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Ryoshi is yet another restaurant name which appears in my itinerary for my Bali trip.  Trust me, I haven’t even finish like 20% of my list.  So I hope I’m going back to Bali one day to try out other restaurants!!!  =)

Ryoshi Japanese restaurant is a simple Japanese restaurant.  Service was alright.  I know that its pack during dinner so we came slightly after lunch time, hence the crowd was still well manageable.  🙂

Outdoor Sitting Area

Looks traditional, right?  😛

The Sushi Bar

Dining Area 🙂

Chawan Mushi ~ 16,000 Rp (RM5.50).  I think the chawan mushi is a lil too dry for my liking.  I think it would be nicer if they mix the mushroom, prawn etc inside the egg custard.

Unagi Maki ~ 30,000 Rp (RM10.20).  I love the rice!  And the unagi is fresh.

Sashimi Hibiscus ~ 41,000 Rp (RM14).  I don’t take Sashimi but my friend mentioned that its nice, and its not serve icy cold, at the right temperature and most importantly, fresh!

Shiro ~ 10,000 Rp (RM3.40). Skewers of Butter Fish grilled with yakitori sauce

Mixed Tempura ~ 46,000 Rp (RM15.70).  Deep fried Mixed vegetable and seafood in tempura batter

Tsukune Mushroom ~ 15,000 Rp (RM5.10). Skewers of mushroom stuffed with minced chicken.  I don’t really like this one.  Got some funny after taste.  But then again, i’m very picky when it comes to food. bwahha

Unagi ~ 27,000 Rp (RM9.20).  If you love unagi, you should really try the one in Ryoshi.  Its fresh, soft, and juicy!

Oh, and fat too!  Look, its big alright.  you don’t get such decent portion in KL (for the price i’m paying la)

If you like Japanese food, you should drop by Ryoshi.  But if you are used to eating some funky Japanese food (i.e. some creative mix of sushi maki/roll etc), then I reckon this is not the place for you.  They serve simple, yet nice Japanese food.  Its like back to basic!

Ryoshi Japanese Restaurant

Directions: You won’t miss Ryoshi.  Its situated at the Seminyak main road (Jl Raya Seminyak), same row as Bintang Supermarket.

Website: Click

“must go Ku De Ta”, “must go Ku De Ta”!

This is like the first statement whenever I ask someone, “eh what is nice in Bali”.  Like I got the feedback from different group of friends.  And I’m wondering, its just a restaurant, right?

I almost miss this place and seriously, its worth the trip down to Ku De Ta.  We walk all the way from our villa.  Probably 15 minutes walk or so.  We were suppose to catch the sunset here but due to some reasons, we miss it and we make it to Ku De Ta for wine after dinner.

Nice carving on the wall!

The fountain that greeted us at the main entrance (as in after you pass all the security guards)

Nice right? The lighting and the fountain

They even have their own boutique!

Even the tree is like a character of its own (with the lights)

Nice chair (everything is nice la!)

Sorry, the picture is a bit blur, cos i’m trying to show the ambience.  All tables with candles and its very romantic la.  Most ppl come here for cocktail.  Dinner area is brighter

Cos the day bed is full.  Day bed is like directly facing the beach.  They even put spotlight towards the beach, so you can see the waves at night.  Trust me, really romantic la. hahah

The waves at night.  🙂

And I couldn’t stop taking pictures. hahaha damn disturb la. cos ppl go there, then whispers word of love, and i just keep on taking pictures.  hahah

So, in short, if you want to chill out…..

and have cocktails or wine

Ku De Ta is definitely the place to be.  Really!  In comparison, Ku De Ta’s wine list is not the cheapest in town, but seriously, its worth it.  I love it and the next time I’m back, I’ll make sure I catch the sunset in Ku De Ta!

Website: Click


Everything you heard is true!  That’s Rumours tag line.  =)  Nope, not any random Rumours but one super devilicious Rumours.  🙂 Haha. Yes, I’m talking about a restaurant called Rumours. This is our first dinner in Bali. Almost every night, this place is pack with people. This is a very noisy atmospheric place, a semi casual dining place! 🙂 Oh, and they place nice music, mostly R&B.

Simple nice art on the wall

The Bar Counter

Let’s move on to the food ya. We didn’t order much la, but it was nice le!  Price shown below is not inclusive of tax yet. 🙂

Large Bintang Beer (of course!) ~ 22,000 Rp (RM7.50)

Check out the ice cold mug!

Wagyu Rump Steak. 400gr grilled wagyu rump steak serve with fries and Salad ~ 135,000 Rp (RM45.90)  You really can’t get a decent steak with this price in KL.

Drunken Prawn.  250gr prawn serve with garlic served with fresh salad ~ 57,000 Rp (RM19.40) Yummy!

Chocolate Pudding with espresso chocolate sauce ~ 26,000 Rp (RM8.90),  Order this early as they need at least 20 minutes to cook this.  I think that day, this chocolate pudding is a bit over cook, still taste nice but can be better.  🙂

Picture time! hehe

Overall, I love the food, the people, the service, everything.  If i have a monsterous stomach i don’t mind trying all the things out. LOL.  Give it a try next time you’re in Bali.  🙂

Rumours Restaurant

Jl Laksamana No 100 Oberoi-Seminyak

Tel: 0361 738 720 21

Website : Click

*Its situated at “Eat Street” in Seminyak.  You wouldn’t miss it.  🙂

*hugs blurdevil*

During my trip planning, I was practically having a headache when it comes to accommodation.  Why, you ask? Don’t get me wrong, Bali got plenty of hotels.  But the thing is, I fell in love with all the private villas, that i can daydream just looking at the website!  But but but but most of the villas are freaking freaking out of my budget.  I almost settled for one of those generic hotels, until I found Uma Sapna’s website.  They have private villas and their location is perfect!  When Lia return my email with the quotation, I was sold.  Everything seems to be in good hands.

