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Chatuchak Weekend Market aka Jatujak or short as J.J. Market is a weekend market (Opens on Saturday and Sunday) span over 35 acres of land.  Rumoured to have approximately 15,000 stalls – 20,000 stalls.  :O  That’s why Chatuchak is also known as mother of all market!  🙂

If you don’t like bargain hunting, then Chatuchak is not really for you.  Shopping in Chatuchak is all about bargaining!  At the same time, I realise that some of the stall owners don’t really want to bargain price with you!  Just a gentle reminder, as the market is pretty huge, if you see something you like, and you are o.k. with the price, just get it.  Never, never tell yourself, you’ll come back.  Cos chances are, you might be at the other end of the market or worse still, you don’t even know where you are!  LOL

Getting to Chatuchak Weekend Market.  Take BTS and head towards Mo Chit.  Exit at N8 – Mo Chit Station and follow the crowd towards the stairs on your right.  Once you walk down the stairs, majority of the crowd will walk straight.  But try to see a small turning into your right, which will direct you to Chatuchak Park.  Go in and you’ll see the sign “shortcut to Chatuchak”.  As usual, follow the crowd!  🙂

Happy Shopping! Picture time!  🙂

Chatuchak Park

Shortcut sign

Clock Tower in Chatuchak Park

Tips: Get a free map to navigate you around.  Get colour map from the Tourist Information Counter

Super Small Chair and Table


Lost and Found: King of Rock

Mini Scooter?  😛

Wooden Stuff

oh, if you like to make scrap book etc, Chatuchak is the place for you!  There’s so many materials, deco stuff for you!

I bought a packet of buttons (different sizes and pattern)

I regret that i never get all these stuff!

Tourist Police Car in front of the Tourist Info Center

See, rubbish bin is so happy!

Free Break Dance Performance (but damn hot la the weather!)

So small one, no? (tsk tsk)

For the sailor-in-you!  😛

True or False? Woman Marry Men Hoping they will change, Men marry woman hoping they will not, so each is inevitably disappointed!  😛

Toilet! Important k.  Cos they only have few main Toilets and keep a look out for sign like this


More eyes…

And more eyes!

Spotted: Statue at the Art Section

Then, me = super tired la

So we went and grab some food at Section 26 of Chatuchak Market.  Nice Vietnamese Noodle!

Grilled Pork Neck

Fried Chicken Wing

On the way back, we saw this super Teh Tarik performer

Can post for picture some more k!

That’s all for this post  😉  Remember to wear airy clothes, slippers or comfy shoes.  The weather can get into your head sometimes.  And trust me, sometimes you just feel like giving up! LOL.  Happy Shopping!

During my last trip to Singapore, I stayed in Ibis Bencoolen which is actually in the Bugis neighborhood.  (Bugis is just behind Ibis Bencoolen)

Bugis area is nice to walk and if you love a bargain, drop by Bugis Street.  Bugis Street is where you can find all the young, trendy clothes for a bargain.  And if you’re afraid of the weather, don’t worry! Bugis Street is air-conditioned.  🙂

Let’s take a look around Bugis.  🙂

Get a Herbal Tea too cool down that throat  ;P

Chinese Temple in Bugis (The row behind Ibis)

Flowers for Sale (for prayers)

Fancy a trishaw anyone?  😀

And the latest addition to the Bugis family, Iluma Bugis….

Bugis Street: Get cheap but chic accessories!

Bugis Street: Stock up on the fibresss!

Bugis Street: Covered and air-conditioned street!

Bugis Street: Get some snacks! Taiwanese sausage?  😛

So, head down to Bugis if you want to shop without really burning your pocket  🙂  Its pretty easy to get to Bugis.  I don’t think anyone can really get lost in Singapore. LOL.  Just take the MRT to Bugis station.  🙂  Enjoy!  *hugs*

Since I’m stuck with my laptop here in Ipoh, I decided to use my time to blog! LOL…

If you have limited time and thinking where you should shop, I recommend Platinum Fashion Mall in Petchburi area.  Why? First, you have everything under one roof.  Secondly, its cheap (yes, cheap) and you can get wholesale price!  Third, you don’t need to compromise the comfort as the mall is air-conditioned.  Fourth, they have a nice food court, which means you can shop, hop up to eat at the food court and continue shopping!

