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I’m back!

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Devil Ramblings, Travel
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I’m like having some sort of withdrawal symptom the minute I land in LCCT.  Gosh, I truly enjoyed myself to the maximum.  I ♥♥♥♥  BALI!!!!

Initially I was pretty paranoid about the pig H1N1 flu.  Its like everyone seems to have all those symptoms! I make sure I am as healthy as a pig, and make sure I wore mask in the airport and in the plane! Hahaha

I’m more than willing to pakai mask. kaka

Eh, but not bad ok, I took off the mask to take pictures. But for a while only la.  As usual, Air Asia flight delayed after delay. Erm confusing right?  Initially hor, my flight is supposed to depart around 3pm, then 2 weeks before the flight they send sms to me saying delayed to 350pm, then when we arrived at the airport, it says there, the flight departs 415pm, and then when we went in to the departure hall, the flight departs at 5pm.  So you know what I mean now?

Then its time to fly!

The sky is soooOOoo blue

Air Asia food: Oriental Mee

Fried Rice with Satay.  I find it farny that they separate the anchovies and the long beans. I thought its fried together?

And then we saw sunset from the plane.  =)

I shall blog about the villa soon k?  *love love*

This post and some upcoming Langkawi-related post is going to be so outdated. LOL….

If you guys do not know yet, whenever I’m going/planning for a trip, I’ll prepare a full list (detailed) itinerary (by day, by estimated time, etc).  And my colleague was kinda amazed by what I did when she stumbled upon my itinerary.  And when I told her that Langkawi trip is meant to be a relaxing trip, she just shrug me off and say “people don’t PLAN their relaxing trip, you just go and have fun”.  Erm, but I still beg to differ.  Kekek…

Ok, back to topic, Langkawi is really meant to be a “relaxing” trip.  =D Haha.. Anyway, in order to get the devil to Langkawi island, we boarded Air Asia plane and never even thought of taking the hassle to drive down and take the ferry (too far, and not cost efficient).  =)  The flight was a pleasant one and there’s nothing much that you can talk about Air Asia’s flight.  Its a no-frill air plane.  You get what I mean.  =D

Air Asia “everyone can fly”

Once we got to the baggage reclaim area, my first thought is to rent a car.  The car-for-rent counter is just right opposite the baggage reclaim area.  Trust me, you won’t miss the counters.  There’s easily more than 5 counters there where you just gotta use your instinct on which counter is the best to choose.  Anyway, as mentioned, I prefer to do my research before my trip.  =D  Thanks to enigMA, he recommended one travel agent to me, which provide car rental services and other travel related services.  After filtering names by names, I finally found the one that I was looking for and its known as Jazirah Holidays.  The moment I got to the counter, the staff will be busy promoting the different type of cars they have and the rental range.  I was actually trying hard not to look desperate in order to get a better bargain!  After much consideration, I decided to go with Perodua Viva as it is one of the newer car (hence risk of getting into a breakdown situation is lower) and its cheap.  =D  I manage to bargain for RM140 for a total of 3 days!  And we only fill up the petrol for one full tank and its more than enough for the whole 3 days.  =D  If anyone of you need the contact number and details, drop me an email.  =P

Our ride for the next 3 days  =P

Next up, is where we will be spending our nights.  =D  I manage to get a normal chalet @ Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort for a bargain (hint: with a help from a close colleague.).  =D

The Woody-Lobby

Our devily key

Welcome Drink

 Every time you need this cute buggy to transport you in and out of your hotel room

On the way to our chalet

And this is how the chalet look like.  Yeah, its in a jungle.  And there’s monkey around

And this is our hotel room  =D With a big king size bed and a day bed

Till my next post


With AirAsia ever-cheap rates, everyone (including meeee..) can fly !  hahaha… Like making some advertisement only…. hahah…

Anyway, this year I’m lucky enough to spend my birthday in Phuket.  Nothing fancy, just a cake but but its the companion that matters the most.  TO M.T.M. (all initials..hehe), thanks for spending time with me on my birthday!  =)

To generalise it, Phuket was Fun Fun Fun!  Time when I can actually relax with no irritating phone calls, no need to worry about work related stuff.. Just be there and be me, the devil!  I’ll be summarising my trip to the 8 Tips about my trip to Phuket.  So sit back and enjoy.  =)

