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To eat in Langkawi is pretty subjective if you were to ask me.  So far, I was impressed with only a few la.  But of course, some recommendation would come in handy, right?  =)  So here goes

Breakfast @ Breakfast Bar

My first breakfast in Langkawi.  =P Can’t wait but all because I’m supposed to rush for island hopping.  I was darn early, k?  Give me some credit for waking up early on non-working days.  =D

Breakfast Bar’s Entrance

Cool Greetings in all language @ Breakfast Bar

Don’t expect anything fancy cos I didn’t and I thought it was a pretty nice and simple place for breakfast.  =)

The early-morning look

Started my day with black coffee (RM2.00)

I ordered Banana Pancake with Butter and Syrup (RM4.00) Even though it look more like Crepe to me, but for RM4.00, who would bother what it actually looks like?

Langkawi Breakfast – consist of 2 Toast, Butter, Jam, 2 Fried Eggs (scrambled), Slice of Chicken Ham, Slice of Cheese and Coffee (RM10.00)

Our self-engineered bread

And guess who’s the ambasaddor for Breakfast Bar?

Mind you.. She got lashes!

We wouldn’t dare to stuff ourselves with loads of food as I don’t want to vomit myself out during the island hopping.  =)  Anyway they do have plenty of varieties for breakfast which ranges from Sandwich (Cheese, Egg, Turkey Ham, Tuna, etc), Baguettes (with Cheese, Meat Loaf, Egg, etc stuffing to choose from), Yoghurt, Cornflakes, French Toast and many more.  =D

Breakfast Bar is situated at Pantai Cenang, opens from 7am – 2pm

Pisang Goreng @ Road Side Stall

I’m telling you, don’t underestimate street stall.  I must say this is one of the best Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters) that I’ve tried.  Like seriously…

The stall by the road side

And not forgetting its cheap.  When the mak-cik at the stall told me 5 for RM1, I thought such price no longer exist.  =)  Instead of taking 5 of the Pisang Goreng, I choose 3 Pisang Goreng with 2 Cucur Udang (Prawn Fritters?).  And it only cost me RM1.50.  Even the Cucur Udang didn’t disappoint me, its like heaven in my mouth (with the gravy).  *yummy*


Pisang Goreng!

Cucur Udang

Cucur Udang with the sauce *heavenly*

This Pisang Goreng Stall is situated at the road side, right in front of Underwater World Entrance.  Note : Its not the stall in front of Zon – Tax Free Shopping Mall.  Its in front of the Underwater World Entrance.  =)  Oh yeah, and they serve noodles too but I didn’t get to try it.  =)

 Lunch @ Restoran Haji Ramli

Erm, I think this place is so-so only la.  The reason why I chose this restaurant is because I was thinking of trying out the Nasi Campur.  But maybe its because it was past lunch time, the selection was just so-so and the varities of food doesn’t look that appealing.  So instead we took a plate of Nasi Campur and ordered some side dishes.

Ramli’s Menu

Nasi Campur

Prawn fried in sweet and sour style

Nasi Goreng Kampung

Fried Squid

 Restoran Haji Ramli is situated at Pantai Cenang.  Opens till late.  Serve ikan bakar, other seafoods at night.

Dinner @ Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant

If you fancy Chinese Seafood, this is the place to be.  They have wide choices of seafood with various methods of cooking.  We decided for Chinese Seafood as there is some Malay seafood restaurant that strictly prohibits alcohol.  And I mean we’re in Langkawi right?  We shall see what we eat, k?

Steamed Fish with Garlic and Cili Padi ( I think its teochew style, no?)

Fat Mum’s Signature Mee

Prawns, prawns, prawns

Fried Egg with Prawn

Fried Vegetable

Fat Mum is situated at Pantai Tengah.  Drive towards Awana Porto Malai but its way before Awana and its on your left.  Look out for the big sign board.

Breakfast @ Red Tomato Garden Cafe

I’m telling you this, this is my favourite breakfast place.  Seriously, although its slightly more expensive then the usual breakfast place, but its really worth it.  =) I’m saying it again, *must try*.  =)

Red Tomato Garden Cafe

Ice Blended Coffee

My Hot Coffee (but can’t see la.. hahah but I think the glass is nice)  =P

This dish is known as Farmer’s Choice.  Consist of potato, turkey ham, onion, tomato, mushroom topped with cheese and egg and a serving of their home made bread.  Like seriously, this is yummy!

And the next dish is even nicer than the Farmer’s Choice.  I still miss it.  =(  Its known as Egg Benedict.  Its Poached Egg & Spinach, drizzled with Bernaise Sauce and a slice of home made bread.  This is really really really really really really a killer…

 Last minute meal @ Airport Cafe

Ok, last minute is because this warung (not exactly cafe) is very near to the airport (like 2 mins drive) and we were on the way to the airport and still have some time to spare.  =)

Actually I’m not sure whether its called Airport Cafe but I know something similar.  =P  As a guide, its next to the roundabout near the airport.

The ever-soothing Teh Tarik

Nasi Lemak bungkus (Its small but its only RM0.50 per pack).  I think the guys can finish within 3 mouthful?


Tom Yam Soup

We had two Teh Tarik, 4 packs of Nasi Lemak bungkus and one Tom Yam Soup and the total cost is less than RM10.  We couldn’t get used to it cos a meal like this in KL will not cost you that little.  =D

Ok, hope you guys enjoy.  =P

*hugs, blur-devil*