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Finally, the last post on my Taiwan’s itinerary.  FYI, there’s nothing much on Day 8 cos Day 8 is “balik kampung” day as the flight was damn d(f)eviling early!  As usual, Day 7 is also a very relaxing day cos I actually “reserve” the last day to go scout for things, you know, those just in case stuff…

  • Breakfast @ Hotel
  • Anyway, we spend our time (in the morning mostly) at the Taipei Main Station surrounding area after our breakfast.  Walk around at the area (those shop lots) behind Taipei Main Station known as “Hou Che Zan”.  Seriously, if you are into accesories, nails, this is the place to be.
    • First of, I think the clothings here are much more expensive than the other places (wufenpu, ximending).  But the accesories here are cheaper, so you just gotta walk walk and scout for cheap stuff.  =D
    • Secondly, I actually bought Kerastase Shampoo (the industrial bottle ok!) from one of the shops.  I think this shop is cool cos they sell perfumes (more expensive than duty free la, but slightly cheaper than Malaysia), branded shampoo, hair-related stuff, lotions etc.  If you find your usual stuff i think its worth it.  Just some hints, if you really spend your time “looking” you can find brands like Kiehl’s, Crabtree & Evelyn, Chanel Make Up etc but just for a fraction of the cost.  =D
    • Oh, another note, if you want to make your trip worth while you must be prepared to cover those small alley and don’t underestimate those shops which look a bit dodgy.  You might be suprised what you can find there!  =D

On the way, behind Taipei Main Station

  • After going left, right, with a damn heavy bottle of Kerastase Shampoo and a BIG Hair Wax (the price that I pay for one big hair wax is equivalent to one small bottle of hair wax in Malaysia – same brand!), then we went straight to Taipei City Mall, Underground Mall.  Hungry so went around and scout for food.  =D  After makan, walk around, and continue to shop for souvenir, etc etc.
    • One thing that is really worth mentioning here is to buy shoes here!!! Ladies, seriously, the shoes here are like NT$300 for 2 pairs!!! And guess what?  No bargaining required!  For certain new arrivals or new design, its probably around NT$250-300 for a pair.  But still, its so much cheaper!  =D
    • And if you find certain accesories which are quite common (i.e. Oversized Glasses,etc), don’t rush into buying first, cos chances are there will be a lot of shops selling the same thing but you can bargain and buy it at cheaper price.  Bargain, baby!  But of course if you are afraid you can’t get back the similar stuff, then don’t take chance lor.  hehehe

Inside Taipei City Mall – This dessert (at least I think it is) is good!  Sweet!

At a restaurant inside Taipei City Mall – “Mei Chai Kou Rou”

The Set Rice with “Mei Chai Kou Rou”

The Piggy Intestine Pepperish Soup with Preserved Vegetable

  • Spend half the day around Taipei Main Station buying souvenirs, shoes, sandals (cos feet pain), makan and then went back to Hotel to put back our stuff.  Heavy la!  After taking a short rest, out we go again.
  • We spend our last day in Taipei chilling out at Hooters Taipei!!!! How cool is that?  I shall let the pictures do the talking.  If you don’t already know, Hooters is actually a chain-store.  Its not just exclusive in Taipei.  But don’t be hoping that it’ll reach our shores anytime soon.  Nearest Hooters?  Singapore!!!  *Email me if you want the directions*  muacks..

Hooters Entrance

Even the menu makes me *drool* for all the wrong thing…

Hooter’s Girls Practising their *moves*

Tell me you have been having BIG EYES over their skimpy pants.  So we shall see what we ate, cos if I load too much of their picture, you might ignore the rest of my post! Hmphh…

And we drank like loads of beer.  I mean loads. Seriously.

Ok la, I know the girls are more tempting, let me give you more pictures to feast your eyes

The girls can Hoola-Hoop! I mean like at least 28-30 hoops at a time.

And I present to you my favourite girl  =D

  • As much as i was filled with alcohol, we wasted no time and went back to Ximending to do our last minute shopping.  I bought a funny Elmo, two Baby-G, facial stuff and much more.  Oh and did I tell you I manage to try the ColdStone Creamery Ice Cream.  FYI, for all the 7 days that I was there, the last day was the ONLY, I mean ONLY day that it was not packed.  =D

This is the girl that sold me my two Baby-G.  I think it must be the alcohol that gives me the impulse… kakak… And when I saw the Baby G (similar one) its double the price here!!!

This is the guy from The Face Shop…. He’s just C.U.T.E. and well as you can see, TALL

And our final stop, ColdStone Creamery!

 I try to upload the Hooters Girls video but to no avail.  =(  I’ll try to upload here once its done ya….  And this shall end my Taipei trip.  =D  Yipee… Taiwan Rocks!!!

Updates:  Find the below video I’ve uploaded on the Hooters girls!  Enjoy!