1.  You still can stay @ the Beach without burning your wallet!!!

After I purchase my ticket to Phuket via AirAsia, I was busy scouting around for hotels.  Discussion with my friends revolves around cost and cleanliness.  Being a semi-perfectionist that I am, i search hi and low for a place which can accomodate to our tight budget.  =)

And yes, we found the Patong Bay Garden Resort situated right at Patong Beach itself.  As compare to the other hotels along the beach, the price is a bit dat-pricey.  End of the day we manage to secure the hotel room for RM165 nett which includes a night stay in a Superior Room and it comes with 2 Buffet Breakfast.  If you are not a beach person, but still happens to be in Phuket, you can opt to stay at other hotels within the vicinity and you can get a cheaper rate.  And if you are lucky enough like my friend Terry, he got free room upgrade to the Junior Suite because they ran out of Superior rooms!  🙂

And if you are very particular about Hotels and still want to stay at the Beach, I recommend La Flora Patong Resort. Its situated few doors down Patong Bay Garden Resort and trust me, the hotel is the type that I can only dream of (to stay la…)

Tips to book the hotel.  Instead of booking through the hotel’s website, proceed to Asiarooms website as usually Phuket hotel’s website won’t be able to match Asiarooms rate!

Now, some pictures of Patong Bay Garden for your viewing pleasures….

Hotel Room

Study Table/Dressing Table


Robes and umbrella provided

Swimming Pool

Pool Side Bar

This is where we have breakfast… Cool eh… with “beach-view”!

2.  Be daring and indulge in the activities at the beach!

Go to the beach and you will find loads of people offering services for water sports that includes Jet-Skiing, Wakeboarding and also parasailing.  I’ve never done any of it, so end of the day, I pay THB1000 for a big Jet Ski and THB800 for parasailing.  Trust me, parasailing is fun!!! The feeling when you are up high in the sky (and you are only secured by some huges straps – harness to keep you hanging..hehe) is really different.  =)


Preparing our Jet-Ski and I was preparing myself with life-jacket with “M”.

Sign the indeminty form and jet-ski, here we come!  Didn’t take much picture cos my camera is not water-proof la…. =)

Next on the agenda, parasailing!

The boat that is used for parasailing

Preparing the big “umbrella” haha

Putting on the safety harness

Terry getting ready for his “fly”

My turn to get ready

3.  Keep your Atkins/South Beach Diet or even your personal nutrionist away!

Yes, by that I meant go on and enjoy the food there!  Nothing completes a holiday without having the local food !  Below are the foods that I lurveeee….  =)

Apart from Molly Malone’s Patong and Restaurant Number 5 (click for my previous post on these two makan-place), there are other foods to indulge in.   Oh and those Munchies from Phuket…. Let the pictures do all the talking!!

They cart the food – think is something like rojak-style

Fried Chicken that they called “hen”.

Cool Ice Cream Stall.  You can choose what to add on (i.e. Jelly Grass, Peanuts, etc)

Restaurant Number 6 : Glass Noodle with Seafood

Restaurant Number 6 : Fried Pork *this is good*

Restaurant Number 6 : Tom Yam with Chicken

Restaurant Number 6 : Fried Pad Thai *this is must too*

Restaurant Number 6 : Chicken Green Curry *slight different from ours*

Fruits!!! Must try their sweet mango

Desserts we bought from a lady at Restaurant Number 5 (she walks around with a trolley with all type of Thai desserts)…

4.  Drink-up to your heart’s content

Seriously speaking? I drank beer most of the time, be it lunch, dinner, tea beer time…. Its cheap! Try Singha, Chang, Kilkenny, whatever you name it!  Drink up to Phuket!  =)

5.  Thai Massage?  A-must-must!

Whoever tells me that they don’t ever give Thai massage a try whenever they are in Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, etc etc), can just *bla* off! hahaha…. Ok, seriously, I mean like seriously, Thai massage is good, can?  So whenever you are in Thailand, please do give Thai massage a try, and you can find it easily by the street and its cheap!  We even try the face massage!

