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Day 6 is another one of the more relaxing day, lazing around in the hotel, and spend our time the whole day at Ximending.  I think Ximending is a heaven for girls, and yes a heaven for devil like me too!  Its really a trendy shopping place!  Let’s start with my itinerary alright?


  • Breakfast @ Hotel and Laze around!


  • Proceed straight to Ximending for Lunch.  We went to Jin Yuan Pork Chop restaurant @ Ximending.  The pork chops noodles are to-die-for. 
    • Its pretty easy to come here cos its situated opposite Modern Toilet Restaurant (remember from my last post?)
    • Just follow the instruction (direction) as Toilet Modern Restaurant.  When you see 7-eleven on your right, turn into the alley (the same alley where the Modern Toilet Restaurant entrance) right next to it and continue to walk straight.  You will see Jin Yuan Pork Chop on your right not too far from 7-eleven.  =)
    • I actually ask the Jin Yuan Pork Chop guys on which store is the original store and he mention that there is no original Jin Yuan Pork Chop store per say as the original owner son actually sold the franchise to a number of people.  And this store at Ximending actually was one of the first one to own the franchise.  He mention they are the oldest store among the other franchise.  So be your own judge.  =)


The Menu


The *seasoning*


The Pork Chop Noodle!



Fried Internal Organ (hiak hiak)





  •  Anyway we walk around buying stuff and then my next stop??  To do my nails.  Its seriously cheaper than anywhere I’ve ever heard off!!!  I just check the other day at one of my usual manicure place, they charge RM180++ for just the basic crystal (sui jing) extension.  And if you were to top up the nail art/beads/etc it will cost more!  And mine?????  All-in for NT$1499 (I’ve got 42 combination of small and big crystal stones on my nails) !
    • Actually there’s plenty of nail salons around.  So do browse around to find your own choice of nail place.  The one I went is known as Nail Party.  =)  The shop is next to this Red House Theatre in Ximending.

Choosing nail design!


Nail-in-process (check out the number of colour selections!)


Look carefully, the manicurist nail is so so much longer than the one I did.


End Product (Loving it, and I just removed it yesterday, sob sob)


  • On the same week,  Red House Theatre is having some creative design and you can get these artiste to draw pictures, etc and you can buy creative and interesting stuff there.  We let the pictures do all the talking ya.













  • After my nails and walking around, we went straight back to the hotel.. Why???  Cos my camera fail on me big time.  I lost quite a number of pictures and I was so so so so super sad.  Went back to the hotel to try to retrieve the pictures but to no avail….  After a while, I try changing my memory card and it finally works.  But I have already wasted my day and also some nice, really nice pictures.  So we end our day but felt relieve that the remaining (earlier) pictures all still work.


  • Its a short post but at least I got my nails done, bought some pretty stuff and end our day.


  • As usual some interesting pictures to end this post.  Check out those marketing style in Ximending!  And check out the last picture!  It really gives Ximeding the status as Harajuku of Taiwan.  =)





Love, blur-devil

I know I’m supposed to finish updating about Phuket … but but but but I can’t stop myself from blogging about my vain moment in Taiwan!!! hahaha 😀


Before I went to Taiwan, I did plenty of research and I know I gotta try the hair salon in Taiwan!!!!  I read from somewhere on the internet that Taiwan has more than 5,000 hair salons!!!


Before I flew to Taipei, I make an appointment with Elvis of H Park Hair Salon.  Apparently this is one of the more well known hair salon in Taiwan.  Its situated in Eslite building and inside the hair salon is one small corner where you can do your nails.  That is not any simple nail salon cos its open by Jolin Tsai.  =)  But I didn’t do my nail there cos its more expensive.  🙂


Eslite Building


Exterior 1 (nice graphics eh…)


Exterior 2 (“H” stands for H Park and Ooops J is Jolin’s nail salon)



Interior (they are so advance that each mirror has a small TV screen)


Blur-devil : Before haircut


Blur-devil : Work-in-progress (I think Elvis is cool)


Blur-devil : Finished product (haha! 🙂 )


Total damage done for haircut?  NT2,800 but I think its worth it cos I wouldn’t want to risk cutting my hair short at a cheaper place and come to regret later.  🙂  furthermore, the massage that comes with the haircut is fantastic that I fell asleep halfway!


My next vain moment is getting my nail done at Ximending.  🙂  Its not any typical manicure but instead I opt for the crystal (“sui jing”) extension.  =)


Blur-devil: Nail-in-progress


Finished-product!!! Pink Crystal extension with crystals beads!!!




Total damage done : NT1499 (but its still cheap compare to Malaysia!!!)


End Results – Vain Blur-devil

hahah…okok…. I’m vain eh…. Anyway, I’m going Penang for a short getaway with Satan and my colleagues, so I’ll try to finish updating my Phuket blog then my Taiwan trip ya!!!!

Oh and before that, I thank Satan for granting me a Burberry bag… I lurve it so much… Add to my collection eh….  =)


I don’t care if the chair is not that comfortable.  I don’t care if the room is a bit that-too-cold.  I don’t care if the person is a bit careless.  I don’t care if she didn’t massage my hand.  I don’t care if she didn’t put lotion on my hand.  I don’t care if the water is not warm enough.  I don’t really care that it took me two-freaking hours.  I really don’t care.


All-in-cost of RM48?  Seriously? I don’t care.  Hahah…




love, blur devil