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Cooking class?  Yes, I’m serious and I think its fun learning to cook.  Not just the typical meal but a Khmer-ian meal!  Initially when I told Mei Sim about his plan, I was afraid that she wouldn’t join, but she was as equally excited as me!  Yipee.  Sara and Hong Tzu wasn’t interested at all so they went massage without us.  Haha.


You will be given a choice to cook One Appetizer and One Main Course.  And we got to choose from the many selections in their Menu!


Mei Sim choosing the dish of her choice.


Me sweating while browsing the menu on the dishes.


Inside the restaurant in a super hot afternoon


The bar counter.  =D


ATM in the restaurant, how cool is that?


Next we inform our “teacher” on the dish that we really like, then she’ll bring us to the local market (Pasar la..) to tell us what raw ingredients we need for our respective dish.  I thought their market was cool.  Its situated inside some rows of shops.  =)


The lady in pink shirt is our cooking “teacher” explaining the ingredients needed for our dish


Weird stuff like this can be easily found in Siem Reap’s market.  That is the poor turtle


Guess what is this.  It took us days to figure it out!  Its actually fish (de-boned) and they dried it out


Blood-y fish anyone?


There’s even ready-cut onion!


Fruits for you?


Don’t you think this looks like our version of Putu Mayam?


Oh, there’s even tailor right in the middle of the market.  Cool, no?


After the market trip, we went back to Le Tigre de Papier Restaurant (first floor) and ready to be cook!  There were two groups learning to cook that day.  Most of them are foreigners and I only spotted one Malaysian in the other group.  =)


As you can see from the picture, they are men that learn cooking, ok?  Hehe


Mei Sim all out to learn!


The raw ingredients prepared accordingly to the dish that we choose


Me and my ingredients for Pork with Lotus Root


Let’s cook!


Its not easy to cook and take picture at the same time, so just to show some la.

This is my Fresh Spring Roll in progress!



And voila!  Now I know how to make Fresh Spring Roll!


This is my Pork with Lotus Root




Mei Sim’s Creation I: All time favourite, Salad



Mei Sim’s Creation II: Amok (Khmer Dish)



And the sweaty devil signing-off with the dishes!  =P


Le Tigre de Papier Restaurant (Cooking Class is conducted at two session)

Website: Click Here

You know Siem Reap is so hot that when we ask Sam to recommend us one restaurant with air-condition, he took a while.  Then he say, “Angkor Palm”.  Then I say, “any other?”.  He can’t think of any.  =P  So that’s how we ended up in Angkor Palm Restaurant.


The staff wearing the Angkor Palm shirt


The nice flower design fold (napkin)


Picture Time!



We were so happy when we went in, firstly because of the air-cond and secondly the food seems to be nice too!


You really gotta try their Organic Fruit Shake (Mango).  Its like so nice!  (USD1)


Angkor Palm Platter for Two.  We order this cos we want to try a bit of everything.  =P (USD14)


Fried Yellow Noodles with Vegetables (USD2.50) – THis is nice too!


Chicken Wing Grilled with Honey HErbs and Spicy sauce. (USD4) –> Must try this if you are a fan of chicken wing!


Then they gave us this complimentary dessert (Some Banana cooked with coconut).  But i don’t really like this


The owner was lunch-ing there when we drop by.  We spoke to him for a while (he can speak pretty good Mandarin!) and he told us he worked in France when he was younger and decided to come back to open a restaurant of his own.  =)


Let’s see and imagine the smell!  *haha*


Angkor Palm Restaurant

Phsar Chas (Old Market), Siem Reap

Contact: 855 63 761 436

Website: Click here

Artisan D Angkor is where they promote Khmer Art and they have professional training center to help young Cambodians to discover traditional handicrafts, etc.


When we were there, the staff (aka guide) told us that all of the trainees are mute/deaf.  Hence, they communicate through hand language.  I think this is a great way to help those disabled, at least they take initiative to learn things and not beg along the street, right?


Hand sign reference on the wall


Anyway there is two centre.  The first one is Chantiers – Ecoles.  This is right in the middle of town.  The training centre is for wood carvings, stone carvings, lacquer stuff, silk painting etc.


Lacquer Painting



Lacquer Painting on the Statue



This statue is huge, no?


Stone Carving


Wood Carving


Lingha!! =D


The Souvenir Shop.



Then after that we went to the Angkor Silk Farm, where we go through the process of producing Silk.  This is approximately 20 minutes from Siem Reap town.


The staff  feeding the worms!


This is the “olden” traditional ways they keep the cocoon


This is consider the new way to put the cocoon so that they don’t get stuck in between the nettings as per the above pictures.  =P


Worms anyone?


Cocoons are then cook in hot water and I don’t know how they extract the silk from there.  I mean I saw but I really bad in describing! Haha


How they store the raw silk, in “gulung gulung”



The guide showing us the raw silk which has been dyed.  Using natural elements!!!  There is no chemical involve


Like this colour is derived from that wood



This is not easy i tell you (at least not for me)



Ant they told us that silk weaving can be seen even on the Apsara dancers dated years and years ago


In conclusion, if you are not a big fan of such handicraft items, then its alright not to go but if you have extra time to spare in Siem Reap, why not and furthermore, there is no entrance fees.  Just that the items sold there is pretty expensive.  So its really up to you.


Artisans D Angkor

– 2 different training centre.  Click here for more information.



Tonle Sap Lake, is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia.    Our main intention is to see how families live in the floating village.


Let the pictures do the talking.  =P


On the way, there are many many lotus despite the heat!


They even sell the raw lotus for “raw” consumption!