I recommend that you drop by Platinum first thing in the morning as they close at 6pm (some shop close slightly earlier).  If you like shopping, I strongly suggest that you allocate at least 3-4 hours for Platinum (Hint: I shop from 10am – 4pm and came back the next day and shop another 2 hours!).

Platinum Fashion Mall is a wholesale fashion outlet that sells everything you can think off.  From accessories (think hat, wig, belts, bags, etc) to shoes and clothes of course!  The Platinum Mall has six floors and most of the shops at each floor is quite small (they are those stand-alone huts in the middle of the mall too).

There is no bargaining skill needed as the price are fixed.  🙂  Usually they’ll first quote you Retail Price (one piece) and then they’ll tell you wholesale price (which is usually 35%-40% cheaper than the retail price).  But remember, the wholesale price means that you need to purchase a minimum number of clothes/accessories/etc.  Each store wholesale quantity varies from minimum 2 piece and the average minimum 3 piece.  Don’t worry too much on the wholesale quantity as you are allowed to mix and match!

I didn’t take many pictures but let’s see what I’ve got k?

Shopping Galore!

Mister DOnut anyone?

More shops!


and more bags

Hats for everyone  🙂

Ribbons i.s. cute

Say hello to Panda  😛

funky sunnies  🙂

Happiness is all around  😀

I love the belt but just can’t buy them all!

Shoes for your ring!  I bought one Bangle Holder and it sure comes handy  😛

Save the Earth

And the Devil Stick! haha

How to Get to Platinum

1) The easiest way is to catch a cab (remember to take meter-cab) and tell the Taxi Driver “Platinum”.  Don’t bother quoting the full name Platinum Fashion Mall cos you might get them confused.  But you might find yourself caught in the infamous-Bangkok traffic jam.

2) Catch BTS and exit at Ploenchit station.  You’ll see Centara World, continue to walk straight (heading towards Amari) and you’ll cross a bridge (you might not notice) and turn left once you come down from the bridge and you’ll see Platinum on your left.  🙂

Enjoy shopping!

As if Orchard Road is not famous tourist-y enough, ION Orchard opens it door (yeah in Orchard) to tempt you into high-end shopping.  During my April trip (for the CATS musical), ION Orchard was (still) under construction.  So this time around, I just gotta drop by and look around!

Honest opinion, I can’t find any reason, why Singapore or Orchard Road for the matter of fact, needs another shopping mall.  The shops in there is like exact replica of Paragon, coupled with some Takashimaya.  But then again, I guess, they do insert some new shops, like Uniqlo (but it wasn’t open yet, when I was there).  And maybe, being a human nature, we like everything new, so I don’t mind shopping there (that’s if I really got something in mind la).

You gotta look cool in front of Orchard Road, k? Read some world news!

I just found new picture-partner

ION Orchard – Exterior (looks nicer at night!)

Cartier (If I can ever afford, I’ll go for the Trinity ring!…drool)

Louis Vuitton.  I heard the queue is pretty long on weekend

Longchamp.  They got special discount for Citibank card holders for the Le Pilage range!

Take a seat if you’re tired!

And one of the “longest” escalator.

Sounds like me!

They even have Exhibition hall dedicated to Arts!

A very long 3D art!

Nice curvy chair @ ION Art

The Urban People

Introduction to ION Art

This Nutmeg situated outside ION Orchard (right in front of Giorgio Armani) is also the courtesy by ION Art

I was running out of time, so I did not visit the Food Court.  On my next trip, I will!

ION Orchard

Website: Click here