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Yes, that’s pretty much sums it all.  Because I can.  lol.  🙂

Remember back in 2007, I had a wonderful photo shoot with Joe Low (aka potatoe).  The link back then is here.  So then, again, I decided to commisioned Joe again to take pictures for me.  Intent: Keepsake  🙂 Yes, I think everyone should have one of those moments.  You know what I mean.  LOL.

This time round, the shoot was pretty much different.  Studio vs On Location.  More variations, and I think I improve and mature too along the way, which is something good.  🙂 Anyway,  I took 3 of the pics to show you guys.  🙂 Hope you like it.





For boudoir / keepsake / makeover shoot you can email or drop by his flickr page at or his Facebook at


🙂 will try to post more soon *hugs blurdevil*

I have always send my Mazda for service in Bermaz.  Yup, I don’t really send in to any random workshop, cos well, I don’t really believe other people out there. LOL. Not random, but just that I believe my car will be well taken care of in Bermaz.  🙂 I still recommend everyone to service their Mazda at the authorised centre  – The list all around Malaysia here 🙂

 Rest assured you will be taken good care of in Mazda while waiting for your car 🙂 A clean workshop to service your car.  No more messy, dirty workshop 😛

 While you are waiting (if you choose to wait there), you can choose to sit at the comfy sofa watching TV

Or probably at the work station to enjoy the Free Wi Fi

Oh and enjoy complimentary drinks and cookies! cool

Or you can just check out the current new models (Mazda 2? Mazda 3?) 🙂

Before you know it, your car is ready 🙂

Time to pay the bill

And instead of the usual credit card/cash payment, I use BCard 🙂

Yes, you heard me right.  You can collect points using this BCard and when you have enough points, then you can redeem it on the spot (like Cash, baby.. 🙂 ) You can either do Full Redemption (Cash in all your BPoints) or Partial Redemption (Combination of BPoints and cash-in-hand – minimum 100 BPoints).  Cool right.  The Points Value is at 1BPoints = 1 cent (i.e 100 points = RM1) IF you don’t fancy Cash Redemption, you can head on to to redeem products.  Its that simple.  🙂

Its easy to collect points cos they have more than 47 merchants/partners where you can start swiping for your purchase  with all these merchants. From F&B (i.e Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, Krispy Kreme, etc), Hotels (Berjaya Hotel, Piccolo Hotel, etc), Shopping (Video Ezy), Books (Borders, etc and many more.  So apply your BCard now and be rewarded. 🙂

Oh and by the way, “Don’t forget to take part in the Bcard Swipe and Win contest from 2nd January 2012 to the 29th February 2012 to win some cool prizes like an all expense trip to London!! Check it out on for more details.”

Yes, I know.  Its been a while.  LOL I still haven’t finish going through all of my Aussie pics, so be patient with me ya! =)

You know when people talk about Australia, most people will think about Food & WINE! Yes, wine!  And as if, you need anymore further introduction, most people will either go to Yarra Valley or Huntery Valley.  Yarra Valley is in the Victoria region (where Melbourne is) and Hunter Valley is in the NSW region (where Sydney is).

On my trip, we took a day trip to Yarra Valley.  My advice is, print out this map, and then choose the wineries you want to go, then plan your trip from there.  Most wineries close around 4/5pm, so its better that you plan your trip earlier! 🙂  As for me, we went to 2 wineries, started our journey in the morning, took a slow and easy one hour drive to Yarra Valley area, make our first stop at Yering Station, had lunch at Sweet Water Cafe, and drop by Domaine Chandon wineries and head back to Melbourne.  Most people will do about 3 wineries stop, but really, it depends on your preference. You can even opt to stay overnight at Yarra Valley region and do more!  Information on the wineries after the pictures  =P  Oh and btw, bring a GPS, it will be so much easier to navigate and Australia map on Garmin is pretty accurate (not like Malaysia!).  And if you are not that adventurous, you can join any of the day tour with any of the tour group.  =)

Just arrive at our first stop 🙂

You can choose to follow one of the tour group.  🙂

Yering Station


Le Meridien Bangkok is our last hotel stop during our last trip to Bangkok.  🙂  Situated at a very strategic location, which is none other than Surawong area, and a stone throw away from the famous landmark for ping pong show.  🙂

This is the building day

And transform by night.  🙂

You know what I like about the hotel.  I love how the hotel gives you the modern feel and yes simple but stylish.   🙂

Although there’s no grand lobby to boast, but I love how the lobby looks so cool  🙂

Waiting Area

Clean & Sparkling *kilat kilat*

Then we manage to check-in to our room and it looks how a Meridien hotel should be.  Comforting.

