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Perhentian Island (again)

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Travel
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This is pretty outdated post from my Perhentian April trip.  LOL.. We manage to secure cheap tickets to Perhentian (via Kota Bharu) through AirAsia cheap flights.  All-in cost for the ticket is RM30 nett return.  Yes, its that cheap!  🙂

So with the cheap tickets, Perhentian, here we come again.  Actually this time, not many pictures were taken mainly because of (one) i’m using iphone hence neglected the camera (my bad), (second) its like the last round we took plenty of pictures.  LOL.. Anyway some pictures for your viewing pleasure.  🙂

The lanes leading to our rooms 🙂

Practically our room/chalet view 🙂


As promise, here are my pictures from Pulau Perhentian.  =)  Its really a lot and I hope you find at least one picture that you like.  =)  Enjoy.

On the way for our snorkelling trip.  So excited! We saw turtle, loads of fishes, swordfish, nemo is very normal, baby shark (which to me is pretty big la).  The experience is really really awesome.  Makes me want to take up the expensive hobby called diving. hahaha.  Oh did i mention that the turtle is huge like HUGE!

Again, I was mesmerised by the real clear blue sea.

The boat driver stop us at this island (nobody is staying) and we took our snorkelling gear and get ready

obviously i say no and went on to take pictures…. hahaha

and the water is really this clear.  oh i really miss the place.  =(

the guys figuring out how to take pictures (i instructed them to pose by the rock)

and after a while, they got it.

and for us, we got it right away. haha

and while the rest of the people from d’ayumni house busy figuring out how to snorkel (or snorkel away), i’m still busy taking pictures. hahaha

ME + Terry

then snorkeling we went.

See my hair looks like some nerd la!

Its not easy to take this pic cos my body too heavy la. hahaha

Somebody trying to show off (hahahaha)

This is one of the more interesting snorkeling point and the water is deep and the current is strong!

Don’t you just love the view of just the sky, blue sea and the rocks?

This is the view (while waiting for dinner) at Cocohut Cafe (damn hungry after snorkel session!)

Chilling out at Bubu Long Beach.  Night taxi cost almost double and its scary ok! Look, i’m half burnt!

Woke up the next day and found superman can’t fly anymore. Help him please?

And sharkie won cos he wanted to commit suicide!

Cos I was busy trying to take picture while trying to “swirl” but fail. Hahha

**Sunset. =)

Was supposed to get ready and trust me, this is actually a candid shot. what the hell i’m doing? haha

And this is the shot. lol.

On the last day, we walk until the other end of Pulau Perhentian Besar (almost near to the Shark Point) and the place was almost deserted.  =)

I really love how the sky looks that day!

Hehehe…. looks like what ar?

Nice right?

I was so reluctant to go back! but all good things still comes to an end, right? I promise myself i must beach more! haha

I hope you love the picture as much as i do.  I must go back some more! hahaha

*hugs* blurdevil

Coming Soon!

Posted: June 18, 2009 in Travel
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Just bear with me a while. I’ll give you guys a lot a lot of photos.  Promise within this few days k?  Let you see some semi-failed jumping pictures. hahah

we tried..

and tried….

and i think this is the only best shot.  LOL.

heheh. so wait for more pictures, k?

*hugs* blurdevil

Pulau Perhentian is an island (duh!).  Ok, its not a very very commercialise place vis-a-vis Pulau Redang.  So the activity here is pretty much all about the beach and the sea (the blue sea,really).  You can’t go back to the room to sleep cos there’s no electricity but then again, its a beach holiday, so if you really need to sleep, go by the beach to sleep, let the skin feel the softness of the white white sand.  =)  Rather than sleeping, I did pretty much everything and also take lots of pictures cos I’m still in awe over the blue blue clean sea!  I edit some pictures here and I haven’t even realy touch Day 2 pictures yet! LOL.  Enjoy while I edit more pictures ya.

Nothing beats a cold beer to cool you down in the hot weather.  🙂

Even shark wants a sip.  =P

Divers.  =D

Seahorse Cafe Menu.  =P

Butter, Honey, PEanut Butter Or Me?  =)

Terry happy with the food.  =)

Laundry? Camera? or maybe water taxi?

