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Since we actually drop by Singapore for Jay Chou concert, we decided to drop by Universal Studio Singapore too.  Note that to get hold of the Universal Studio Singapore ticket (esp weekend) is a bitch too! Went online to purchase – fail (sold out) and I ask my cousin in Singapore to drop by the counter (at least two weeks before) and only to be told that all Universal Studio tickets for weekends is fully sold until early August!

I panic for a while cos I thought that we are really going to drop by USS.  I was pretty sad until I found an online travel agent that actually do have the tickets for that weekend.  🙂 The only thing is that you can’t get the ticket alone.  You need to top up to purchase the Hotel transfer, which I did and never regret.  😛  The hotel transfer provided is according to Hotel Zone (which means they have few buses to ferry passengers to Resorts World).  And I’m glad we did cos the bus is new, spacious and most importantly on time!  The only setback is that the last bus that departs Resorts World to the hotel is pretty early ( I think its 745pm) and we actually have limited time to explore the other parts of Resorts World Sentosa apart from Universal Studio.

See, the counter is not even open for the day! SOLD OUT!

Lucky we got our tickets! 🙂


As many of you know, this is my first over-the-seas trip for the year and also to attend the much awaited Jay Chou 2010 World Tour *love* 🙂 Went through a lot of “hassle” to get the ticket cos all 3-days tickets sold out within hours! But its really really worth the money and time.  🙂

This time around, I flew with Tiger Airways.  From my experience (travelling to Singapore by air), if you need to buy ticket at the very last minute, Tiger Airways is really your best bet.  Forget that they have only 3 flights (out/in), but AirAsia is usually very price-unfriendly if you were to book your flight late.  Oh well.  :I

Manage to get good seats (psst… I didn’t pre-book the seats  🙂 )

After we arrive, check-in at Hotel and went straight to OCBC Centre at Chulia Street for Dim Sum!  Well, I think I might have too high of expectation for Peach Garden Restaurant.  Its ok but not something you have to try, you know what I mean?  🙂


Hong Lim Food Centre is situated pretty much in the heart of Chinatown.  We actually walk our way there from Chinatown market and although it looks far from the map, but then again, its always a short walk  🙂  There were road renovations around that area, so we gotta figure how to cross the road etc.  🙂

You may have read about Barcook Bakery from my previous post, and its also situated at Hong Lim Food Centre.  Anyway, Hong Lim is just like any other food court that you see all over Singapore, and they provide plenty of choices.  🙂 But our tummy can only eat that much.  LOL  😛

Let’s see what we had.  🙂  First of all is this stall #02-43 known as Ah Kow Mushroom Minced Pork Mee.  Minced Pork Mee is also known as “Bak Chor Mee” in Hokkien.  So we ordered a bowl, and well, its worth the try but if you don’t really like vinegar, please do tell them cos their vinegar is one of their signature taste in the mee.  Oh, and there is free flow of pork lard if you like.  🙂

Ah Kow Mushroom Minced Pork Mee (just go to Second Floor and find Stall number 43 – #02-43)

Like I said, free flow of pork lard

Soup with Seaweed

And the Bak Chor Mee

Next, then we went to stall #02-68 known as The Old Stall Hokkien Street Famous Hokkien Prawn Mee.  The prawn mee is the soup version ala Penang style but with a twist.  🙂 The prawn mee is served with their “specially made delicious soup” and with their famous chilli powder.  🙂

2nd Floor stall number 68

Famous Prawn Mee

and their signature chilli powder

Oh and there is this stall next to the prawn mee, there is this uncle (he looks pretty grouchy to me on that day), he serve quite nice Yau Char Kwai tossed rojak style.  TRy it  🙂

So drop by if you are there and let me know if there is any other nice food there, I’m sure there is.  🙂

Hong Lim Food Centre

Block 531A Upper Cross Street

Yeah.  I’m that slow! LOL.  I only manage to extract some pictures from my Singapore trip! LOL.  We went down (again) to Singapore to witness and experience F1 race in Singapore, not any F1 race, but F1 night race!  Overall, I seriously think Singapore did a very good job in hosting the F1 race.  Everything was quite well plan and most importantly, they manage to create a very good ambiance.  It almost felt like the whole country is on celebratory mood!  Well, the only turn off is the hotel price (again, what’s new), so apart from that, everything was great  =)  So let’s just head on to the pictures!  😛

Our day-tag

Bramen got tag too!

