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Ryoshi is yet another restaurant name which appears in my itinerary for my Bali trip.  Trust me, I haven’t even finish like 20% of my list.  So I hope I’m going back to Bali one day to try out other restaurants!!!  =)

Ryoshi Japanese restaurant is a simple Japanese restaurant.  Service was alright.  I know that its pack during dinner so we came slightly after lunch time, hence the crowd was still well manageable.  :)

Outdoor Sitting Area

Looks traditional, right?  :P

The Sushi Bar

Dining Area :)

Chawan Mushi ~ 16,000 Rp (RM5.50).  I think the chawan mushi is a lil too dry for my liking.  I think it would be nicer if they mix the mushroom, prawn etc inside the egg custard.

Unagi Maki ~ 30,000 Rp (RM10.20).  I love the rice!  And the unagi is fresh.

Sashimi Hibiscus ~ 41,000 Rp (RM14).  I don’t take Sashimi but my friend mentioned that its nice, and its not serve icy cold, at the right temperature and most importantly, fresh!

Shiro ~ 10,000 Rp (RM3.40). Skewers of Butter Fish grilled with yakitori sauce

Mixed Tempura ~ 46,000 Rp (RM15.70).  Deep fried Mixed vegetable and seafood in tempura batter

Tsukune Mushroom ~ 15,000 Rp (RM5.10). Skewers of mushroom stuffed with minced chicken.  I don’t really like this one.  Got some funny after taste.  But then again, i’m very picky when it comes to food. bwahha

Unagi ~ 27,000 Rp (RM9.20).  If you love unagi, you should really try the one in Ryoshi.  Its fresh, soft, and juicy!

Oh, and fat too!  Look, its big alright.  you don’t get such decent portion in KL (for the price i’m paying la)

If you like Japanese food, you should drop by Ryoshi.  But if you are used to eating some funky Japanese food (i.e. some creative mix of sushi maki/roll etc), then I reckon this is not the place for you.  They serve simple, yet nice Japanese food.  Its like back to basic!

Ryoshi Japanese Restaurant

Directions: You won’t miss Ryoshi.  Its situated at the Seminyak main road (Jl Raya Seminyak), same row as Bintang Supermarket.

Website: Click

“must go Ku De Ta”, “must go Ku De Ta”!

This is like the first statement whenever I ask someone, “eh what is nice in Bali”.  Like I got the feedback from different group of friends.  And I’m wondering, its just a restaurant, right?

I almost miss this place and seriously, its worth the trip down to Ku De Ta.  We walk all the way from our villa.  Probably 15 minutes walk or so.  We were suppose to catch the sunset here but due to some reasons, we miss it and we make it to Ku De Ta for wine after dinner.

Nice carving on the wall!

The fountain that greeted us at the main entrance (as in after you pass all the security guards)

Nice right? The lighting and the fountain

They even have their own boutique!

Even the tree is like a character of its own (with the lights)

Nice chair (everything is nice la!)

Sorry, the picture is a bit blur, cos i’m trying to show the ambience.  All tables with candles and its very romantic la.  Most ppl come here for cocktail.  Dinner area is brighter

Cos the day bed is full.  Day bed is like directly facing the beach.  They even put spotlight towards the beach, so you can see the waves at night.  Trust me, really romantic la. hahah

The waves at night.  :)

And I couldn’t stop taking pictures. hahaha damn disturb la. cos ppl go there, then whispers word of love, and i just keep on taking pictures.  hahah

So, in short, if you want to chill out…..

and have cocktails or wine

Ku De Ta is definitely the place to be.  Really!  In comparison, Ku De Ta’s wine list is not the cheapest in town, but seriously, its worth it.  I love it and the next time I’m back, I’ll make sure I catch the sunset in Ku De Ta!

Website: Click


Ultimo Italian Restaurant is also one of the “it” restaurant situated at the Eat Street in Seminyak.  Chances are you wouldn’t miss this restaurant.  So far, I’ve seen the place pretty pack (and by that, i really mean pack!).  We were lucky that we got a table as I’ve forgotten to make a reservation.  But part of the reason that we got a table is because we were early.  :)

The restaurant ambience, interior and service deserves double thumbs up from me.  I really love the restaurant setting.  Most tables (outdoor) is accompanied by the romantic-mini-candle.

Inside the restaurant.  Cool, no?

Outdoor Settings

Same as other Italian restaurant, we were serve with a basket of bread and vinegar.

But they serve additional butter which is green in colour.  I’m guessing its Green Tea Butter, like the one serve in Prime, Le Meridien in KL.