Uma Sapna Signage from Jl Drupadi

I settled for the most affordable villa among others, the 1-Bedroom villa with Private Spa Pool.  🙂  Airport transfer is included in the villa rate.  Upon arrival at the Ngurah Rai airport, we were greeted by the driver with my name on the greeting board.  =P  I think he was laughing at us for wearing a mask out of the airport.  Hahah.

Uma Sapna is approximate 30 minutes from the airport.  Actually, the journey to/from airport is only around 20 minutes but along the way there’s a lot of traffic lights, so maximum it’ll take you 30 minutes unless is super-duper jam.  As our flight was delayed, the driver actually waited for us in the airport for more than 2 hours!  All AirAsia’s fault! Hmmmph!  Then when we reach Uma Sapna, Putu greeted us at the receptionist and inform us that we were upgraded to the 1 Bedroom Villa with Private Swimming Pool!  I was more than happy after all the airasia drama.  =)

The waiting area

The Reception (I love the big big drawing behind!)

There’s laptop for you to do your surfing.  But I think the laptop needs to be upgraded.  Very slow!  =P

After settling all the check-in details, Putu escort us to our villa and boy, I was like so in love with the villa at first sight.  And trust me, its no puppy love, its L.O.V.E.!  Hahah.  Putu bring us all the way into the room and explain to us all the need-to-know things.  I was impressed, this is what I call, service.  He tell us things like how to operate the TV, DVD player, where the hair dryer is, etc etc.  Happy!  =D  Oh, btw, you can watch any DVD in the room, you just need to drop by the receptionist and they’ll bring you two box of movies for you to choose!

Now, let us see all the pictures k.  WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD!  =D

Our Room: RIAU (Sounded like hiao (hokkien))

I love the door sign!  “Please Do Not Disturb”

Faster come sweep my room!

The first thing I saw when I open the door, its the swimming pool, private swim pool, k. hahah

We can just walk into the pool, the naked-glamour way, cos its our own private pool! hahah

And by the way, the day bed next to the swim pool is very comfortable!  Most of the time, I lie down there and doze off, like a pig! hahahha =)

This is the Bedroom.  Comfy bed i must say.  =)

The small but cosy living area in front of the bed.  TV, DVD player, audio player is all here.  The only thing I reckon they should upgrade is the TV.  If they have LCD TV, then voila, it is almost near perfection.  =)  Oh, they got Cable TV, a lot of channels, even Asian Food Channel. Hahha.

The Big Big Mirror with not one but two basins

And basically everything is provided.  Dental Kit, Cotton Bud, Cotton Puff, Comb, Shower Cap…

Their in-room slipper is comfortable!  =P

The Shower.  =)

The Place to P&P.  tee hee

Oh, and the open concept bath tub.  I put Bramen there, so that you can gauge how big is the bathtub!  I say, it can easily fit in 4 of me!  =P  Big nice bathtub. hahha

See, i can see you. hahha

If you’re staying at this villa, you don’t need to bring any bath foam, shampoo or even conditioner!  They have very very nice shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.  Trust me, I almost wanted to bring it back cos I really love the smell

Personalised message from the Manager.  =)

The Mini Bar.

The Complimentary Fruit Platter.

Mineral Water.  Compare to some other villas that only give out maximum 2 mineral waters per day, Uma Sapna do not charge extra for the additional request for mineral water.  4 bottles of mineral water is provided daily (standard), so if you want more, just request and you’ll stay hydrated.  =)  And remember, the tap water in Bali is not really safe or recommended for drinking, so even if you boil hot water, use the mineral water.

I’m early for breakfast!  =)  Breakfast is serve daily in the villa.  Yes, in the villa.  You just need to fill in the breakfast form the night before and the next morning they’ll serve you your choice of breakfast in your villa at the time that you have requested!  How cool is that?

I shall show you some of the food serve for breakfast, k?  =)  This is Banana Pancake.

Poached Egg with Pork Bacon

Nasi Goreng Indonesia.

Mie Goreng Indonesia

Breadsss. Choose from Croissant, White Bread, Brown Bread

Or Muffin? Danish?

Scrambled Egg with Spinach

Banana Fritters

Juices (Papaya, Banana, Watermelon, etc)

Cappucino.  I prefer my Latte.  I ordered Latte everyday!

Fruit Platter

OK, see, the common area, is equally impressive too!

Common Area

Common Swimming Pool

Common Walkway

Well-manicured Garden.

Spa @Uma Sapna

Nice Flower Arrangement outside the spa.

Comfy chair while you browse the Spa Menu

My conclusion?  If i’m coming back, I’ll defintely come back to play (more) with the water splash in the swimming pool and take more pictures in the villa’s garden.  =) heheh

See you again soon, Uma Sapna.  =D

*hugs blurdevil*