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Yeah.  I’m that slow! LOL.  I only manage to extract some pictures from my Singapore trip! LOL.  We went down (again) to Singapore to witness and experience F1 race in Singapore, not any F1 race, but F1 night race!  Overall, I seriously think Singapore did a very good job in hosting the F1 race.  Everything was quite well plan and most importantly, they manage to create a very good ambiance.  It almost felt like the whole country is on celebratory mood!  Well, the only turn off is the hotel price (again, what’s new), so apart from that, everything was great  =)  So let’s just head on to the pictures!  😛

Our day-tag

Bramen got tag too!

The view while walking to the entrance

Uniquely Singapore?  🙂

Check out the queue

and after all the security check, its time to head straight down to the Padang  ;P

got our Survival Kit for SGD2 (ear plug + poncho) and all proceeds will go to charity!  🙂

and one for the camera!  ;P

although the padang is a bit botak but the view is nice, no?

get your beer at one of the many temporary-bar

Free performance

maybe buy some merchandise?

Fountain at the park

I just find it funny when the mobile toilet colour match the crews uniform

Free caricature and tattoos!  but the queue is super long lor.

And some free performances just by the river

They are guys alright…. hahah 😀

Big purple boobs

As the day gets darker, we hurried to get a place  =)

Johnnie Walker

check out the crowd..

then everyone is just happy to take out their cameras, phone, just to take a picture

but all i got is like a gush of wind.  maybe i should change to a big-ass camera tee hee

oh, and the view behind our standing area was fantastic  😉

we change to another side and the crowd is like not really helping me to see…. cos i’m short.

but then i can get slightly clearer picture.  😛

random: while walking to the ladies in esplanade, spotted this on the ceiling

and we got Hoegaarden at 7atenine right outside Esplanade for the same price (SGD8) for what we paid earlier for Tiger!

and Bramen enjoys it too! 🙂

and that’s all.  🙂 hope you like the pics.  🙂


If you’re thinking of trying our hawker food, Singapore is one of the best place to be.  What I mean is plenty of different hawker stalls under one roof.  I always find it surprising that Singapore has plenty of hawker centres.  Seriously you don’t find as many hawker centers in KL. Maybe hawker stall, not hawker centres.

Makansutra Glutton Bays is not really on the top of my to-go hawker centers but they still make it to my itinerary because you practically kill two birds with one stone!  Why?  First, you get to eat the hawker food (not that bad, its ok, seriously) and secondly you get to enjoy the view of the waterfront!  Although a little pricier than the average hawker centre but i guess its worth it  =)

The tables were all taken up, but if you just scout around, wait a while, you;ll get your table in no time  😉

Chicken Wing

Roti Jala with Curry Chicken

Fried Kuey Teow (this is nice, I like this version, the black one, as compare to those red colour fried kuey teow)

And how can we forget the Prawn Mee (ala Singapore version).  I likey

Its pretty easy to get to Makansutra Glutton Bays.  If you’re taking a cab, just inform the cab driver that you’re going to Esplanade Mall and they’ll drop you at the taxi stand.  Makansutra Glutton Bays is just next to the taxi stand (not literally but you’ll see it).  Its the same if you were to take MRT, just take to City Hall and head towards Esplanade.  😉

Enjoy.  🙂

This is also another long overdue post.  LOL.  Told you I was busy!  =D

We went all the way down to Singapore to watch CATS performance.  So Singapore it is!

I tell you what I think is a bitch in Singapore.  Its the hotel choices.  OK la, maybe its because we are poorer? No, i am not so sure about which is which. LOL.  Seriously, you can’t really get a decent hotel for a decent price.  You just gotta compromise a bit here and there…. until….. I found out about Somerset’s 25th Annivesary package!  So this trip, its one of the best-est deal.  We got a 2 Bedroom Apartment in Somerset Orchard for a decent price!  🙂  And when I say decent-price, its about the whole package!  The hotel has every amenities that I wanted and you know what is the plus point about Somerset Orchard?  Its the location, baby!  Its like soOoo so Orchard Road!

The Hotel Entrance (not grand but I have no problemo!)  =P

This is the main room with attached bathroom.  The other second room is smaller but oh well.  =)

Comes with kitchen and everything (by that i mean wine glass, pots, knife etc etc)

They even have children’s indoor playground.  Oh, the laundry room (coin operated) is just next to it.

The swimming pool on the roof top!

And the rooftop with view of all the buildings

Oh, the breakfast is in the breakfast lounge.  Nothing really fantastic (but I’m thankful) and its small.

Then me, Mei Sim, Sara  rush to The Esplanade to catch CATS the musical!  All in all, it was a great experience, the whole team was so interactive with the audience.  There was even one part where they jump up to our box seat (our box seat is one level higher!) and they really act like real cats.  Even the tiniest gesture from cats (i.e. licking their paws, furs etc) they are able to do it every now and then!  I don’t know how to describe but you just gotta experience it yourself!  =) Oh and I cried while the song Memories was being performed, I just can’t control myself! I felt so embarassed and then when I realise that Sara also cried. Haha. *evil*

So excited!!! The “cat” on the right hand side is my favourite.  He quite hamsap one! Haha

The Power-GIrls.  =P Btw, we didn’t plan to wear black together, k?

The stage settings

The “cats” mingling around with the crowd during break time

See the cat right in front of us!  I love their butt!  =)

This is the best shot I can get cos cameras are supposedly not allowed.  And they specifically mention no flash photography.

And we got scolded for taking these two pictures (even though the show has ended ok?) HAhhaha…

After the performance, I persuade everyone to go have coffee chocolate at Max Brenner.  And glad that everyone is happy with Max Brenner  Hehehe..

This Max is bald.  =)

Care for a hug anyone?  Its called the Hug Mug.  Its actually Hot Chocolate served in Hug Mug =D

And introducing to you the sounded-a-bit-wrong-drink known as SUCKAO!  I just thought that it sounded like Hokkien mix English where the a-Beng will tell you, SUCK KAO KAO LA! Haha. Btw, I’m serious, this drink is really called SUCKAO

SUCKAO is actually Espresso to Chocolate. Which is a small dense and concentrated quantity of chocolate.  You are supposed to pour the milk onto the “mug” and then when its boiling, then throw in the cocoa beans and suck through the metal tube.  This is something different.  I don’t mind trying it again.  =)

Some other drinks which includes coffee! I love the mugs there, its cute!

Then we ordered the Belgian Waffle served with milk chocolate sauce, cherries and vanilla ice cream.  This is good but you gotta pay the price @SGD10.

The next dessert is Chocolate Souffle and for the price of SGD15, I reckon this doesn’t taste as good as the Belgian Waffle.  Even our own KL Hilton Senses Souffle is sooooo much nicer but then again KL Hilton’s souffle is pretty expensive.  =P

Mei Sim and Sara

Drink Me???? Hehe

Then we took a Limo Taxi back and check out the name card.  Pretty creative, no?

And some other random pictures from Singapore.  =) Enjoy.

I’m really in Singapore ok, just to prove the point. Haha

Cookies Museum that happens to be a cafe.  =)

Me @ Takashimaya Fountain

Enjoy the last picture.  See if you get what I’m thinking. Haha

Till then everyone.  Anyone wants to know about my Perhentian trip? Haha….

Love, blurdevil.