More pictures to come? You like the picture? Cos I really love the place and these pictures are just great! =) Now, back to edit more pictures for you guys, k?  =D

love, blurdevil

I hardly plan any travel within Malaysia (I went Langkawi last year) and then I stumble across those super beautiful and blue blue sea pictures of Perhentian on the internet.  I was determined.  So I took advantage of MAS promotion late last year and book my trip to Kota Bharu!  Note: The most common mistake among travellers is that they book their flight to Kuala Terrenganu airport (thinking that its nearer), but actually the fact remains that Kota Bharu airport remains as the nearest airport to Kuala Besut jetty.

Hence the day came, we board the MAS flight (oh forgotten to mention that MAS actually postpone our flight from 750am all the way to 10+am. They did sms us to inform few weeks earlier, but still!), reach Kota Bharu airport and met up with the driver that I ask Ms Lee to help me arrange.  We took a mini van with some other 5 passengers (plus the 5 of us).  The driver charge us RM20 per person one way (which I think is fair) cos a taxi ride to Kuala Besut jetty would easily cost approximately RM70 one way.  🙂

The driver drove pretty fast and we got to the jetty after 30 minutes like that.  Then straight went to buy the Marine Conservation Fee (Only RM5 per person) and got a drink by the stall nearby and wait for our boat transfer.  Oh, remember to get your return boat ticket, I got mine sorted earlier with Ms Lee of D’Ayumni House.  🙂

The RM5 Marine Conservation Fee

Terry can’t open his eyes. LOL

Then as we are approaching the island (approx 35 minutes boat ride), i was swept away by the blue blue sea.  When we reach Pulau Perhentian Besar, Ms Lee is there waiting for us.  We stayed at D’Ayumni House run by Ms Lee and her husband.  Guess what?  The place is named after their daughter, Ayumni, how sweet… This place is a decent place to stay, really.  Don’t expect resort style as this is an island.  If you really cannot do without those luxury treatment, your best bet would be Tuna Bay Resort.  But I really don’t like them.  They’re bias towards locals.  They only “layan” kwai-lo” and even when we dine there, they treat you differently.  Seriously!  So unless you got some foreign bulu on your body, else don’t bother going this place (i am disgusted).

This is what I saw when we first reach the island!

See, the water is crystal clear!!! I’m sooooOOOo excited

This is where we stay.  =)

This is the room “logo”.  There’s no room number.  So my room is the Sharkie room.  =)

This is the door key.  Get it? You pair the key to the animal in front of the door. How cute? =)

The other roomssssss cute animal

The room (With two bed!!!) hahah. Nothing fancy. It gets hot in the afternoon. =P

The decent small toilet with hot shower.  =)

Me looking tired but happy outside my room’s balcony  =D

SAy Hi to Ayumni.  =)

Ok, anyway back to D’Ayumni House, we got 3 Deluxe Room, with Two Day Full Board (2X Lunch, 1X Dinner, 1X BBQ Dinner, Breakfast is provided everyday) and 2 snorkeling trip.  I thought it was pretty reasonable the price.  🙂  Usually we’ll hang out by the beach (duh!) as there is no electricity (powered by generator) from 9am-6pm (if I remember correctly la). I actually love the food they provide at Cocohut Restaurant, and its really nice! Portion is big, with fresh fish, squid, vege.  What more can I ask?  =D

Breakfast serve at Seahorse Cafe.  Pancakes, NAsi Lemak (not in pic) and toast (all are serve on different day)

Dinner at Cocohut Cafe.  The food there is really nice.  It really feels like home cook food.  =)

First Day Lunch.  =) The squid/fish are all really really fresh!

Second day lunch.  This seaweed soup is a killer!  Its not like any seaweed u can find in KL. Oh and if u order, must try the squid tempura.  Its nice too!

Our first dinner

Our BBQ dinner.  SPoilt for choices.  =) Oh, the chilli is real good!

Next up will be all the beautiful pictures from Perhentian.  Now, I’m missing the island.  =(


I just got back from Perhentian.  Absolutely love the sea, sand, weather (yes, its hot) and everything there.  Although not as advance as other beaches but I think I really fell in love with the place.  Snorkelling was great!  Everything is just so great that I can’t finish in one post.  A ha.  =D  oh, and i’m now so much tanner and golden-ish.  Hahah


Btw, still got a post or two from Siem Reap.  Do drop by more often!


dreaming.  =P