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Yes, that’s pretty much sums it all.  Because I can.  lol.  🙂

Remember back in 2007, I had a wonderful photo shoot with Joe Low (aka potatoe).  The link back then is here.  So then, again, I decided to commisioned Joe again to take pictures for me.  Intent: Keepsake  🙂 Yes, I think everyone should have one of those moments.  You know what I mean.  LOL.

This time round, the shoot was pretty much different.  Studio vs On Location.  More variations, and I think I improve and mature too along the way, which is something good.  🙂 Anyway,  I took 3 of the pics to show you guys.  🙂 Hope you like it.





For boudoir / keepsake / makeover shoot you can email or drop by his flickr page at or his Facebook at


🙂 will try to post more soon *hugs blurdevil*

Thankz Mr Potatoe

Posted: July 15, 2007 in General
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 ** Updates : See more pictures in Mr Potatoe’s Flickr website under the Set Name, 666 @ 807 Thanks again Potatoe.  🙂

Mr Potatoe is nice.  Mr Potatoe is good. Mr Potatoe is cool.  And this is not your average Mr Potatoe you find in Cold Storage / 7-Eleven shelf.

I agreed for a photo shoot with Mr Potatoe but it’s not a shoot with some potatoe chips brand cos Mr Potatoe is the photographer. Thanks a lot Mr Potatoe for the photo shoot opportunities.Below is one of my fave pics. Click here to view more of the work of Mr Potatoe.
*hugs from blur-devil*