Then after a bumpy ride (dusty but thank god we got Sam’s air-cond Camry!), we got to the pretty dry lake (cos its the hot season)  =)



Then Sara took over the “wheels” to be our “driver”


And we are ready to go!


Actually that’s our driver.  =)  PRetty cool guy!  The white shirt guy is Sam, trying to tell our boat driver to take good care of us…


But Sam forgotten we got our “Big Sister”, Sara!


I remember this is their police (something like Marine Police) office


Locals going on their daily life


Then our drive stop by halfway to fill up petrol.


Check out how dangerous!


See how the small floating houses can accommodate lots of ppl



See how they store the woods & sampan!



This is the famous USD1 sign!



And this is their sports area (i.e. basketball,etc)


Then the boat driver drove us to the floating “kedai runcit” (grocery store) asking us to buy some books and stationary for the kids in a nearby school.  Something like a donation la


We bought some exercise books and pencils (its not cheap, alright!) and when we reach the school, i was like suprised by the number of children in there!  


Then we took pictures with the kids.



But I kinda like this girl.  She look soOOoo sweet, no?


After that, we drop by to the floating restaurant


We didn’t order any food but we gotta play with snake, i mean sara play with snakes


And I get to post with real crocodile skin!


Time for Group Picture



We round the village for a while before heading back.  =)


Even kids can row!


Fruits anyone?


Some random picture, I thought Mei Sim looks cute.  =P


Our driver drove us to this end, saying we should stand at the end of the boat to take picture (cos this is where no houses is visible and its like taking picture at the horizon).  =)


Then its time to head back!  aha!


Hope you love the pictures!  =)


love, blurdevil

When I was drafting my itinerary for Siem Reap, I told Mei Sim and the rest that I need my coffee and if they don’t mind I would like to drop by Cafe de La Paix.  And I’m glad that we did and we actually drop by the cafe twice!


Cafe de La Paix is housed right inside the famous Hotel de la Paix in Siem Reap.   We can’t afford to stay here cos its out of our budget, but hey, at least we got a taste of the coffee which I think its one of the best in Siem Reap, really.


Cafe de la Paix



Most of the seats were taken up in the cafe itself, we were given the seats at the other cafe with bigger chairs!


And I really mean… big… big chair.. sofa maybe?


And I really fell in love with this particular sofa/chair or whatever you want to name it…


Its so big and comfy, even Sara is doing the mermaid pose.. tee hee


Somebody get me the sofa la, then maybe i’ll love you and give you a kiss, maybe?  😛


The coffee was real nice!


Iced Latte


Iced Cappuccino


Mix and Match your own sandwich!


And this is the killer!  You really have to try this.  Its really like the nicest croissant I’ve ever taken.  This croissant is spread with plenty of almonds and guess what, there is custard filling too!  IF you think that is a bit too much for you, go for the plain croissant, its equally nice!!  Whoever going to Siem Reap, must ta-pau for me!  😛


And the other nice stuff here is the Dark Chocolate Ice Cream.  Trust me, you won’t regret trying this.  Its  orgasmic…


I’m missing the croissant and ice cream already…






Cafe de la Paix @ Hotel de la Paix

Website: Click here

Sivutha Boulevard,

Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Contact: +855 63 966 000

Angkor Wat again?  No la, that one is sunrise.  If you are planning your own itinerary, remember you need to plan the time to go to each different monument.  Why?  Cos each monument is facing different direction, hence if you go at the wrong time, you might not be able to see clearly due to the lighting.  Really…


Angkor Wat is actually our first and last stop for the day.  We came around the afternoon and the amount of sunlight is so much better than in the early morning.  Hence, nice pictures!  =)


Thus far, the claim is that Angkor Wat is the best preserved temple in the Angkor area.  Not suprised since Angkor Wat is like the national symbol.  You can find them on the Cambodia National Flag. 


The concept of Angkor Wat is that it is believe to be the resting place for the King.  WHy?  Cos the entrance is facing/oriented towards the west as opposed to the other temples that face to the east.  There’s a lot of theory around Angkor and it comes with a basis.


I shall bore you no more!  Pictures!  Enjoy.  😀


Towards Angkor Wat


Angkor Wat, here we come!


After the long walk!


Stop by for pictures  🙂


Inside Angkor Wat






The bas relief





The Apsara dancers




Then I saw a monk and took the chance to snap!


Then saw a group of newly weds!!



I took this picture in Angkor Wat which i thought was a nice shot.  =)  and i try to make it a lil nostalgia feel.  =) what you think?


And the last picture is suppose to be some internal joke.  Don’t ask.  haha.


lotsa love


Don’t yawn la when I talk about the Angkor temples. 😀 Anyway Ta Prohm is the location where Tomb Raider was filmed. Did I catch your eyes blinking for a moment? :O

Among all the temples, I think I’m pretty impressed with Ta Prohm. Why? Just take a look at the pictures, the structure is so old (just like the other temples) but at the same time the silk cotton tree huge roots is growing across the wall structures. Can you imagine you carry somebody elses weight?


Take a look at the pictures, alright?


This is just one of the big big trees!


What you mean its not big?  Check out me standing next to the roots (part of the roots, k?)


And this is one of the famous spot.  Check out how nicely the roots covered the window frame.  As if it was another additional frame.




We have to take turns to take pictures!



I was so drenched in my own sweat, I can easily faint and mould on the floor.


More trees. I don’t know why only this area of Angkor is fulled with such giant tree.  😛


I think they mention that this tree resemble a phyton.  The root is really really long that it branch out to look like a phyton.


Statues on the walls


Check out this tree… See the root, so slim! Haha


Can you imagine how heavy are they?


And the same root is actually this long!!!


And I end this post with another vintage photo that I took in Ta Prohm


love, blurdevil