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Tullamarine Airport will be the main airport that you will land in, if you are flying in from other countries/state into Melbourne.  Let’s just called it Melbourne Airport.  =) But of course, please double check on which airport you will be flying in, cos there’s is another airport known as Avalon Airport, which is the second busiest airport serving Melbourne.  🙂

From the airport to the city (CBD,etc) or other suburbs, there’s a few ways to get to your destination.  If you are Renting Car in Melbourne, you might want to arrange to pick up your car straight from the airport.  There’s six car rental companies that has their booth in the airport (Avis, Budgetcar, Europcar, Hertz, Thrifty and Redspot).  But remember on their opening time.  I remember none of them operate 24-hours, hence if your flight arrive during odd hours, you might need to forgo this option.  🙂

The next option, will be pretty simple, to just grab a Taxi but this easy option will also be the most costly option.  🙂  The taxi fare (one-way) might cost you approximately AUD80 or more and that will also depend on the time that you travel.  To get a better approximate on the taxi cost, use the taxi fare estimator here, or world taxi meter fare calculator.

If you are going to a very specific area (i.e. Ballarat, Dandenong, etc), the best way is to use the Public Bus.  More information at the Melbourne Airport website here. 🙂

Else, if you are just like me, you can just take the Skybus service.  I think is the best way cos, they operate 24/7, they depart every 10 minutes (means no rushing to the gate cos you might need to wait another hour for the next bus), convenient and affordable.  🙂 The price one way for Adult is AUD16 but we purchase the return ticket which cost us AUD26 per ticket, hence AUD6 cheaper (return per adult).  =)  Skybus will stop you at Southern Cross Station and they do provide hotel transfer (please check the website here for the list of hotels that they provide free service – limited time)

Return ticket



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Hope this help and hopefully more pictures post ya! 🙂

Many have heard of the award winning restaurant Becasse (for fine dining), but we decided to drop by the sister restaurant just next to it for lunch known as Plan B by Becasse



Yes, I know.  Its been a while.  LOL I still haven’t finish going through all of my Aussie pics, so be patient with me ya! =)

You know when people talk about Australia, most people will think about Food & WINE! Yes, wine!  And as if, you need anymore further introduction, most people will either go to Yarra Valley or Huntery Valley.  Yarra Valley is in the Victoria region (where Melbourne is) and Hunter Valley is in the NSW region (where Sydney is).

On my trip, we took a day trip to Yarra Valley.  My advice is, print out this map, and then choose the wineries you want to go, then plan your trip from there.  Most wineries close around 4/5pm, so its better that you plan your trip earlier! 🙂  As for me, we went to 2 wineries, started our journey in the morning, took a slow and easy one hour drive to Yarra Valley area, make our first stop at Yering Station, had lunch at Sweet Water Cafe, and drop by Domaine Chandon wineries and head back to Melbourne.  Most people will do about 3 wineries stop, but really, it depends on your preference. You can even opt to stay overnight at Yarra Valley region and do more!  Information on the wineries after the pictures  =P  Oh and btw, bring a GPS, it will be so much easier to navigate and Australia map on Garmin is pretty accurate (not like Malaysia!).  And if you are not that adventurous, you can join any of the day tour with any of the tour group.  =)

Just arrive at our first stop 🙂

You can choose to follow one of the tour group.  🙂

Yering Station


In the month of August alone, I have travel a total of 1,954+584+6,360 = 8,898km by plane. Hehe.

Blogging from my phone in Melbourne cos I got some time while someone is sleeping and while u still got Internet connection! Meantime enjoy the week ahead while I sweet talk my sinus to go to sleep so I can enjoy mine too! 😉