Personalised Welcome Message on LCD TV and CISCO phone  🙂

The window with the auto-blinds that I just couldn’t stop playing with 😛

Meridien supports UNICEF

And the comfy bed.  SEriously you will just melt and sleep on the bed anytime!  😛  Its so comfy especially the pillow!

The bathtub + shower place… see the above pic.. can see how you can make the toilet an open concept?

Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shower gel are all provided and it smell quite nice too (although i still prefer Uma Sapna’s shower gel smell 😛 )

Mineral Water: THey provide 4 bottles in a room  🙂

Or you can choose to drown yourself in the selection of alcohol *chargeable*

Or anything from the minibar *chargeable*

Oh, remember to wear the oh-so-comfy-robes while enjoying your drinks  😛

You know how Hotel always throw in some complimentary welcome drink?  And chances are, most of the time they sucks cos they give you some cordial drinks or some syrup-filled drinks, right?  But suprisingly in Le Meridien, you get a better treatment than that.  First you get to redeem the complimentary drink from the nice bar called Bamboo Chic! So you take your voucher and head on to Bamboo Chic at your convenience from 730pm – midnight (not when you are rushing to put your luggage and you gotta rush to finish your drink)

And I’m impressed with the interior once more!

Take picture first *blurry blurdevil*

Nice right?

Even the Toilet also very nice le

Oh, I haven’t even talk about the complimentary drink!  Instead of syrup-cordial-punch-drinks, we get to choose from the menu on what we want to drink, for free la!  ehhehe we got ourselves a pint of guiness and a glass of white wine.  How cool is that?  🙂

The Spa, Fitness and Pool is situated on the 6th Floor.  Nothing great to shout about but at least there’s a swimming pool, right?  🙂

Spa (You gotta pay for it  :P)

The comfy sofa near the spa, next to the swimming pool  🙂

ta-da, the swim area and the comfy day bed.  😛

Okie, hope you like the hotel as much as we did enjoy our stay there.  The only set back was they didn’t pay special attention to our remarks when we placed our booking, in which they did apologize through email after that.  Don’t get me wrong, the staff, from the receptionist to the door bell to housekeeping are very attentive and friendly.  Just some minor stuff.  But if you were to ask me, for the price you pay and the things you get, I guess you can consider Pullman, which is as comfortable as Meridien is.  End of the day it depends on what you want.  For example, if you are bringing your family to Bangkok, you might consider Pullman for Pullman is more like a resort, while Meridien is more like a hotel building due to limited space.  🙂

Anyway, if you are staying in Le Meridien Bangkok, you should walk around the area.  Go opposite the hotel to tailor made your working clothes or suit in Excelsior (I thought they are quite good) or walk over to Patpong area to catch a ping pong show.  🙂  THere’s a noodle cart (street food) right opposite Meridien, which I find its pretty nice (operate by a lady).  Else along the street at night, there’s plenty of street food  🙂  IF you want proper restaurant food, try out one of the Soi in Patpong, they have decent Italian restaurant there.  😛

Till then, blurdevil  😛

Yeah.  I’m that slow! LOL.  I only manage to extract some pictures from my Singapore trip! LOL.  We went down (again) to Singapore to witness and experience F1 race in Singapore, not any F1 race, but F1 night race!  Overall, I seriously think Singapore did a very good job in hosting the F1 race.  Everything was quite well plan and most importantly, they manage to create a very good ambiance.  It almost felt like the whole country is on celebratory mood!  Well, the only turn off is the hotel price (again, what’s new), so apart from that, everything was great  =)  So let’s just head on to the pictures!  😛

Our day-tag

Bramen got tag too!

The view while walking to the entrance

Uniquely Singapore?  🙂

Check out the queue

and after all the security check, its time to head straight down to the Padang  ;P

got our Survival Kit for SGD2 (ear plug + poncho) and all proceeds will go to charity!  🙂

and one for the camera!  ;P

although the padang is a bit botak but the view is nice, no?

get your beer at one of the many temporary-bar

Free performance

maybe buy some merchandise?

Fountain at the park

I just find it funny when the mobile toilet colour match the crews uniform

Free caricature and tattoos!  but the queue is super long lor.

