination before purchasing your ticket) on Day 1, u are holding printed guides. Are those compiled by you? Is it possible for you to share them with me?

    Do you by chance know any idol store selling Jolin’s merchandise?

    Looking forward to your reply….

  11. angeline says:

    cool. do you still keep the taiwan itinenary? can i use them as a reference to my trip there next year?

  12. bookjunkie says:

    you have an awesome blog 🙂 loved your Singapore Travel ones

  13. ericyong77 says:

    come i am going to bring u go eat all the fried rice that u can!!!

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