6.  Bargain, Shop, Bargain, Shop, Bargain….

You gotta shop for the local stuff in Phuket.  Their “statement” Tees are cheap.  Buy it from this shop where you don’t need to bargain.  Its all 100 baht per T shirt and some beach dresses retail for only 150 baht….  (but note that this particular shop only open at 6pm -9pm).  Don’t bother bargaining at those shop nearer to the beach (to be more precise, facing the beach) cos they only target the foreigners and they don’t give a damn to the price that you offer.  For a simple one, will you buy a guy beach pants (immitations like billabong) for 800baht?  No thanks lor…. anyway, check out some stuff from the pictures…  =)

7. Transportation – Travel Smart!

When I talk about transportation here, I’m refering to the taxi at the airports.  Cos we do walking most of the time in Phuket.  Like that, only can explore more ma! Unless you got some place to go, you can rent bikes easily.  =) Tuk-tuk there is quite “pa-pai”.  They charge quite expensive considering the distance that you wanna go.  So we do the walking instead!  =)

Ok back to the taxi thingy.  When you get off the plane, obviously you need a taxi to bring you to your hotel.  It takes approx 45 minutes from the airport to reach Patong beach, so I actually thought I travel-smart lar… Cos I went to buy the “taxi-coupon” at the airport counter, and still thinking i’m very smart lar! *damn embarassed*.  Halfway through the journey, the taxi fella stop at this row of shoplots.  Then he say “wait a while, few minutes only”.  Then as he walk in to this corner shop, a lady walk out, walk towards the taxi, open the door and start to ask which hotel we heading to, how many days we’ll be there, then continue to explain that they are a travel agent (or something like that la) semi-owned by the govt and continue to introduce some package (island hopping etc).  We politely decline and the taxi driver came by then drove away lor.  As a matter of fact, it only takes a few minutes for such things to take place but I don’t feel comfortable lor. Will you?  So next time, if u heading to Phuket, get the meter-cab and its cheaper that way too.  =)

The Camry-cab

8.  Take loads of pictures.  You won’t regret.


The Beach-view

Drunken people crossing?


Tsunami Evacuation Centre

Tipsy Prawn?

Bangla Boxing Stadium

Ship @ Jungleceylon Shopping Mall

One of the many nigh disco @ Bangla Road

The Police actually say its OK to DRIVE FAST, just need to be careful, how cool is that?

I think this shirt is cool!!!! And how cool is the fella’s pose wei!

And last but not least, even the bear tells you to drink up and chill out with a beer in Phuket!!!

That’s all from my Phuket trip.  I’ll be uploading the pictures for my Phuket trip soon enough ya.

Life’s a beach!!!

Till then *lotsa hugs*

From my previous post on the BRAND’s Sudoku competition, you would have known that I was down in Singapore.  As much as I wanted to rush for my lil-beach trip, I have to forgo it for a day and make the best out of my trip down in Singapore.

Instead of driving down, or taking the luxury bus (i.e. Aeroline, AirBus, Transtar)down to Singapore, I flew down to Singapore.  Ever since the Malaysia-Singapore route (via Air) was no longer monopolise by SIA and MAS, both Malaysians and Singaporeans alike is able to travel by air more often to Singapore (less the hefty cost!).  So guess which airline I flew with?  Ok, some hint hint….



Still can’t guess? 


Kekkeke….. I flew with Tiger Airways despite hearing loads of rumours bout them.  =P  Cos they are the cheapest!!! Yes, i tried on all websites from AirAsia, Tiger Airways and Jetstar and Tiger Airways still come up as the cheapest among all.



Check this out.  Tiger Airways do not provide cover (above the head la) when boarding the plane.  But like the saying goes, “you pay peanuts you get monkeys”?  Oh well, no complaint except for the scorching sun.



On board the plane I actually couldn’t resist purchasing the cup noodle and also wine-in-a-can!!….  Just can’t stop eating…. tsk tsk… 

Suprisingly the Myojo Tom Yam Cup Noodle is superb.  Really, taste no less like any instant noodles, they even have prawns, crab-sticks cubes and other stuff!  What more can you ask right.  Then, the difference between Tiger Airways and AirAsia is that Tiger Airways serve alcohol on board.  Me – not complaining!  Bought this wine-in-a-can known as Barokes.






Flight was only approximate 45 minutes I think.  Was delayed a bit (which budget airline doesn’t??).  Upon arrival at the Singapore Budget Terminal (yes, Singapore have their own budget terminal!!).  Operation wise pretty much the same, you gotta walk out the plane, then to the Immigration Clearance and then to Baggage Clearance.  I was pretty impressed (as compared to Malaysia’s very own LCCT la) with SBT because of the wide floor area, the interiors are bright and the place is squeaky clean.  Not forgetting that even their websites differs.  SBT’s website portray a brighter colour and navigation around the website is quite user friendly as compared to the dull-looking website of LCCT.