I love Aglio Olio, so I ordered a plate of Spaghetti Aglio Olio as my First Course.  I tell you, this spaghetti, you really have to try.  As what Aglio Olio should be, this is the one that have the strongest garlic taste, the way it should be!  Really nice.  And the best part is, this Aglio Olio do not have any additional ingredients (i.e. Meat, Hams, Prawn,etc) and it just tasted fine on its own.  Just with hot chilli and garlic.  For 23,000 Rp (RM8), this is really one dish that I will come back for.  Hahah I know I’m just repeating myself, but I like it. tee hee  :P

Then for the Second Course, I ordered Bristecca Di Tonno Alla Genovese ~ 43,000 Rp (RM15).   Haha COnfusing le.  Its actually 100g Tuna Steak serve with fresh tomato and white wine sauce.  Something different I would say.  You don’t usually get Tuna Steak in KL, and this is something worth trying for.  But if you don’t like your fish to be a bit harder than your normal fish, then don’t order.  Its meant to be steak, so I’m pretty fine with this dish.  :)

Friend ordered the Filletto Al Marsala ~41,000 Rp (Rm14).  Its a 250gr Tenderloin Steak served with sauteed mushroom with Rich Marsala Wine Sauce.  Juicy & tender!

Then for dessert, we ordered Tiramisu (what else right?).  This is also the way TIramisu should be.  The coffee liqeur is in every bite you take! 32,000 Rp (RM11)

Happy with our meal!

Rumours is actually brought to you by the same people who operates Rumours. And I must say, if you really ask me to choose between this two, I really can’t.  But note that both have pretty different crowd.  Rumours has a more casual crowd I would say.  :)  So do drop by if you are in Bali, I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.  I’m missing the Aglio Olio now.  Hahah :)

Ultimo Italian Restaurant

Jl Laksamana 104X Oberoi-Seminyak

Website: Click

Often not, if you are doing some research about Bali, you’ll come across recommendation to dine at Made’s Warung.  If you are shopping around Kuta area (street shopping), chances are you’ll bump into this eatery.  Its situated same row as Starbucks in Kuta, but its before starbucks (starbucks is on your right).  We pass by one evening, and it was pack, and when I say pack, I mean the queue is up to the street.

The next day, while we were spending some minimal time in Kuta, I saw Made’s Warung was not pack.  Plenty of tables for you to choose from.  Unfortunately, when we walk in, the waitress don’t allow us to choose the tables.  We wanted to take the seats upstairs and they saw the tables are only meant for big group (there’s like 4 of us).  Not too happy bout it, we walk down and got another table.

The deco was pretty simple, nothing fancy with lots of pictures in frames and hung on the wall.

The stairs leading to the 2nd level

Banana Honey Fruit Juice ~ 15,000 Rp (RM5.10)

Nasi Campur Special ~ 55,000 Rp (RM18.70).  Taste pretty alright.  I like the serunding (floss). :)

Half Nasi Campur, Half Gado Gado ~ 35,000 Rp (RM11.90)

SAte Lilit (Chicken) ~30,000 Rp (RM10.20).  The black sauce tasted like Teriyaki sauce but I’m not too sure what sauce they use to grill this.  :P

In general, the food is ok.  But I think the service really sucks.  I don’t even remember that they gave a smile.  To sum it up, they are NOT friendly at all.  And mind you, when we went, the tables weren’t even full.  Some ppl argue because they are very busy and we should be happy that we got to eat at such a wonderful place.  Service is one thing that can differentiate A restaurant from B restaurant.  But then again, I think they don’t think they need that, don’t they.

*till then, blurdevil*

Bali is ♥ : Tanah Lot

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Tanah Lot is another famous temple in Bali.  I read somewhere in the internet that Tanah Lot also means Land in the middle of the sea.  The temple is built on the rocks formation.  I remember the entrance fees is around 10,000 Rp (RM3.40).  I’m not too sure about the parking fees cos our driver include parking fees in the daily charge.  :)

We got there during sunset time, so grab a picture before the egg yolk is gone! hahah

Initially we thought that this is the main temple, but its not la. :P

Its actually quite a small “lane”, so be careful, else you’ll fall off the cliff. hehe

Then we went to the other side, to get a better view.  Mind you, the steps are not tourist-friendly.  hahah and its pretty muddy.  But I guess the pictures taken from afar is quite nice.

Nice view.  =)

the not-so-user-friendly-steps

Flowers arrangement on the common field

THere’s an opening.entrance, but you can’t get down. :P

The Main temple area…

Check out the waves.

Then I saw a local boy enjoying his grill jagung.  He looks confused

Then his father talk to him in local malay, and he automatically post for me and that’s the sister. Cute right. hehe

*hugs, blurdevil*