And some free performances just by the river

They are guys alright…. hahah 😀

Big purple boobs

As the day gets darker, we hurried to get a place  =)

Johnnie Walker

check out the crowd..

then everyone is just happy to take out their cameras, phone, just to take a picture

but all i got is like a gush of wind.  maybe i should change to a big-ass camera tee hee

oh, and the view behind our standing area was fantastic  😉

we change to another side and the crowd is like not really helping me to see…. cos i’m short.

but then i can get slightly clearer picture.  😛

random: while walking to the ladies in esplanade, spotted this on the ceiling

and we got Hoegaarden at 7atenine right outside Esplanade for the same price (SGD8) for what we paid earlier for Tiger!

and Bramen enjoys it too! 🙂

and that’s all.  🙂 hope you like the pics.  🙂


During my last trip to Singapore, I stayed in Ibis Bencoolen which is actually in the Bugis neighborhood.  (Bugis is just behind Ibis Bencoolen)

Bugis area is nice to walk and if you love a bargain, drop by Bugis Street.  Bugis Street is where you can find all the young, trendy clothes for a bargain.  And if you’re afraid of the weather, don’t worry! Bugis Street is air-conditioned.  🙂

Let’s take a look around Bugis.  🙂

Get a Herbal Tea too cool down that throat  ;P

Chinese Temple in Bugis (The row behind Ibis)

Flowers for Sale (for prayers)

Fancy a trishaw anyone?  😀

And the latest addition to the Bugis family, Iluma Bugis….

Bugis Street: Get cheap but chic accessories!

Bugis Street: Stock up on the fibresss!

Bugis Street: Covered and air-conditioned street!

Bugis Street: Get some snacks! Taiwanese sausage?  😛

So, head down to Bugis if you want to shop without really burning your pocket  🙂  Its pretty easy to get to Bugis.  I don’t think anyone can really get lost in Singapore. LOL.  Just take the MRT to Bugis station.  🙂  Enjoy!  *hugs*

Since I’m stuck with my laptop here in Ipoh, I decided to use my time to blog! LOL…

If you have limited time and thinking where you should shop, I recommend Platinum Fashion Mall in Petchburi area.  Why? First, you have everything under one roof.  Secondly, its cheap (yes, cheap) and you can get wholesale price!  Third, you don’t need to compromise the comfort as the mall is air-conditioned.  Fourth, they have a nice food court, which means you can shop, hop up to eat at the food court and continue shopping!

I recommend that you drop by Platinum first thing in the morning as they close at 6pm (some shop close slightly earlier).  If you like shopping, I strongly suggest that you allocate at least 3-4 hours for Platinum (Hint: I shop from 10am – 4pm and came back the next day and shop another 2 hours!).

Platinum Fashion Mall is a wholesale fashion outlet that sells everything you can think off.  From accessories (think hat, wig, belts, bags, etc) to shoes and clothes of course!  The Platinum Mall has six floors and most of the shops at each floor is quite small (they are those stand-alone huts in the middle of the mall too).

There is no bargaining skill needed as the price are fixed.  🙂  Usually they’ll first quote you Retail Price (one piece) and then they’ll tell you wholesale price (which is usually 35%-40% cheaper than the retail price).  But remember, the wholesale price means that you need to purchase a minimum number of clothes/accessories/etc.  Each store wholesale quantity varies from minimum 2 piece and the average minimum 3 piece.  Don’t worry too much on the wholesale quantity as you are allowed to mix and match!

I didn’t take many pictures but let’s see what I’ve got k?

Shopping Galore!

Mister DOnut anyone?

More shops!


and more bags

Hats for everyone  🙂

Ribbons i.s. cute

Say hello to Panda  😛

funky sunnies  🙂

Happiness is all around  😀

I love the belt but just can’t buy them all!

Shoes for your ring!  I bought one Bangle Holder and it sure comes handy  😛

Save the Earth

And the Devil Stick! haha

How to Get to Platinum

1) The easiest way is to catch a cab (remember to take meter-cab) and tell the Taxi Driver “Platinum”.  Don’t bother quoting the full name Platinum Fashion Mall cos you might get them confused.  But you might find yourself caught in the infamous-Bangkok traffic jam.

2) Catch BTS and exit at Ploenchit station.  You’ll see Centara World, continue to walk straight (heading towards Amari) and you’ll cross a bridge (you might not notice) and turn left once you come down from the bridge and you’ll see Platinum on your left.  🙂

Enjoy shopping!