The Huge area in front of the arrival hall and seats available toO!




After checking out, we were trying to decide the best transport to take to get to our hotel in Chinatown.  The alternatives includes:-

  1. City Train (MRT) – This is the cheapest way to get to town.  The MRT is not immediately available ofr boarding anywhere near the Budget Terminal.  One must take the free shuttle bus from the Budget Terminal to the main Terminal T2 (which is pretty nearby).  The cost to get to my hotel in Chinatown from Changi Airport is only SGD1.80 and takes approximately 35 minutes.  *But I didn’t take the train as I arrived the airport at approximately 545pm on a weekday.  Don’t get what I mean?  Peak period la…  How to get to the full-house-train with my luggage le…? Hahha…. So to the next alternative.
  2. Taxi – The standard fare starts from SGD3 and SGD5 (for Friday – Sunday) and the taxi fare will depends on the distance from the airport to the destination.  As advised by the friendly receptionist right outside the arrival hall, she mention that it will cost approximately SGD28-SGD35 as the cab is based on meter and during that time, traffic will be heavy.  So we were thinking if its SGD30 on the average la…. I might as well take the limousine! Hahah…
  3. Limousine – If you want to arrive in style to anywhere from the airport, get the limousine service! hAHA…. It will cost SGD45 for a one way trip and you get to sit in luxurious cars like Mercedes.  Mind you, the limousine service is not like Malaysia ok…. not Waja, not Wira…!
  4. Airport Shuttle Service – I love this.  You only need to pay SGD9 per person and you get to sit in a 9-seater executive coach right to your hotel doorstep!  It serves almost all hotel except for Sentosa and Changi Village.  The only setback is that if your hotel happens to be the furthest then you gotta wait for everyone to reach their hotel first.  But I got no complaint because its the cheapest way to get the view of Singapore without walking around!  Our driver even use the microphone to inform us about the surroundings!  Talk about value add!


A peek inside the 9-seater Executive Coach


After the scenic moment (from the FI Grand stand, Singapore Eye, the durian, flashy cars in Ritze Carlton,etc), finally we got to our hotel in Keong Saik Hotel in Chinatown.  Its not a fancy hotel, a bit old but its one of the cheapest!  =)  We won’t be staying long in the hotel, so there’s no point staying in a funky hotel that doesn’t exactly comes with a cheap price tag (mind you, SGD exchange rate with RM is like 2.4 ok).  Book the Standard Room at SGD100 nett but got upgraded to a Superior room.  =) Its situated right opposite Hotel 1929 (but the price differs like a bomb ok…).


Keong Saik Hotel @ Chinatown




This trip actually make me feel so “chinese-feel”!! Check out some Chinatown pictures below.  I will put up a separte blog about the foods in Singapore.  🙂


Chinatown @ Daytime

Chinatown @ Night Time




Some Other Random Pictures

Check out this two sweet girls


 Get a big bottled Tiger beer for SGD7


Chinatown Complex


Rain, rain go away…

Massage Anyone?




Singapore food in my next blog!


Hugs, blur-devil

Something that you might not know about me.  I am a Sarawakian and can you imagine I wasn’t really aware of this fact, up to about a year ago when I went for my Miri business trip.  Ever since I changed my job in December 2006, I manage to make multiple trips down to East Malaysia (for business of course..hehe).  And this time round, I went all the way to Sibu and since my appointment was on Friday, I took the chance to extend my trip over the weekend.


I took AirAsia this time round because the flight schedule is more flexible or shall I say that the flight schedule for AirAsia can suits my timing better.  As compared to MAS, direct flight from KL-Sibu is pretty limited and most of it, I need to go through transit and not a direct flight.  Oh well, I think AirAsia (especially for domestic flight) is pretty fine to me.  🙂


For this trip, I stayed in this hotel known as RH Hotel (by the Rimbunan Hijau Group) and seriously I was impressed by the interior and the quality hotel despite it being in a small town. 


Hotel’s Entrance (Front View)


The piano at the main entrance


The cosy waiting area at the lobby


And the Lobby Reception Counter


My double deluxe room (look comfy eh…)


Toilet (what else)  =)




The coffee-tea making facilities


The view from my room (can you guys see the “Teh C Peng” river? )



And the best view (according to me la) is the RH Hotel’s swimming pool!


