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I always think that the best thing about Asia is that you will never go hungry at any time.  Malaysians eat till wee hours in the morning with 24-hour mamak stalls ever-ready to serve them all sorts of roti canai, nasi lemak, mee goreng, the maggi mee faze, etc etc.


Same goes for Singapore.  I didn’t realise there’s so many choices of food that I was spoilt for choices.  Without further “bla bla bla”, let me introduce to you what I had when I was in Singapore.  Prepare your tissues/towels/etc to stop your saliva from drooling! *devil smirk*


  • Singapore Hokkien Prawn Noodle (aka Hokkien Mee) @ Chinatown Complex Food Court
    • As compare to the soup-based Prawn Noodle serve in Penang, the Hokkien Prawn Noodle serve ala Singapore is actually fried and no soya sauce is added during the frying process.  🙂  This only cost SGD3.50
    • Serve with prawns, slices of fish cakes, sambal and lime.




  • Singapore Dry Fishball Noodles @ Chinatown Complex Food Court
    • This dry mee is serve dry, tossed with some sesame oil, chilli and serve with plenty of fishball, fish cake and minced pork.  Plenty of stalls around with price range from SGD2.50 – SGD3.50.
    • The fishball is bouncy and smooth to perfect the dish.  Guess what.. They serve it with pork lard….. *evil*




  • Longan Ice with GrassJelly @ Chinatown Complex Food Court
    • Anybody who has sweet tooth will love this dessert!  Cost only SGD1.50 plentiful of longan and one big slab of grassjelly and eat to your heart content.  Need I say more??




  • Drown yourself with Tiger Beer in Singapore.  I had mine for SGD7 for a big bottle.  Walk around and you can spot big bottled beer costing from SGD6-SGD7. 




  • Cool myself down with ice-cream serve with crispy waffle!
    • Varierty of flavours to choose from chocolate, sweet corn, mango and even durian!






  • Kueh Chap @ Chinatown Complex Food Court
    • Trust me, you hardly get this dish in KL.  I still can’t find it.  I have cravings for kueh chap every now and then and this is one of the must-eat dish if you are in singapore (or probably nearer, you can get it in Johore).
    • Its serve with this thicker rice noodle (almost similar like koay teow) serve in black not-overpowering-herbal soup.  This dish comes with all sorts of pork internal organs (includes intestines, tongue, skin, lean meat, etc etc), tauhu and hard boiled egg. 
    • Don’t like internal organs but still want to try?  No fret!  Just ask the boss to give you the lean meat, eggs, and tauhu.  Must try must try!




  • Singapore Food Festival 2008 (Chinise Dialect Food Showcase) – CANTONESE 
    • The Cantonese stall serve a few dishes and I tried the Salted Egg Spring Roll.  Fried to golden perfection, the minced meat content is juicy but crispy on the outside.  Being a salted egg lover, the salted egg in the spring roll is just a plus point for me!!






  • Singapore Food Festival 2008 (Chinise Dialect Food Showcase) – Hokkien
    • By right, I’m actually a Hokkien but sometimes I can’t differentiate which cuisine is which.. hehhe… This braised meat (a lot of fats involved!!) and serve together with pillow-soft white bun…. Used to eat this in my hometown but that was ages ago… hahaha…





  • My cousins (Lemon and Leo) brought me to this China restaurant (in Chinatown too) and the food is good.  I don’t know the name cos its written in Mandarin characters (but I got the picture of the signage) and there’s a lot of ppl in there.
    • We had fried vegetable, some white jelly-feel thingy (but my cousin say its pork), Szechuan Vege and Pork Soup, various grilled stuff (bun, pork, lamb, beef – check out the herbs on the grilled stuff), cereal prawn, Ku Lu Yok serve with plenty of peanuts and pork dumplings.













  • And last but not least, Ah Balling Peanut Soup in Chinatown Food Street.
    • This dessert is similar to “tang yuan”.  Instead of serving with sugar syrup, this one is serve with peanut soup.  There are a lot variations of flavour that you can choose inside the glutinous rice ball.  But because we were late, they only left the peanut filled glutinous rice ball.






As much as I love Malaysia’s wide array of food, but I always believe the foods elsewhere is not that bad either and its only waiting for us to be discovered.  🙂  No regrets going down to Singapore…..


*burp*  *excuse-me*