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On our recent trip to Hong Kong, we happen to be in the Ap Lei Chau area.  As usual, I will be looking for coffee fix for the day and that led us to The TREE’s Chill Out Cafe.


TREE cafe is actually situated right inside the flagship store of TREE boutique.  TREE boutique is Hong Kong’s first eco-chic furniture boutique.  TREE is known for creating sustainable yet comfortable home furnishing.  They reclaim, recycle wood and turn it into beautiful furniture.  🙂


TREE cafe counter


The ambience of TREE cafe is pretty much the same concept as its produced furniture, and some of the chairs/sofa/table in TREE cafe are actually up for sale too! 🙂


Look so comfy I wanna jump on it – but I will sure break it LOL

Chair For Sale =)

See the Wall at the end with the glass window? That’s where the Carpenter at work!

And here is my Cafe Latte, which were nice, but no Latte Art though. Love the mug 🙂

If you don’t fancy coffee, you can try fruit juice, tea or even bottled gassy drinks

Love the interior of the whole shop (boutique + cafe)

Nice Wall Art!


Address: 28 Floor, Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

Website: Click here

Note: If you are hungry, they serve sandwich, cakes, pies, salads and others 🙂




Updated : Please access my Flickr set under HK/Macau Trip 2007 for more pictures. 

Sorry for the late updates on my HK/Macau Trip.  Hence I compile all the places that I went from Day03 onwards including Macau. 

On the third day, we manage to find a place for Hong Kong Dim Sum at a restaurant in front of the Victoria Harbour.    Turnip Cake 


Steamed Glutinous Rice (equivalent to Loh Mai Gai in Malaysia)


Cheong Fan (Rice Noodle Roll)

Siu Mai

Har Gau

Salad Prawn

Egg Tart

Spring Roll


Spare Ribs


The view from the restaurant


Then we make our way to the The Peak.

  There’s a lot of different routes you can use to The Peak which includes:-

  • Directly via Cab to The Peak

  • Take MTR to Central Station and walk to the Peak Tram Station (More info Here)

  • Take Star Ferry and exit at Star Ferry Pier Central Terminal and take the Open-Air Bus to The Peak Tram station

 We opt for the 3rd option as it allows us to experience the Star Ferry, try the Open-Air Bus and to take the tram up (3 different mode of transportation to just one place!) The Star Ferry Terminal Tsim Tsa Tsui.

The ride only cost us HKD2.20 for the upper deck (the lower deck cost HKD1.70)






Then we reach the Star Ferry Central Pier Terminal and locate for bus No. 15C at the Bus Terminus right outside the Pier.  Most of the tourist will be sitting on the upper deck.     

When we reach to The Peak tram station, there were a lot of people queuing up for the ticket for The Tram! 

But but but luckily, we intend to visit the Madame Tussaud situated at The Peak, so we bought the combo ticket which include a entrance ticket to Madame Tussaud and a return ticket for The Tram (No queue, and it save us HKD 23 per person as compared if we were to buy the ticket separately).   And there’s no queue!  Voila.  =P

Can’t take much pictures in The Tram as it was tilted almost 45degree and a bit shaky too. Some pics. 

=D  EA shop at The Peak.   

Went to the Sky Terrace to take a view of Hong Kong.


Lil girl posing with Kelly Chen in front of the entrance to Madame Tussaud


Who is real who is not??  

More pictures   =O   

 For more pictures check out my Flickr, I will upload it as soon as I can!  =P 

Then we rush back to the Star Ferry Pier so that we can check out the Victoria Harbour – Symphony of Lights.  The night view is magnificent. 

Night View @ the Star Ferry Terminal

Star Ferry Night View. 

Victoria Harbour. I don’t know where these people came from but trust me, there’s really a lot of people that you barely got a nice spot to stand.   

On the fourth day of our trip, May Lee + Adrian went to Macau first.  I’m still not done with HK (haha).  Which I mean shopping… 

We had our breakfast of “Polo Bun” and  Fish Porridge Century Egg with Yau Cha Kwai  

Me checking out the MTR route to Times Square  

Then I got to Times Square in Causeway Bay but in my opinion, HK is not about shopping in the mall, its more about street shopping as I don’t find anything in Times Square…..except for….Krispy Kreme! 


