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If you are walking around the temple of Chiang Mai, which include Wat Phra Singh or even Wat Chedi Luang, you can drop by this restaurant Huen Phen. Huen Phen is the restaurant to go (highly recommended) if you are interested to try authentic Northern Thailand food.  🙂

First the place is clean, price reasonable, and considering that you get authentic Northern Thai food, what more can you ask? 🙂 We order pretty simple food (we can only eat so much.. lol).

Cute Sign Board

Menu: Don’t worry, English Menu available

The famous Khao Soi – Crispy Egg Noodles serve in creamy curry accompanied with sliced pickled vege and lime

Fried Chicken: Think Bangkok Fried Chicken nicer, lol 🙂

Can’t remember this dish, but I think its Fried Pork Shoulder Meat 🙂

Platter – Northern Thai Sausage (variations), Pork Skin, etc

Huen Phen

112 Rachamankha Road, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand

Many have heard of the award winning restaurant Becasse (for fine dining), but we decided to drop by the sister restaurant just next to it for lunch known as Plan B by Becasse



Hanoi Snack

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Posting from my phone before I forget. 😉 If u r going to Hanoi, buy this snack, not sure bout the name. If I knew it’s nice, I would have bought more.

Useful Tip: I bought this from Dong Xuan Market n later realise that other tourist area (ie factory etc) is selling for 2.5 times the price *proud*

Yes, I know.  Its been a while.  LOL I still haven’t finish going through all of my Aussie pics, so be patient with me ya! =)

You know when people talk about Australia, most people will think about Food & WINE! Yes, wine!  And as if, you need anymore further introduction, most people will either go to Yarra Valley or Huntery Valley.  Yarra Valley is in the Victoria region (where Melbourne is) and Hunter Valley is in the NSW region (where Sydney is).

On my trip, we took a day trip to Yarra Valley.  My advice is, print out this map, and then choose the wineries you want to go, then plan your trip from there.  Most wineries close around 4/5pm, so its better that you plan your trip earlier! 🙂  As for me, we went to 2 wineries, started our journey in the morning, took a slow and easy one hour drive to Yarra Valley area, make our first stop at Yering Station, had lunch at Sweet Water Cafe, and drop by Domaine Chandon wineries and head back to Melbourne.  Most people will do about 3 wineries stop, but really, it depends on your preference. You can even opt to stay overnight at Yarra Valley region and do more!  Information on the wineries after the pictures  =P  Oh and btw, bring a GPS, it will be so much easier to navigate and Australia map on Garmin is pretty accurate (not like Malaysia!).  And if you are not that adventurous, you can join any of the day tour with any of the tour group.  =)

Just arrive at our first stop 🙂

You can choose to follow one of the tour group.  🙂

Yering Station


Phuket Phuket

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I know I’m supposed to edit my Australia pictures, but I’m so busy I didn’t have time to filter yet.  I went Phuket the week I got back from Australia. *hehehe*  Phuket pictures easier to filter, cos I only took like maybe 100 pictures in total.  LOL.

Some pictures to share with you guys.  🙂

Spotted: Froggie


Since we actually drop by Singapore for Jay Chou concert, we decided to drop by Universal Studio Singapore too.  Note that to get hold of the Universal Studio Singapore ticket (esp weekend) is a bitch too! Went online to purchase – fail (sold out) and I ask my cousin in Singapore to drop by the counter (at least two weeks before) and only to be told that all Universal Studio tickets for weekends is fully sold until early August!

I panic for a while cos I thought that we are really going to drop by USS.  I was pretty sad until I found an online travel agent that actually do have the tickets for that weekend.  🙂 The only thing is that you can’t get the ticket alone.  You need to top up to purchase the Hotel transfer, which I did and never regret.  😛  The hotel transfer provided is according to Hotel Zone (which means they have few buses to ferry passengers to Resorts World).  And I’m glad we did cos the bus is new, spacious and most importantly on time!  The only setback is that the last bus that departs Resorts World to the hotel is pretty early ( I think its 745pm) and we actually have limited time to explore the other parts of Resorts World Sentosa apart from Universal Studio.

See, the counter is not even open for the day! SOLD OUT!

Lucky we got our tickets! 🙂


Literally short and sweet.  Arrive on Friday evening and depart by lunch on Sunday morning.  😛

We manage to enjoy some staff benefit and got 2 nights free stay at the company’s bungalow, so the whole bunch of us decided to head down to Malacca.  🙂  Not many pictures but enough to let you guys know where we went in Malacca.  😛

Nice Blue Cloud on the way to Malacca