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It feels like Christmas and New Year was so like yesterday.  And now I’m already back in the place I grew up, waiting for reunion dinner.  =)  Everything seems like changing here.  Even the house next door has been demolished and converted into a shop office work in progress.  I believe changes are for the better.  =D


Don’t think the economy going to be a “Niu” year but nevertheless wishing my readers and everyone a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year. 


Cupcakes that I ordered from Su @ Delectable.  Thanks Su for making such a wonderful cupcakes for me.


CNY Boy + Girl


Lion Dance – Sorry, was rushing hence didn’t took at the right angle


And not forgetting our Main Character – The OX!


Happy CNY!!!



This is the time of the year again. I’m back in my hometown, fondly known as the small but busy town known as Muar. As a annual tradition since ages ago (at least, since I was born) that our reunion dinner always end up with steamboat where everyone can indulge in a same meal at the same time. =P


Here, wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

*hugs from blur-devil*