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And guess what, i got the steel-box edition, and it actually cost double of his normal CD cost.


Track 2, 6, 7, 8, 11 is nice.  =)


*hugs, blur-devil*


Watch wall-e this week and I must say for a cartoon that barely use language as communication, wall-e totally won my heart.  *so sweet*  Sometimes ppl need to learn the basic instead of complicate things. =)


Must watch!  =)




After a long wait, my long waited excitement happens on one fine Saturday evening .  Yup, its the Jay Chou 2008 World Tour Concert in Malaysia. 

Although the concert is scheduled at 8pm, I was there at 540pm.  Got a good car park, avoid any major traffic heading to Stadium Merdeka and most importantly, no squeezing in between the queue (for those on the Rock Zone and free seating).





Although I seem to be early but the place was filled with people (well, mostly youngster) forming a long queue and crowds waiting.  There were a lot of tents set up by the sponsors which includes Munchy’s, Peel Fresh, OCBC Bank, Hotlink and others.


The crowd at 545pm




Munchy staff selling biscuits to the crowd



Hotlink Staff preparing Jay Chou’s Concert Poster for distribution



myFM staff giving out freebies (Q&A session)



Spotted some Jay Chou fans wearing Jay Chou World Tour tees



And me?  Drinking Peel Fresh while waiting for the gate to be opened..



And after waiting …waiting …waiting…

Finally its time to enter!



I think we damn kiasu lor….


We were there from, “not many people”, from “the day is still bright”




Until the “day turn dark”




 Everyone was excited and cheering for the concert to start.  Oh and not forgetting all the mosquitoes who is busy feasting on Jay’s fans blood while waiting for the performance to start (heheh)…




Finally at 8.15pm, the concert officially take off..





The starting  was quite good with Jay wearing an almost “warrior-like” costume.




Then Jay continue to sing a few songs with very few interaction with the crowd (which is quite normal being Jay) but subsequently he did “talk” to the crowd for a while before continue with his performance.




Jay with his signature performance, belting out songs with his piano skill. 


He even did a short performance from his movie “Secret”.



 And also a short performance on “Guzheng







Jay’s concert include performance with “Nan Quan Mama”



Almost towards the end of the concert, Jay only manage to “move” the crowd when everyone started standing up and cheering… Some even stand on the chair..  🙂




Overall, I think the concert was “ok-only”. Probably I put too high expectation on Jay this time around.  First of all, his voice wasn’t up to the standard.  Probably from his multiple performance, his voice was a bit off.  You can also realise that his stamina wasn’t really “there”.  Then I personally think he takes a bit too long during his wadrobe change.  While changing backstage, he did try to put the crowd’s attention to performance from the dancers and to one point of time, a short performance from “Nan Quan Mama” itself.  But seriously, I think he took too long to change.  But anyway, overall the concert was ok and he manage to sing most of his songs from his latest album, “On The Run”

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Jay…its just the performance.. so…  =P


In addition, the amount of fireworks on display was impressive.  They manage to jive the fireworks with Jay’s song, so it was all great.









By the way, I realise something during the concert.  I wonder how many of you guys who attend the concert realise that Jay gain significant weight.  Look at the pictures below and you judge for yourself… Jay’s double chin and lines from the neck was obvious…





What do you think?  Let me know if you guys happen to be there at the concert.  🙂


Till then…


*hugs from blur-devil*




Went to watch The Kingdom yesterday and in my opinion, this movie is one of a good show to watch.  This film is fictional starring Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner and other.  Story plot is pretty interesting.  I’m quite suprised and equally happy that Malaysia did not ban this movie. (haha)

And we have pretty much good movies in-store for December!  Eagerly waiting to watch these:-

  1. The Golden Compass
  2. Alvin & The Chipmunks ( I watch this when I was a kid!!!! Love their irritating high–pitch voices!!!)
  3. The Heartbreak Kid (starring Ben Stiller)
  4. I Am Legend (starring Will Smith)
  5. The Warlords (Chinese) – Who can resist the charm of Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jet Li!!
  6. National Treasure : Books of Secret (starring Nicholas Cage)
  7. Alien vs Predator : The Survival of the Fittest

Give me more give me more….. (tsk tsk…)