Oh and forgotten to mention that if you don’t know your way to RH Hotel, just ask where is the tallest building in Sibu and you won’t miss the hotel.  The building is known as Wisma Sanyan and the hotel has a direct link to the building.  🙂


My mission to Sibu (apart from business) is to try out the different food available in Sibu cos I don’t think there’s much tourist places to go in Sibu and at the same time its not that convenient for me to move around in Sibu by leg.  🙂


First of all, I had what the locals known as Kampua mee.  To me, its almost equivalent to what we usually eat in KL known as wantan mee.  The taste is not exactly the same, and i’ve tried 3 different Kampua and the texture of the mee varies.  And the most funny bit for me is that, the chilli they serve together with the mee is chilli sauce style *scratch head*.  Seriously I’m not used to it.



Then I also tried what the locals known as Kom Pia (should be correct spelling I think).  This is actually a FooChow delicacy made with flour, baked ans serve either dry or wet, with or without meat.  After I walk over town (at least most part of it), I can only find the simple version, which is the dry version without meat.  I failed in looking for the other version of Kom Pia.  😦



Another dish that you can’t really find in Peninsula Malaysia is this particular vegetable known as Midin.  Its similar to “paku-pakis” style.  I only remember eating once in Kampung Subang but other than that you can’t find this dish in Peninsula Malaysia.  But this vege is common in Sarawak (I had this dish in Miri too).  Its is usually cooked with Chinese Red Wine.



The next delicacy is also only found in East Malaysia known as Ding Biang Hu.  This is a special dish that is actually make out of grinded rice.  It is further served in soup style – ala porridge style with ingredients like fishball, fungus, etc.   The rice-paste is of smooth texture and the broth is good. This is a must try when you are in Sibu!  Oh, and remember to put in pepper (Sibu is also famous for its black pepper).  I love this…. (hehhe)




Had Crab cooked with black pepper.  The black pepper did not overpowered the taste of the dish which is good as I’ve eaten black pepper crab that taste like …well…. black pepper and trust me I might as well eat the black pepper by itself!  (haha).



Last but not least, if you happen to be in Sibu, you must also try this drink.  Its known as Teh C Peng special.  The moment the drink arrive, you can see three colours in the glass.  The bottom layer is green colour. Taste like a sweetener of some kind, it just taste familiar but I can’t decide what is it.  I’m suspecting Wheat Grass?  Then the middle layer is the milk and the third layer, the Teh Peng of course.  🙂



These are the foods that I found interesting when I was Sibu.  I actually had more than the above but these are worth recommending compare to the rest.  🙂


And yeah, even though I might not like the slow lifestyle there, even though I was lost in the majority-Foochow-speaking town, I totally fell in love with the sky there!  Post one temple picture (with nice sky) from Kanowit to end this post… 🙂



Till then.  *hugs*

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be travelling this year round.  With the Air Asia Big Sale and the Malaysian Airline Travel Fair, you are spoilt for choices!



What you waiting for?  Go book your ticket now!



Are we……?  Are we there….?  Are we there yet? 

May Lee manage to get us a FreeEeeeee ticket to Macau via AirAsia last January during the promotional period.  We only pay for the admin charges and relevant taxes and surcharge. Yipee!!!

LCCT @ 4am in the morning.

 HK/Macau, here the devil comes!!!

 We touch down in Macau (early morning), hop on to a mini bus from the airport to the Macau Ferry Terminal.  Then proceed to purchase First Ferry ticket to Kowloon. 

@ Macau Ferry Terminal purchasing the ticket to HK


In First Ferry (I had terrible sea sick)

The weather was quite hazy and dusty when we got to Hong Kong (even in Macau, but not as bad).  Check out the pics…

Manage to check in to our hotel in Nathan Road.  Didn’t proceed with our initial plan to The Peak as the weather wasn’t that great.  So we just spend our time walking around Tsim Sha Tsui area up to Mongkok where the famous Ladies Market was situated.

Some pictures….

Louis Vuitton in Tsim Sha Tsui.


@ Star Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui



In front of Harbour City where an organised protest was staged.





@ Langham Place with its Xpresscalators




The unique signboard with Mr Shit pee-peeing (Outside Langham Place)


Ladies Market and its other surrounding place




And some food pics…










Well, that’s about it for HK trip Day 01…. Will be updating soon on the rest of my trip ya…

Stay put….



blur devil.