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OMG! I Can’t Wait…

Posted: February 21, 2008 in Devil Ramblings

 America's Next Top Model

Yes, the America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10 will be on air starting today.  I just can’t wait…


I realise that this time round there is some slight variations which includes:-

  • The show has since moved back to New York (from LA)
  • 14 contestants instead of 13
  • Paulina Porizkova will be replacing Twiggy in the judging panel.


I hope ANTM Cycle 10 will be better than ANTM Cycle 9.  Can’t wait… (hehe)



Not All Winners Have It All

Posted: January 1, 2008 in Devil Ramblings

My holidays are all about sleeping and doing non-productive stuff (which means no matter what the devil does, it won’t affect the world/economy at all). Haha.. =P

Well, well, well, I did manage to finish my favourite TV show, “ANTM” or widely known as America’s Next Top Model.  The latest season is known as “Cycle 9 : The Future of Fashion”.  

All these while, I’ve been loyal to tune in to Astro every Monday night whenever ANTM is aired.  But i just couldn’t wait any longer, cos Astro usually bring in the show a bit later and the thing is, the show is just a click away from your computer.  =P

The winner was announced as Saleisha Stowers, 21 from LA, California.  Being a winner, she won a contract by Elite Model Management, A USD$100,000 contract with Cover Girl coupled with a cover page and a 6-page spread with Seventeen magazine.

But in my opinion, she doesn’t deserve to win.  Apart from having the so-called scandal of “modelling-experience” thingy, I don’t think in terms of weekly qualification, her picture doesn’t do the winning a justice.  At least not to the other winners and i really think this is the worst judgement ever in ANTM. But well, then the judges will be telling you, they got the experience and the “eye” to see who will make it big.  Its just a matter of perspective ain’t it.  Just check out her portfolio and you can have your say….

I think the winner should have been Heather Kuzmich, 21 from Valparaiso, Indiana.  I think she is cool although she is diagnosed with the Asperger Syndrome.  I think she didn’t get a fair judgement cos during the first few shot, she was doing a very good job in all her pictures until it came to the few shots (before she was eliminated) that the judges commented that she is deteriorating.  I was like WTF?  “Other contestants” can do “ok-ok only” performance in their first few pictures but were given a chance to prove themselves that they can improve??? Its like not fair right?

Anyway, i’m thinking like Heather should win and her performance are cool vis-a-vis Saleisha…. Not all winners have it all….

Check out the following videos that I found in youtube on Heather’s picture.

Heather in ANTM

Heather portfolio in ANTM

You go Heather!

*hugs from blur-devil*