Hong Kong is one of the nearest place we can get Krispy Kreme apart from the franchise in Indonesia.


Next day, we went to Macau via Turbo Jet. Turbo Jet is a much smoother ride than the one I first took from Macau to Hong Kong.  

Reach the ferry terminal and was happy to realize that there’s free shuttle to our hotel (FYI, all the major hotel have free shuttle from the ferry terminal).  After checking-in we went straight to Senando Square.

Look at how those floors were properly tiled. 



Even Milan Station is in Macau. 

Then we proceed to the Restaurante Escada.  And guess what, the restaurant is open by a Malaysian.  

Then went on to the St Paul ruins. As usual, beessss of people swarming the way.  =P


And then we went to buy some Almond biscuits (freshly baked)


We went for dinner near our place after our short rest in the hotel. 

Crab Porridge 

Fried La-la 

Broccoli with Pacific Clam  

After dinner, off to Venetian.  It’s a big hype in Macau.Venetian boast a total of 3,000 suites , 1.6million square feet of retail and of course the 550,000 square feet casino space (largest in the world).  

The interiors are super exaggerating. Check it out. 

And without saying, we were in the casino playing all night long and we were lucky enough to actually see Ronald Chen performing in the Casino.  =P If you were to ask me, I’m definitely going back for more HK/Macau air some other time!  (yeap, even with those bad experiences)


I was much much much more energetic during the 2nd day of our HK trip as I get plenty of my much-needed sleep (i’m so sleep deprived!) and also recover from my sea-sickness the day before.


 Then Then I start to get perasan again to cam-whore alone.

The rest look so “hiao” la.  So not going to put (haha).

Met up with Adrian and May Lee at the hotel lift and proceed for breakfast (*stomach grumbling ya know!*). 

Then start take pic on the way to breakfast.

We manage to settle down to a noodle house and this is what we ate.  And mind you, without much hesitation, everyone of us will order “tong lai-cha” (Iced Milk Tea).






Then off we-go to Disneyland Resort.  🙂


In the train eagerly waiting to see Mickey Mouse and friends.



It was consider a peak-period and the train was pack with …human (of course)


Was amazed by the effort they decorated the Disneyland Resort Line MTR.

The hand handle with Mickey Mouse logo.




Even the train’s glass panel was shaped into Mickey Mouse head.




And here we are at the Disneyland Resort.








“Deco” on the way  in to Disneyland (along the walkway)


Even the fencing was decorated with Mickey Mouse logo!


Deviloads of people!!!



Warning : Plenty pictures ahead of you.

Cute balloons but Stitch & Mickey Mouse is trapped!




Me kissing Eeyore-magnet in the souvenir shop (full of people in there)






Then I got so “tipsy” as the weather was freaking hot.  I got pissed off. (haha)

I bought a Mickey Mouse umbrella (yeah i’m vain..hahah)



Enjoy the rest of the pictures!





































And good bye Disneyland.  The sky cried (rain la…) when we left.  Hahaha



Stay tune next for the rest of the details (The Peak & Madame Tussaud)

(Yeah, I know its a long wait… Sorry..)





Are we……?  Are we there….?  Are we there yet? 

May Lee manage to get us a FreeEeeeee ticket to Macau via AirAsia last January during the promotional period.  We only pay for the admin charges and relevant taxes and surcharge. Yipee!!!

LCCT @ 4am in the morning.

 HK/Macau, here the devil comes!!!

 We touch down in Macau (early morning), hop on to a mini bus from the airport to the Macau Ferry Terminal.  Then proceed to purchase First Ferry ticket to Kowloon. 

@ Macau Ferry Terminal purchasing the ticket to HK


In First Ferry (I had terrible sea sick)

The weather was quite hazy and dusty when we got to Hong Kong (even in Macau, but not as bad).  Check out the pics…

Manage to check in to our hotel in Nathan Road.  Didn’t proceed with our initial plan to The Peak as the weather wasn’t that great.  So we just spend our time walking around Tsim Sha Tsui area up to Mongkok where the famous Ladies Market was situated.

Some pictures….

Louis Vuitton in Tsim Sha Tsui.


