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Have You?

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Devil Ramblings
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I’m just having some mental block in the office and I suddenly remember this article that I wrote sometime back:-


You fight, you hug, you have cold war, you broke off, you patch things back
you kiss, you apologise, you cry, you suffocate in your own breathe,
you curse, you smile, you miss, you pray, you beg, you forgive,
you had good moments, you cherish the moment, you can’t sleep,
you wish for eternity, you shake, you share intimate times…
you hesitate, you promise, you swear, you give up, you were motivated
you quarrel, you …

all the moments you had…  Did you actually appreciate?

I strongly believe that people are together for every possible reason… you name it.

I hope this will give some thoughts to all the couples out there..

Love is not just about loving someone and see the sunniest day of your life..

Love is about tolerance… Love is sometimes filled with a bit hate but a healthy hate…

Love is … not really that define-able…. Only those who really been in love will know what I mean.  🙂


A piece of my thought…

When you fight, think of all the good times you had
when you have good moments, cherish them
when you promise, mean it

if you want respect, you respect first,
if you want love, give love first.

when you know there is a problem, solve it
when thing just can’t work out, try to let go and forgive.

damage been done~  think wisely.
you only live once.


I’m Older…

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Devil Ramblings
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26 might sound young to you… But 26 doesn’t sound young to me.  I’m officially older… yet again.  I look back into my life and I realise I pretty much do everything that I can afford to do.  Does that mean I’m gonna wait for things to start happening in my life?  Hell no!  I pledge to my good self that I’m going to do everything that I can do (within my means), learn from my mistakes, make things happen and be a better person.  No one can be perfect but if we don’t try, we’ll never know.  🙂


This year has been a quiet year for me.  And guess what, this is the first time (ever since i graduate) that I blew the birthday candle (on my birthday cake la) with no noisy musics, no alcohol intoxication (let alone drunk) and not in Malaysia.  🙂


MLF : Thanks for the birthday cake from Phuket  🙂

TL : Thanks for the cute gift from Phuket too.  🙂

All my housemates : Thanks for the suprise birthday cake (i was caught unaware with my boxer and geeky look…)  Thanks loads.  *muacks*




To all my friends who never fail to wish me (be it late, on time or early) via Facebook, Friendster, text messages, phone calls, in person and every medium of communication possible, thanks for all the well wishes.  *lotsa hugs and kisses*



Blur Devil

Life’s Like That

Posted: May 26, 2008 in Devil Ramblings

Have you ever woke up one day…

Telling yourself “My life definitely can be better”
And the fact is you actually can make it better.  The question is HOW?

Reminding yourself to stop being a procratisnator
While at the same time, you don’t really remember you constantly reminding yourself to stop being one?  Or shall I say that, one is living in denial…

Asking yourself why you aren’t getting enough love?
That’s because I ain’t loving myself enough and I can’t put expectations on people.  Its not fair.

Convincing yourself that you can change things(or people) for the betterment.
But everyone knows change has to come from within…

Wondering why life isn’t as perfect as a beautiful painting on a canvas?
Because the point is, nothing (i mean nothing) is perfect.

For this, I tell myself, and consistently telling myself, “Life ain’t life, if its a perfect, smooth-flowing journey.  It is the obstacles that you face along the line that makes you theperson you are today.  These experiences defines you as a person and not vice versa

so yeah, life’s like that…