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I have this habit of going to 7-eleven or even supermarkets to search for snacks that is not usually available in Malaysia.  So when I was in Phuket, I went to 7 eleven but realise the food stuff there seems old.  So I went to Jungleceylon and went straight to Carrefour.  And this is what I got.  =)


Oreo….. Forget the conventional Oreo…. I went for Choc White Oreo.  Do they have this in Malaysia??  Its a bit too sweet for my devil-taste.  But you might like it.  =)


Choc White Oreo


It looks a bit more yellowish than the picture on the box.  =)


I wonder how it taste like if I put this on my cheesecake recipe. Kekek


As usual, I got my Collon in Vanilla taste.  In Malaysia, they only have the strawberry and chocolate flavour and the devil hates it!


Collon – Vanilla flavoured


Who don’t like Lay’s…?  I love it and its cheap in Phuket.  And I got this Lay’s Stax and its Lobster-flavoured!!!!  =D



Instant noodle is not good for health…. But this is good, must try…. Pork Rib Tom Yam Instant Noodle.  =)



That’s all for now….. *slurp*


*missing Phuket*