The view while walking to the entrance

Uniquely Singapore?  🙂

Check out the queue

and after all the security check, its time to head straight down to the Padang  ;P

got our Survival Kit for SGD2 (ear plug + poncho) and all proceeds will go to charity!  🙂

and one for the camera!  ;P

although the padang is a bit botak but the view is nice, no?

get your beer at one of the many temporary-bar

Free performance

maybe buy some merchandise?

Fountain at the park

I just find it funny when the mobile toilet colour match the crews uniform

Free caricature and tattoos!  but the queue is super long lor.

And some free performances just by the river

They are guys alright…. hahah 😀

Big purple boobs

As the day gets darker, we hurried to get a place  =)

Johnnie Walker

check out the crowd..

then everyone is just happy to take out their cameras, phone, just to take a picture

but all i got is like a gush of wind.  maybe i should change to a big-ass camera tee hee

oh, and the view behind our standing area was fantastic  😉

we change to another side and the crowd is like not really helping me to see…. cos i’m short.

but then i can get slightly clearer picture.  😛

random: while walking to the ladies in esplanade, spotted this on the ceiling

and we got Hoegaarden at 7atenine right outside Esplanade for the same price (SGD8) for what we paid earlier for Tiger!

and Bramen enjoys it too! 🙂

and that’s all.  🙂 hope you like the pics.  🙂


During the F1 weekend, we stayed at a budget place in Chinatown (not recommending la).  So once we settle down, we head down to Hong Lim Complex.  Once there, I head straight to Barcook Bakery (yes I’ve done my homework) as I loves bread but I do set a standard for bread, which I require them to be soft and chew-able (if u know what i mean :))

Barcook Bakery (The queue was still manageable)

Breads and more breads!

Coffee Raisin (SGD1.40) – Its soft and nice but this is not their signature bread!

Chicken Floss Bread (forgotten the cost, should be around SGD1.30 or so) – Erm I think this is pretty standard (The picture looks a bit wrong… haha)

This is their Signature Bread known as the Cheese and Raisin Bread (SGD1.30) – This is really quite nice.  Its soft, and the cheese which just goes so well with the bread.  Forgotten to take the picture of the cheese for you guys  😉

Short Post.. tee hee.. WIll post up some food we had in Hong Lim Complex.  Till then  🙂

Barcook Bakery (Hong Lim Complex Stall #01-54)

For those hawker-food-addict, you would have known the existence of Maxwell Food Court in Singapore.  Maxwell Food Court is situated in the Chinatown area (Maxwell Road).  Plenty of choices and my advice if you’re going on weekday, try to avoid the office lunch crowd.  🙂 We went earlier and glad that we did.  😉

Maxwell Food Court is situated opposite the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Maxwell Food Centre

The seating area in Maxwell

The Uncle that prepare my drinks 🙂

First up, is the famous Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice (Stall #01-10).  Check out the queue (we’re early le..)

The plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice.   🙂

Then we bought the “yau-char-kuai” from one of this stall (the stall is next to Madam Tan Nasi Lemak, see below)

And the best way to eat it (IMHO) is to “dunk” it in thick Kopi-O  😛

Madam Tan’s Nasi Lemak (Stall #01-25)

The Nasi Lemak is quite nice but i prefer more chilli.  And best part, i get to eat my Nasi Lemak with pork.  We are just too pork-deprived in Malaysia.  LOL

This is a place that I’ll defintely be back for more food tasting.  🙂

Random: Building with opera mask (nearby Maxwell)

okie…. that’s all for now 🙂 hope you’re not drooling  😛

During my last trip to Singapore, I stayed in Ibis Bencoolen which is actually in the Bugis neighborhood.  (Bugis is just behind Ibis Bencoolen)

Bugis area is nice to walk and if you love a bargain, drop by Bugis Street.  Bugis Street is where you can find all the young, trendy clothes for a bargain.  And if you’re afraid of the weather, don’t worry! Bugis Street is air-conditioned.  🙂

Let’s take a look around Bugis.  🙂

Get a Herbal Tea too cool down that throat  ;P

Chinese Temple in Bugis (The row behind Ibis)

Flowers for Sale (for prayers)

Fancy a trishaw anyone?  😀

And the latest addition to the Bugis family, Iluma Bugis….

Bugis Street: Get cheap but chic accessories!

Bugis Street: Stock up on the fibresss!

Bugis Street: Covered and air-conditioned street!

Bugis Street: Get some snacks! Taiwanese sausage?  😛

So, head down to Bugis if you want to shop without really burning your pocket  🙂  Its pretty easy to get to Bugis.  I don’t think anyone can really get lost in Singapore. LOL.  Just take the MRT to Bugis station.  🙂  Enjoy!  *hugs*