@ Star Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui



In front of Harbour City where an organised protest was staged.





@ Langham Place with its Xpresscalators




The unique signboard with Mr Shit pee-peeing (Outside Langham Place)


Ladies Market and its other surrounding place




And some food pics…










Well, that’s about it for HK trip Day 01…. Will be updating soon on the rest of my trip ya…

Stay put….



blur devil.

Before I start about my HK trip, I would like to bring this one thing that we experienced in our Macau/HK trip.

We were totally un-impressed (at all) with the attitudes of the people there (mostly are China citizens).

If you try to google the rude attitudes of these people, you might be able to see some defensive comments (specifically on the inductive generalisation fallacy).  I don’t agree.

Yes, I have been warned by friends, that have been or have direct experience with these people, BUT most of the thing caught me un-expectedly.  But well, like what May Lee mention, why let all these people ruin your day?

The Top 5 list of things we’ve encounter (in no particular order):-

ONE (Cutting Queue)

Cutting queue is Very Very and I mean VERY common.  Its even more obvious if you are at Disneyland as most of the shows/entrance require you to queue.  These people will just appear out of nowhere and standing next to you.  And in a blink of eye, they’ll be like at least 50m in front of you.

Even if you do try to tell them “Pai-tui” (queue up in Mandarin), they’ll just conveniently ignore your comment and look straight at the queue (as if trying to target where they want to jump the queue).  I really take my hats (ok no hats..probably my brain) off these people for their ignorance and “super-muka-tebal”.

TWO (Grabbing Stuff)

Ok, its almost like cutting queue just that its a different approach.  I was with Eric browsing and commenting at a LV belt.

*Me and Eric standing position exactly in front of the belt rack, which means you can’t see what we looking at as the belt rack is small”

Devil : Eh, this belt looks quite nice (pointing to a particular belt)

Eric : yea…..

*interupted by a stupid ugly bitch*

you know what?  She just conveniently, stuck her hand out from somewhere behind our shoulder and just grab the belt (yes, the one that I mention to Eric) and walk away with it.

What the fuck is this Kiasu-ness that she’s trying to potray la.

*Fucking ugly Bitch of the century*

THREE (They think they got Money means everything)

Well, to a certain extent I think it is. But these people think they are the KING of the world.

After paying for the ticket to the entrance for Disneyland, you need to queue to go through the security for manual bag checkings.  So halfway through when we were queueing up, there’s a very loud (its real loud)….

Man : “wo pu kuan!!!”

(I don’t care)

Security : *trying to explain that this is a procedure*

 *but being interupted halfway*

Man : “wo pu kuan ya… ni wei she me yao cha wo de bei bao ma!!!”

(I don’t care… why you want to check my bag??) 

*halway pushing the security shouting with his saliva everywhere* (i’m not kidding)

and the golden word???

Man : “wo kei chian le, ni pu yong kan wo de bei bao”

(I pay money already, you don’t need to check my bag)

He created such a scene that the security actually let him in via a different door, and yes without checking his golden-bag.

FOUR (Immigration Officer in Macau)

After checking out via the Immigration in Macau, there was a man in front of me running towards another immigration officer walking somewhere la.

Man : Officer, I’m going out to Malaysia. Do you know whether I will be tax for my purchase on alcohol and ciggaretes upon my arrival. (politely)

Before the officer can answer, he stare at the fella for 3 seconds

Officer : How would I know?! I’m working in Macau not Malaysia right?

Man : Oh, like that, what if I bring in alcohol and cigarattes from Malaysia in to Macau.

Officer stare at him again

Officer : How would I know???

And he walk away.

Enough said.

FIVE (Nail-clipping in the air)

Sounds nice.  You bet!

On our way to Macau, there was this uncle sitting nicely by himself over a three seater on AirAsia plane.

Halfway through the journey, he sat up and start cutting his finger nails.  Then he started taking off his shoes and clip-away his toe-nails!

How gross is that?

UPDATES : I have the privillege in obtaining this evidence on the nail clipping.

Just check out the gross fella’s pics!!!

 Well, these are just some of the examples.  There’s many more if you were to ask me.

Do drop by some notes if you have experienced the same stuff!