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As if Orchard Road is not famous tourist-y enough, ION Orchard opens it door (yeah in Orchard) to tempt you into high-end shopping.  During my April trip (for the CATS musical), ION Orchard was (still) under construction.  So this time around, I just gotta drop by and look around!

Honest opinion, I can’t find any reason, why Singapore or Orchard Road for the matter of fact, needs another shopping mall.  The shops in there is like exact replica of Paragon, coupled with some Takashimaya.  But then again, I guess, they do insert some new shops, like Uniqlo (but it wasn’t open yet, when I was there).  And maybe, being a human nature, we like everything new, so I don’t mind shopping there (that’s if I really got something in mind la).

You gotta look cool in front of Orchard Road, k? Read some world news!

I just found new picture-partner

ION Orchard – Exterior (looks nicer at night!)

Cartier (If I can ever afford, I’ll go for the Trinity ring!…drool)

Louis Vuitton.  I heard the queue is pretty long on weekend

Longchamp.  They got special discount for Citibank card holders for the Le Pilage range!

Take a seat if you’re tired!

And one of the “longest” escalator.

Sounds like me!

They even have Exhibition hall dedicated to Arts!

A very long 3D art!

Nice curvy chair @ ION Art

The Urban People

Introduction to ION Art

This Nutmeg situated outside ION Orchard (right in front of Giorgio Armani) is also the courtesy by ION Art

I was running out of time, so I did not visit the Food Court.  On my next trip, I will!

ION Orchard

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